Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Hot, Saturday~~~~ Creative Spirit

We are ending another BEEEEautiful day here in North Georgia. I stitched a bit this morning with Abbie in between throwing her "bunny bob" so not much done but I went from:

to this little bit:

took the Qsnap apart to scroll down to the end. I've got my initials in the box next and then 2 more lines and FINISHED then!!!!
My new frame should be on it's way soon.

I watched half of The Last Song DVD by Nicholas Sparks (book) and when it got real sad in the middle, I had to stop it. I didn't think I could take the ending of it as I heard it was pretty sad.

Went to The Taste of Sautee this afternoon for a couple of hours which was good. 10 tastings (alot more than I ever thought and a glass to bring home ). I'll have to say it was pretty hot too. There were crafts and food there that I rambled through and picked up a couple of homemade soaps in Lavender and Rosemary made by a local artist. They are heavenly!
Maybe one day I'll enter some crafting day.

Yes, this is my purse with the wine glass from the event.

Yeppers, that's it!

I only tasted 7 though......honestly. It was so hot out there.

I also got to relax and listen with some folks who also believed in having a good time with the accompanying band---2 guitar lead....wish I could tell you their names but don't know it. I just know the music was great! I could have stayed much longer if it wasn't so hot. I got what they call "a hippee platter" while I was there which involved food I've not eaten with sour dough bread. It taste alot better than it looked. Let's say I think, hummus was one of the items.....looked like cheese grits to me and some broccoli/asparagus...didn't recognize it after 7 tastings....LOL

Came home and took Abbie for her first walk outside for 1 mile. She walked like she was a show dog and so proud of it too!
When we got back, I took her little vest off and she stretched straight out on the sofa with her tongue hanging out sideways. I believe she is a bit tired.

Let's just say today felt like the first day of real Summer here. HOT!
Still working on my computer issue. By Tuesday I'll be able to post, without it taking a whole hour to download each word.......can't wait!
But you are worth it tonight!!!

So I hear the world is ending tonight?????
well, let me head back to stitching if that happens so I can take my stitching stand and WIPS with me too!

Take care of your creative spirit and till later,


Friday, May 20, 2011

Bluebird Glee sampler

Bluebird Glee
designed by Feathers in the Nest
copyright 2011

I'm still poking along with my ultra slow computer, hoping to get this fixed soon. In the meantime, I want to share a sampler I designed tonight after being welcomed home by a bluebird in my backyard. I honestly haven't really seen as many bluebirds as I have this year since we have lived here!
Inspiration led to this quick one if you are looking for something to stitch this weekend and love old porches, birds, or anything cheerful.

I think Bluebirds really do bring a moment of happiness to the day no matter what is behind or before us, one Bluebird moment is a blessing to count for sure.

Linen, count of choice
overdyed's of choice for threads

Stitch up a little bluebird and send it to a friend. You will be sharing a load of happiness and love along the way!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday progress

I'm barely functioning at a snail's pace on this computer so I'm croxxing my fingers it's going to go through.
Plan on getting a new one tomorrow hopefully. I think  a virus damaged this one pretty bad.
So far, I have only 3-4 lines left on this one.

The frame came in yesterday, wrong size....but called The Frame Guys and the owner is SO nice. I've done alot of business with them, as costs are great there and he is mailing me the right size one. I told him I would ship this one back, it's a 10 x 10 and supposed to have been 8 x 12. He said no way, he insisted I keep the 10 x 10 one and he was going to make the other one today to mail. One thing on my list for today accomplished!

And look who says....."Slow down today, girl!!!"
I've been at the eye doc for 2 hours then lunched and trying to get some other errands done. One more to go today and then I'm planning on working on nothing but this after dinner. Might even finish it up??? 

Here she is, Miss Abigail, in her yoga pose, very full after eating some leftover ham and cheese omelet I brought home to her. She's a happy furbaby now!

Well, XXX my fingers I'll be able to sign on again till the computer crashes completely again tonight.
I do treasure your visits here and hopefully one day will have a set up where I can print and have a reliable computer for working. Right now it's hanging by a hair. I did get a printer, now to figure out how to hook it up to a new computer.
But God works in mysterious ways and teaches me something new every day.

Till again stay safe and stitchy happy,

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cool summers, back porches, frogs, and nesting = HOME

If ya'll know know how I LOVE to feather the nest!  I've had some things for a while to show you and when I walked out on the back porch (our summer room of relaxation) I took a few pics. The temp right now at noon is 62 degrees here in the North Georgia Mountains and I'm off today. YEAH!

I had a couple of things to help my creative spirit last week. My best thrift find was this:

Yes, it's WAY too comfy and covenient for my laptop which fits perfectly on it and also a table top for sipping tea or stitching smaller pieces. I enjoyed it this morning and took it out since the weather was absolutely gorgeous to enjoy. I feel so blessed.

I got this bright red metal flower to add some cheer to my corner of the porch.

The stand was also a thrift find.

This old quilt block was thrown in a pile of "junk" at the store and I grabbed it up for pennies to make a cover for a pillow for this chair. I still have to finish it. Just wanted you to see it. It's all handsewn by some sweet soul years ago. I love the cheery, bright, but slightly faded colors in it.

The old crocheted blanket at the end I've had for about 10 years. Paid 5.00 at a thrift store in Augusta, Ga at the time. It's been well-used, one of Ren's previous favorite blankets. I miss him so!

This is one of two windchimes we have on the porch which plays calm tones with the gentle breezes. Got this last year at The Cracker Barrel in Pigeon Forge. Recognize the chair design?

Below this is an old wood glider chair, again, at a thrift store for less that Walmart plastic chairs. The spindles were firm, absolutely nothing wrong with this chair and fits perfect in the corner. Usually when we are out on the porch, BodyGuard sits here to smoke his pipe and ponder what makes folks tick....LOL

The seat is solid and it glides smooth but I put a cushion in it for comfort.

The wood handles are a bit worn. If they could only talk....I bet there are some stories behind the former owners of this rocker.

And my friend, Thomas, also known as Allergen, is peeking in while I roam on the porch.

I love this cat more than you'll EVER know!  He is a gift to us thanks to Brandon several years ago.

When I came inside, he resumes his favorite top of the settee on the side porch and he and Abbie have a love/hate relationship.....I mean, honestly, they do. It's quite funny.

Right now she is watching CNN but wait, till she sees Thomas.....

Thomas has never provoked her but I'm here to tell you Abigail Dalenberg dislikes cats like no other.

And I can't dare say I love you to Thomas as she gets very defensive and has been known to pout for hours after that.  LOL

This also at the thrift store in Cleveland, called The Mall. Needs dusting but I can only imagine stitching something up to put over the rod here. It's glass and has paper cuttings in it. Very pretty and great shabby chic.

I'm always on the lookout rummaging through the store for old frames and I saw this for 3 bucks. I will not remove the piece in this one though because it's too cute as it is. I had the perfect spot in our kitchen for it.

And I wanted to show you a scissor frog I got on Ebay last month.

A Williamsburg piece, SO much like the ones I saw in the museum......perfect for special scissors here.

on the bottom Colonial Williamsburg, Delft, restoration piece

Hope your afternoon is cool, colorful, and counted blessings!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday's Musings

Hope your Monday was as sweet as mine!

Strawberries fresh, with Sour Cream Pound Cake. YUM!

Good friends who really are real

New friends who are authors and just plain good folks.

A job to go to.

And one where I make a difference---priceless!

The health of Raven one of our Labs who lost 20 lbs in one week. The vet checked her and nothing wrong was found with the sudden weight loss. Positive thinking really makes a difference.

Getting the first real pedicure of the Summer.  Heaven to my tired legs and feet. My Scarlett toes now are polished.

Not just reading but waking up to find I slept all night with my Kindle.

working on such a blessed world event as the Royal Wedding. Enjoying every bit of it. The colors are so pretty. It means alot to me for a sweet souvenir.

Having eyesight to see.

And all the readers here who take time out of there day to hear the ramblings of mine....LOL

and taking time out at the end of every day to remember all the soldiers who are protecting our freedom so we can enjoy blogging and other sunshines.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Two and a half more done, 6 more lines to go!

I'm Lovin' it!

ordered this gold frame today from The Frame Guys on Ebay. They have a GREAT store with reasonable prices and will change the sizes they have for no extra charge. I have framed several pieces using their frames and never disappointed.---The Frame Guys Store

I'm not usually real fond of gold frames but I think this one will be best for a Royal affair.
I almost went with a smaller mahagony with a bit of gold but this one is now ordered. Hope it looks ok.
The good thing about the Frame Guys is they are satsifaction guaranteed and you can send it back if it really is a flop.

nite nite.

Something Sweet for Sunday

I got the sweetest email from Jenny L. on Tuesday. So touching and encouraging that I wanted to share with you her pics she shared of some of my designs.
I love both of them. The pillow is precious and finished in such a soft beautiful pink gingham with covered buttons too!!!


And then we both share a pink bunny the same!  Yes, I told her I've had mine for years and years in my daughter's room. Don't you love the way she finished this little pillowkeep? The lace adds such a precious touch.

Her email and pics meant so much to me. She is definitely one sweet lady.
The email couldn't have come at a better time. It really touched my heart.
And when I saw it, read it, I felt alot of peace.
Thank you for writing Jenny!  ;)

Sunday mornings are a good opportunity to start the week brand new!
They are the most reflective time of the week for me whether at home on my back porch or in a church service. Early this morning I finished reading a book that I loaded in my Kindle called
What About Now? Reminders for Being in the Moment by Gina Lake

I started this book months ago and it's a good daily read. Each section, about 2 pages, suggests and explains about practical living. I really like the book as it was great to pick up each day at lunch and read a little section to think about. Lots of positive thoughts.

At the end of the book on the Kindle, this morning, the last page directs readers to her website. I glanced over it and immediately thought to share it with you on this Sunday morning in May.

She has a blog, a website, pages for online classes for spiritual growth, meditations, how to quiet the mind, and the list of her books which are encouraging and positive.

and here are some free excerpts from her books. After reading the first book, I may just have to load up my Kindle with a couple more as she really is so refreshing to read.

Till later,


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