Thursday, April 22, 2010

Progress on LHN Always and Forever

I'm fixing to settle in for some stitching with Grey's Anatomy tonight. I'm enjoying reading all  your comments!!  Great Mom stories! ; )

Since last night, the leaves blossomed and I tweaked the leaves to cover the stain! YEAH! 

Still plan to put a itty, bitty mother of pearl butterfly over me  the girl's head.

I'm stitching with silk, monochromatic and it's flowing like butter.

From yesterday ~~
What a difference in lighting while taking pictures!  The true color of the linen is more like the top pic.

Keeping him comfy tonight. He ate well, walked around for a little bit and now curled in his blanket.

Well, off to busy myself stitching.......who has time for housework anyway?
Thursday is about the only night I have to watch TV to get my Grey's fix.

And speaking of fix, I'm enjoying a new candle called Colonial Pantry which has the Sweet Annie fragrance that I love and it's soooo nice right now. It's burning in the kitchen and sending it's homestead aroma to the family room while I'm stitching this sampler and cozying up for the evening.

Sampler in background is Jonah's Hornbook by The Sampler Girl, stitched 2009.

 Hope your evening is as warm as mine right now...............


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mother's Day Give-away

Gingher 5 inch
Retired pattern, Elena

I looked all over Boston for a special Gingher pair and found one. This is it!

If you like scissors as much as me and would like a chance post under this posting only as a follower.
Starts today.
Ends Mothers Day at midnight.

For a second chance in the random drawing post a second time that you shared it on your blog too.

For a third posting and chance, post something funny about your mother.

International are welcome!

A father may turn his back on his child, brothers and sisters may become inveterate enemies, husbands may desert their wives, wives their husbands. But a mother's love endures through all. ~Washington Irving

Let's start over......

ok, yesterday was such a downer I simply hit the delete button on that post and it felt good! That's one thing about delete buttons......and a woman's mind put together. It's a beautiful thing.

Back to a few sights around the house. I finally hung the This Too sampler on the downstairs wall between our chairs. It's a good spot for it ......

please excuse the new "incandescent" light bulbs. This is the only pic I got to not look like the ball of the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella, it looks weird in pictures.  LOL

Let's just leave the light out........

I need to work on finishing the 2nd sampler of The Scarlett Letter one (which is one over one) and  then have the pair together, but until that time, this is it.

things got better when my fellow hung his hat here right by the reminder of the simpler things in life being the most important


a foot rub with this wonderful lotion!

which started me finally finding this pack of buttons I knew I had from the trip.....somewhere,

from the button store. I felt like I was a kid in a candy store. A kid opening a new pack of Crayola crayons.

and didn't get to this tonight.........but hope to work on it some until my insomnia abates tonight.

That may be a while too because while I was writing this, I heard a big BIG gunshot outside.

Our dogs were viciously chasing a bear off the down the street, neighbor's porch after BG walked down there. The neighbor shot in the air to scare off the bear and they told us this is day 2 they have seen him/her......on their porch.

And this is the primary reason, well, besides snakes in the summer, that my hiney stays in the house after dark!!!!! 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Boston notions, fabrics and notions I found, color therapy

This may be the reason my luggage weighed 8.1 pounds heavier than when it was weighed in Atlanta......just a wee bit of what I found at two of the stores in Boston that had sewing notions, items, cross stitch stores. Windsor Button company and Winmill Fabrics located very close to each, very convenient.

I'm unpacking some of it today........have yet to find some more packs of buttons I got. Later posting.

I love calico and old fabs. I got a yard of each except the pretty green/pink, 2 yards.
Kinda went nuts with notions.

Scissors were a scarcity item in Boston......let me tell you!

Went crazy over fabs.

You think I might have enough by now? I need to start stitching so I can use these.

I will be putting some quarter yards in the Nest Feathers shop soon.

Loved this heavy cotton American Flag ribbon. Got a large and small spool each.

Some felts.

2 yards of linen, one yard of natural and one of white. It's very stitchable, not sure on the count but my gauge looks like about 36 count.

other trims.

some small tassels for regency making pinkeeps.

my favorite color teal, a darker teal in this pic which will go well with some of the fabs.

Several spools of thread because I really and truly had only a few colors.

Well, this is part of my Boston haul..........later when I unpack the rest!  :o

Monday, April 19, 2010

A Sweet View Finished

A Sweet View

designer The Sampler Girl

18 count natural Lambswool linen

2 over 2

fibers: DMC, Crescent Colors

Wood buttons from the Windsor Button Company in Boston, Mass.

Orange gingham fabric from Tanya's webshop.....The Sampler Girl's Webshop

And waiting patiently while I finished the piece is Miss Abbie. She has been held many times in between sewing so there may be a few white dog hairs in between the other fibers! I believe if she sheds we could knit an scarf with all that hair that has grown in!  LOL

Another sweet view