Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lunchtime stitching progress on Getting Away with Jane Austen

Today I had a chance to soak in the sun in my car on my lunch hour and work on completing this sampler. This is Getting Away with Jane Austen designed  by The Sampler Girl. I started this back last month and am determined to finish it. Hopefully, will get in some stitching tonight and maybe finish it up as I watch Grey's Anatomy my fave TV show.

I finished the Ecru color around the letters and the sailboat at lunch today as I was absorbing the beautiful sunshine today after the few days of rain.
Now onto the bottom hopefully tonight.

Abbie says she will be representing DV Awareness month with her purple turtleneck sweater and she may have some patience with me as I get chores done after work and then settle in for some stitching. ;) The week has flown by.

Still at work on the sampler I designed this past month but unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the framed model will not make it to Australia for the November DV awareness event as previously  expected.
I will be continueing to finish this sampler as it's very dear to my heart and hope you like it. It's still in my frame ready for threads to continue on with it.

Well, quick grilled cheese and ham sammies after a long day and then onward to finishing up some chores!
Hope your midweek is going well!!!! Our local area is flocked with tourists for leaf-looking viewers. The commute is a bit longer but the view on the way home makes it worthwhile as the leaves are peaking in color.

I've got many more ideas and patterns designed but not stitched yet for Thanksgiving and Christmas so stay-tuned.

2 more days before the drawing for the give-a-way so if you are interested in it, please see Oct 4th posting and enter!!!!

till later,

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Abbie got a little wild today

I got you, babe.

I- GOT-YOU,-------Babe.

Abbie gave us a scare today eating chocolate out of the pantry (long story and long day), but now that she is feeling better, she wanted you to know that she likes being groovy. She likes it so much, she is jamming to the 60's.

Hope your's mid week goes well. Don't forget to have fun somewhere in the midst of the craziness.

Twisted Tuesday

Love these Halloween costumes for dogs!

Abbie wishes to be a cheerleader.

Here's hoping you know that Miss Abbie this morning was found in the pantry where she snuck to hide and has figured out this is where food comes from for us!  She wagged her tail when we opened the door. She couldn't have been in there but 30 minutes at the most because we were in and out of it but then missed her.....ooops, Abbie is in the pantry?   She was reaching for a cereal box. What a hoot!

Off today to take care of some errands and find out why I have had ear pain for 6 weeks now, resistent to antibiotics and I probably am the worst at going to medical offices for myself so it has to be pretty bad when I finally do go. Maybe it's just alot of sinus pressure in my left ear or after waking this morning, I thought I was birthing a baby through this ear when I closed my mouth but, whatever it is, I'm finding out today.

Hubbie and I are on a road trip mission. And if I'm not pronounced terminal, then we will go leaf-looking back up here "in them thare mountins"  as the country folk say up here. ;)

Just a reminder that the October giveaway which is pretty awesome, I think is going to end on Oct 30th and a name drawn on October 31st. Numbers are going down at entering and comments. Maybe everyone is busy.......or not like me as  I would love both this pair of scissors AND the sampler..........but good luck!!!  Still time left to enter!

 but anyhow, or why, I hope you are having a great spooky week start and if feeling better by this weekend, I hope to see Paranormal Activity 2, a movie that will probably make me scream alot and hide behind my bucket of popcorn (if I can chew it by that time). I can't remember but I don't think I've seen a scarey movie in about 20 years, probably the last time I had an ear infection too......that's kinda wild after thinking about that.....maybe there is some paranormal activity here...LOL

till later,

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Treats for the week of Trick or Treat!

This week has been one of those big bumps in the road and actually just got mail and opened it today. Very excited to win this giveaway by Kathy  at Kathy's Stitching and Other Comments Blog. Kathy picked me!!!  LUCKY ME!  Sooooo cute. I love the bat trim at the bottom!

It was preciously wrapped in a Halloween treat bag and a very cute card with it.
Abbie appreciates it too as she was sent licks from Rory....LOL

The backing was also cute as a button. Sparkly and Halloweenie with cute purple ribbon trim.

Thank you again, Kathy and Rory for this sweet give-a-way treat!  This made my week so much brighter when I opened the mail.

It's looking spooky-cool right here by my candle pumpkin holder that Brandon gave me 2 years ago.
I have very few Halloween decorations so this year is looking brighter.

Abbie sends Rory her love too and she is sooooo envious of his shiney smooth hair as her hair days are....well, some days are bad hair days......but we still love every inch of her.

the fire place is popping but she loves the fire.

But she is also enjoying part of the heating pad on my back. She backs her little hiney right up there, even if it's on high.

She likes to get up close and personal sometimes.

Abbie loves to lick the camera lens.

Then she gives me her profile sillouette pic.
Can you tell she is a little spoiled?

But the smokey-eyed mascara look, she has down pat.

Thanks again to Kathy and Rory for a beautiful pinkeep.

Other news is this cute scissor fob stitched by Parsley  at Seasons of the Mind Blog (and I got her photo of it) designed by me a few weeks ago. Very cute!  She stitched it one over one........nice!

This made a very cute scissor fob.

This is a freebie but please respect copyright. Here is a link and name of the pattern. Thanks so much!

designed by Feathers in the Nest (moi)
copyright 2010

Well, it's about that time again. Time to get ready for a new, busy week.

If you stitch any of the freebies and would like to share your photo, you may send me a pic at

If you prefer sharing by snail mail, our business address is:


Thanks so much for your comments! I enjoy each and every one!

Till later stay sweet and expect some good treats this week,