Thursday, November 29, 2012

Our First Christmas Ornament

This week is flying by ya'll, but time flies when you are having fun, indeed it does.
I designed for our first Christmas ornie .
It's been very refreshing to have a week of at least 9 hours of sleep. I honestly can't remember the day when I'm in bed by 9pm at night; however, the days are short and by 9p, I'm sooooo warm and cozy that sleep beckons me with a book in bed till my eyes are crossing and I'm cuddled by Mr. Darcy holding hands every night to sleepyland.
I had the most wonderful blessing this week! The Gingher scissors that are special edition, Jennifer series, a very special angel friend, Carolyn (stitchinowl), picked me up a pair at Joanne's AND she used her 50% coupon to make them 20.00!!!  I couldn't believe it when I read her email. Thank you doubly Carolyn!!! Now I will have the 3 inch ones, Jennifer series.
That is a big splurge for me.
Grace was also gracious at emailing me that she found a couple of pair at a local Joannes' Craft store.
I can't tell you how much it means to me to have such caring and generous stitching friends.
Working on soon is the Christmas Giveaway. It's my way of paying it forward when I plan this and I hope you will be happy with what's in the package.
So stay tuned. I'm in the process of making one up soon.
All followers will have at least 3 chances to put your name in the pot.
Well, I best get to this pile of laundry sitting next to me looking all sad. Laundry is not my favorite and I can't wait till Mr. Darcy moves his brand new washer and dryer in that whistles a tune when finished. I've looked at these kind before but were too expensive but soon will have a set to twirl our clothes in. I just hope I learn what all the knobs mean and do it right. :P
I'm going to put on a Christmas CD and get to work.
till later,
 Thank you all sweetly again for the congrats on our marriage! We are very happy together.
We had one request for a picture of our marriage license as they do not believe the date and that gave me the biggest belly laugh ever. LOL I have no idea why the request.
 Well, yes mam/sir, we did get married on November 20, 2012 , that's on our license.......and we are very excited to share the news with all our loved ones and friends who have embraced us with joy.
And yes, I do love blogging joyous moments to communicate. It's just in my fiber.
{{{{{{hugs to you too}}}}}

Monday, November 26, 2012

Fresh Flowers and Homesteading

Yup, our 1 week anniversary is tomorrow!
My honey brought these home for me. Aren't they pretty???  He knows I love pink and that was what he said to me.

we are very happy and blessed.
this photo shared from The Road to Me. It's a cool place with alot of good encouraging words. Just go to FB and "LIKE" The Road to Me" to receive their messages.

hey, if any of you know where I can get a 4 inch size of these Gingher collectibles this year, supposedly only sold at Joanne's Crafts (I think, not sure) besides EBAY, please let me know here....
the name of these are   JENNIFER
On Ebay I almost stroked at the prices. Good grief!!!!
These are on my Santa list for maybe........but I think they are few and far between and when I have found them on Ebay, I just can't pay that for them.
I don't need the 8 inch ones but would love the 4 in embroidery ones.
I hope your Monday hasn't been manic.....mine has been very peaceful as I'm still honey-mooning :P
Actually yesterday after church, we got alot done around here, filling up the wood rack on the porch, blowing leaves, and cleaning out a closet or two and a dresser that had my stash in has a new purpose now and gorgeous where it is.
Tomorrow I hope to get all the piles of linen, frames, and fibers that came out of it....and OH there is alot.......into some special cabinets I had in the basement. I will have my sewing area complete when I get this organized.
A happy dance for sure the day we get all of our stuff in it's proper place.
Well, off to bed. I've been getting good sleep this week, that's one thing for sure to be thankful for.
I'm also thankful for all the comments and good prayers sent our way. We really appreciate them.


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