Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dutch stitching

Examplars from the Heart design called Tulips for My Love. I found this on Ebay this week.

I am awaiting this pattern. I fell in love with it when I saw this one!

Here's the website for the silks:

You will drool over the Mother-of-Pearl winders and buttons on her site.

the silk thread packet here from Vickie Clayton for this particular design:

The price for her overdyed silks are very, very reasonable.
I can't wait to see the pattern to find out where in the world that beautiful tulip frame can be located!

She also has beautiful pins and oh, so many stocking stuffers.............(taking a deep breath)

Anybody want to join me in mid December?
Methinks this to be the one to take on our Chicago trip.

A Song I stumbled upon today

Love So Rare -----lyrics

By Aselin Debison

Like a tiny seed firmly in the soil
Nurtured with a love I think so rare
Given room to breathe, given time to see
It's now so clear to me
You were there, you were there

When I was just a flower
afraid out in the forest
Hiding from the shadows all alone
I knew you'd be along,
my faith in you was strong
Like our favourite song
To lead me home, you led me home

And with each changing season
I grow a little stronger
Rising up to touch the open sky
And if I gave you a reason
Not to hold me any longer
You gave me a thousand reasons why

You are my steady oak
standing tall and strong
Protecting me with everything you have
And I know deep inside I would not have survived
Without you by my side

I love this song! I heard it on Playlist today and it reminded me of an anniversary song that would fit me and BG perfect! I think she wrote this for her dad but I really think it could apply to anyone who is strong and loves you. Sadly I couldn't relate to this for my dad.

This girl has a beautiful voice and such lovely and inspiring music. I will definitely add her to my Playlist music.


When you think of your honey getting ready for Christmas

Be careful putting up those lights this year. hehehehe

When I think of my honey I know I have three more days........and we have our 8th wedding anniversary!

So, I'm having trouble finding the perfect Bronze gift for a man.

Any ideas? Traditional gift for 8th is put your thinking cap on and see what you can suggest!

Thanks so much to you!


Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Fashions

I had a long day at work....but, a long lunch, so I zipped over to Target and found my Abbie a coat for our Chicago trip. Isn't she cute?

"Thank you Miss Tanya for letting my mommy know about this sale!" says Abbie

and another vest....
Ren has a special T shirt.......LOL

Here's Miss Priss

with her mommy

Hope you are having a GREAT FRIDAY!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Silent Night Pillowkeep finished

Silent Holy Night

designer~~Primitive Betty's

28 ct Zweigert Amsterdam Blue

fibers~~Crescent Colors, DMC

fabric~~The Common Thread--Dahlonega, Georgia

Stitching by the Light of the Sun

Our transformer went out today. My day off too. I had many plans but with no electricity and hot water....and total silence in the house (except for dogs), I gathered some stray strands of floss and my mind started thinking. Well, I had to go to the sunniest part of the house because my magnifying light of course, was out.
And this is the one I found, with a good chair and all! ;)

I followed the light. We have a generator, actually 2 of them, but without my honey running it, I'm lost. I"m very mechanically-challenged. That is too much like logical for me :0

with my scissors and glasses, of course. I started a new ornie from one of the freebie patterns at Primitive Betty's
I have a remnant of Amsterdam Blue 28 ct about 5 x 5 inches. Then I picked out some fabbie that would inspire the colors I chose.

To this comfy chair for the rest of the day. Silent Night turned silent day.

Thankful for you!

I’m Thankful for You

Thanksgiving is the appointed time
for focusing on the good in our lives.
In each of our days,we can find small blessings,
but too often we overlook them,
choosing instead
to spend our time
paying attention to problems.
We give our energyto those who cause us trouble
instead of those who bring peace.
Starting now,let’s be on the lookout
for the bits of pleasure in each hour,
and appreciate the people who
bring love and light to everyone
who is blessed to know them.
You are one of those people.
On Thanksgiving,I’m thankful for you.
Happy Thanksgiving!

By Joanna Fuchs
I found this poem this morning to just say to my blogging and stitching friends that I'm most thankful for you at this time of year and always! Sharing life's journey with people all over the world is the best blessing of all! Wouldn't it be fun if we could all have a "get together" and eat turkey left-overs around one big table? ;)
Everyone bring a dish. So, what would you bring if we could????? hmmmm. I would bring sweet potatoe souffle'. And you?
Seriously, I do appreciate you! Stay-tuned for a Christmas Give-A-Way. Be sure to see the poll in the side bar. I'm trying to get together something that you would love the most this year............
Friends always,

Decisions, decisions.........

Well, at lunch today I did finish the red stitching around the piece here. I plan to cut this down more. I'm in a fringie mood this week! ;) thing is for sure I plan to cut off the fringe to refringe and make it smaller. Decision will be which style buttons for the corners....big or small? Rickrack or no rickrack?
Thought about making this into the end of a runner for my kitchen island or keep for the tree ornie.
I'm up at 1am thinking about such things because I came home, ate, got drawn to the fireplace and a heavy quilt on the sofa and just woke up. I usually don't fall asleep but BG had the history channel on and they started talking about the 14th century and I was gone after that..............

This is a pillow cover I've had for 2 years. I got on Ebay then. Each year I declared that it would make a great Christmas pillow. It's quite large so I'm thinking that maybe I will this year and maybe I won't find a design for it. I like the ruffle alot.

Its a larger even weave so I may play with it tomorrow.

Miss Abbie has a a Christmas dress! Isn't it cute?

Even with a XXS, it's too big on her through the bodice, so I will have to mend it a bit. for her to wear. She is not demonstrating a great interest for clothes like Ren and has been really active lately. So wrangling her for fashions may be a challenge. I'm going to try to get a picture with Ren in his Christmas sweater and her in this little dress......wish me luck!

Off to sleepyland again..........

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Be Still and Know Finished and Framed

Today was a repeat of yesterday in the busyness of life. But no sun, a gray, misty cold rainy day.

Errands to run. Drycleaning to pick up. Pharmacy. And then we tried out the brand new opening of Captain D's! Our little town is moving right along at getting restaurants. Conveniently located near the Walmart. We were simply too tired to cook tonight!

We had a few things to pick up there, like Chicken-flavored Dog Dingie Bones for Little Abbie and she loved them. We strolled through the Christmas part again and decided we will put up a tree this year and were like kids in the toy aisles and looking at trees, and beautiful bright ornaments!
I came home and went to work on framing the Be Still and Know Sampler by the Sampler Girl that I finished a couple of weeks ago. I initially, thought of making a pillow but then I decided I needed to see this right when I wake up in the morning. So it's housed directly across my bed on the wall with my angel collection.

I fringed it and put the pretty fabbie behind it. The frame actually is wood but came from Walmart for 3 bucks. I really like it.

At first glance I really, really liked the fabric to coordinate. After a while I had second thoughts for using this fabric as it was a busy pattern for such a statement.

But it grew on me and I decided to fringe.

And just let a little show around the edges.
Housed right over my angel collection, I will see it first thing every morning as I pass out the bedroom door.

In looking at it, I decided that it fit. The background swirls of paisley reminds me of all the directions my life takes and how busy it gets. The central reminder to Be Still in the middle of the busyness is sometimes necessary.

I also picked up a few pieces of fabric from Walmart last week in Dahlonega. Luckily, they still have a fabric section.

And I also have this beautiful piece of Jane Austen Moda fabric with large brown swirls that will finish a special piece nicely. This was also from The Sampler Girl Webshop.

This fabbie in my stash came from a quilt shop I stumbled upon last month.

My stash has gotten way out of control and scattered in various places. My mind is thinking of all the Christmas pieces I must do now and I'm getting pretty tired, so I'm calling it a night. Even though I set time to play with Abbie tonight after work, she is very upset at my not holding her for an hour before sleepy time and shredded 3 potty papers by the time I finished ironing and finishing this piece...........she is quiet now.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Night is here so fast.........

Nite is already here. Today went pretty fast at work. Much faster than a day off where I have too much time on my hands......I mean your day goes by pretty fast when you deal with folks and talking about their colon cleansing......and divorces, and children......and oh, my........interesting gynecology issues.....but there's something about helping other people I think, that helps me take my mind off my own worries. And for the most part, people are thankful for the advice or help.

Got home a little late, and Body Guard had cooked some spaghetti which was good and we quickly ate and took Abbie to show her to an elderly friend that lives down the road. I had promised her that I would bring her this week. She really liked her alot. She has really been a good puppy for us.
Ren is coping......I mean, moping, well, as long as he has his meals on time and he has a sweater or T-shirt on, he won't leave us a puddle at the oven.

Funny, because tonight BG had fixed Ren a bowl of noodles. Ren kinda sniffed it and walked off and looked around...blindly.....but anyway, I know I have spoiled him when I grabbed up the bowl, put 2 spoons of sauce and meat on top, a little sprinkle of Parmesian cheese and cut it up into little bitty bites.

Yep, he wolfed that down in about 2 seconds flat! ;)

He's back to his little sweet self, snuggling in his Christmas sweater today that Parsley sent....he said to tell Auntie Parsley haaaaaaaay!!!! (in Southern accent, of course)

I want to let you know that satelite radio has been worth every single dime since we got it in this past summer. No commercials and a good variety of music. In our previous car, I literally wore off the paint on the button to switch radio stations because I just like music, not commerials, and yacking in the morning. I found a channel for a Book Radio tonight.
Now, on my way home, I have about 45-50 minutes so this Book Radio channel sounded great. Actually, I listen to 80's or 70's channels on the way to work, flying at about 85 miles an hour and then on the way home, I'm switching over to the symphony or pops stations. (no, I'm not Bipolar). I just find that the classical is more calming and after a day of listening to 20 people talk about broken relationships, periods, and children, I'm ready for a calming effect.

I love the classical flute, violin, and piano. So, on the symphony channel tonight, this guy encouraged checking out the Book Radio channel occasionally and

so I found it.......

And let me tell you something! I started listening and they were into Chapter 2 of some book and it sounded at first almost like a Jane Austen book. Then it went pretty much like a harlequin romance book and it was very risque for public radio satelite station, interesting indeed.
Well, I was into the Chapter 3 by the time I drove home and ready to give my hubbie a great big long kiss!!!!

His answer to that and a back scratch was......."Now this is what the world needs for a stimulus and we would be all just fine!!"
I couldn't stop laughing at him.

Well, it's almost 11p now and I'm doing my favorite....NOT....activity of laundry. I had sorted it out in the hallway last night and Ren walked into my robe sleeve and he got hung in the sleeve. It's time to get the laundry done......
We are also mapping out our Chicago trip which BG wants to drive. EEEEK! So, I went to yahoo maps and have it planned to a T. It will be a 12 hour one way trip. But honestly, by the time we bought plane tickets and rented a car when we got there, and all the other fees they put on there, we probably will save about 900.00. The airlines get 100.00-150.00 dollars one way just for me to carry my 1 lb chichi in my stowaway on board. That's 300.00 right there.

So, he won that one.......besides, I'm imagining more money for shopping that way too....... it all evens out.......

Like Scarlet said, tomorrow is another day. By the time our return trip takes about 3 days because I will want to stop at every "after Christmas sale" in 25 towns, I promise you we will fly next time.....hehehehehee

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Finished Little Women pillow

Had fun with this one for sure!
I put some bells at the tie of the organza ribbon. This is Meghan's room or the Rose room now I guess you could say. This is the Little Women by the Sampler Girl.

Meghan is an artist and this is one of her pencil drawings from several years ago. She really is talented.

I have a very old table I need to refinish here. This is the minature child tea set to Old Country Roses that I have in my dining room. It has the little cream and sugar, the tiny teapot, and two tiny cups and saucers. I just got this table last year from my brother. It was my table and chairs when I was 3 years old. He had been using it for a TV stand. I think I've waited this long to refinish it because I'm not sure I want to paint the oak or just restain it. I can remember playing on this table at a very early age and having imaginary friends......LOL

I like how the heart buttons look.

and the bells on top...
Well, here it is midnight, or about, and I'm wide awake again.......6am will come early.......
I hope everyone had a good weekend!

A Sweet Pink Finish with a Peppermint Taste

Ok, finished is not really finished without finishing, right? Huh?

But........I did finish stitching this one last night and worried so much about the ribbon that I had dreams of polka dot ribbons. I so wanted to use the one like in the design model but all this week at the stores I couldn't find any pink(the right shade) with burgandy polka dots. :(
However, I got this burgandy organza ribbon in my stash and said hey this will work too!!

Little Women

designer, The Sampler Girl

28 ct Raspberry Jobelan

DMC threads

These chocolate covered peppermint dainties I found at good ole' Walmart in Dahlonega Georgia last week. I love them for coffee stirring! I find that if I"m in one of those ----I'm not going to celebrate the holidays--moods, which fluctuates quite rapidly right now with me, then just breathing in the cinnamon and walking in the Christmas Shop at Walmart puts me in the mood instantly.

The pink Raspberry Jobalen 28 count was a nice even-weave to stitch on. Pink is my very favorite color and I just love it!

I'm taking pics now before I take it over to the sewing machine . I always hold my breath at making pillows come out nice and neat!
I got the fabric at The Dogwood Patch, my LNS, soon to be The Stitch Store in Buford, Ga. By the way, she is opening the new store on January 4th (I believe) So excited to see it!!!!
I also got the ceramic heart buttons there as well. I love hearts.
The fabric was a very fortunate piece from The Sampler Girl and I'm sooooooo thankful for it!
I can't tell you how much I've wanted to stitch this pink piece since last year at Christmas when I saw it. Now, I have to decide where to hang it. Probably will go in my pink bedroom upstairs on the doorhandle!

Speaking of sweet..........I have a bunch of these in a packet from Walmart. If you are doing any parties this year, this would make a very seasonal and a prettie next to the coffee pot.

I'll share a peak at my's hard to talk about snowflakes when it's 72 degrees outside right now. And, I'm not complaining at all. It's very beautiful out right now.
Ok, wish me luck as I nervously make this pillow. I always hold my breath until I turn it inside out again to see if it's straight seamed......yes, I'm a Virgo............LOL (I'm laughing at myself, honestly).
Till later,

The Winner of the Sense and Sensibility Sampler goes to.........

DEB!!!! Dearest Deb, you are the winner of the Anniversary Giveaway and what a lucky woman you are, my friend, cause you are going to love this Sense and Sensibility sampler!

Ironically, we also have something in common here too which is way too coincidental. She said she got married the day after Thanksgiving too! (And I"m not laughing, Deb) ;)

It's a small world afterall.

Enjoy this Sampler Girl piece!


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