Saturday, January 5, 2013

What's the New Year Bringing

Well, the New Year came swiftly and schedules are back on track. I've so much to clean up and organize that it's not funny. There have been some really cold mornings in these mountains this week and even though the sun is shining brightly today, rain is headed our way tonight and tomorrow.
Mr. Darcy had a good birthday and at least I did get his scarf made in time. We had a couple of nights where we toasted marshmellows in the fireplace stove and YUMMY, I tell you. Yummy.
The wood burning stove is keeping the homestead quite warm and toasty and the hum of the blower frequently woos me to sleep early on these long cold nights.
I'm ready for some SNOW! Seriously. Ready to make a snowman or two and snow angels! I do hope we get some this year. The thermals are ready!
I critiqued the Downton Abbey sampler so much until I had to just stop and say, ENOUGH! LOL
I was going to use the Sullivan threads but now have changed directions with overdyeds which I will have to order. I decided the overdyed sampler threads would look SO much better as this sampler is quite large.
Here's a peak:

This is the first printing of Downton Abbey~~~the Family sampler. This copy will go to Jolene as part of the Christmas Giveaway. I really enjoyed working on this for hours and hours and I'm sure this is the first of many smaller of ones I am working on now for DA.

This is the general finished look. I have yet to model stitch this one but I am going to start THIS weekend. Promise. The size finishes to 10 x 15. I  added some specialty stitches as well.

So stay-tuned for copies to go on sale soon as Mr. Darcy helps me get my office in gear to print and manage mailing and such.

There are rich golds, greens, blues, reds, pinks and lavender shades. I can't wait to start the model stitching.

Speaking of Abbie......................

here she is. Herself. Watching me take pics of my knitting and designing this morning.

She is simply the sweetest lover of all computers that generate heat from a fan and lover of all things pork, i.e bacon.
(she also is begging with her eyes for some cheese and crackers I'm snacking on)

In the knitting chair, I had to frog ALL of the Mixed Berries scarf I'm making for a friend I work with and start all over. I simply had to.
The green is really a 3/4 hank I had leftover from something else and I started out making a Kindle cover with wooden buttons to close; however I cast on WAY to many stitches for that and will simply make a carrying back for my cross stitching stash. I will still use the wooden buttons.
I am still planning on making a Kindle cover but in another color in the future.
So much stitching and so many hours in a day..................
I'm still practicing the garter stitch and haven't ventured into new things but I have watched many U-tube videos and learned several things.
Well, off to get the house in order and plan what we are having for supper tonight.
Remember that song back in the 80's Things that Make You Go Hmmmmmmmm???? :p
That's what supper tonight is doing for me right now.
Spaghetti, however, is really sounding like a simple make and tonight I need simple.
I did see a new recipe which is simple for Cheese biscuits that I might try. I think Mr. Darcy would love those.
Cuddling by the fireplace with Abbie and hot tea,

Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Years!

Welcoming in 2013 with love and peace
Mr. Darcy, Jennifer and Abigail
Fox Mountain

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Knitting Out 2012~~

While I'm knitting late to finish Mr. Darcy's muffler/scarf, Miss Abbie is found on my robe in deep sleep.

I did put closure on the scarf and with the help of U-tube and a knitting reference book, I learned to bind off and it was kinda fun to do!
So glad to have this one finished AHEAD of time for a birthday present.
My goal to have this finished by New Year's Eve was just 1 hour ahead of it.
gotta work on those......................
I'm being a night owl for the first time since........I can't remember but methinks bedtime is calling now.
From one warm heart to another,