Saturday, November 2, 2013

Welcome November! Welcome blessings all year long!

Around the homestead it's been a very busy time. Mr. Darcy and I are ready for November 20th our 1st anniversary!!!! We are so happy and such a perfect match for each other. I feel honored and blessed to have met him and for him to be a part of my life. But love is in the air for us all the year long, although we especially count our blessings for each other in our lives together. Thanksgiving is coming soon and our little house in the woods will be smoking hot with Turkey and dressing and other good eats!

Wood for the woodstove makes these mid 40's mornings heaven to me. It definitely saves a lot on utility bills! Plus, it's cozy to snuggle with my honey on weekends.

I put knitting needles down for a couple of weeks because I was busy selling out all my Barbies and Barbie clothes, friends, cases, etc and happy to say I made over 250.00 just by cleaning out a small part of the basement. My first Barbie I'm now at 50 letting go. Letting go feels so good. So right.
One of my vintage Barbie dresses went for 61 dollars! I couldn't believe it. I still can remember opening this one up on one Christmas morning so very long ago.

Now to the packaging this weekend and sending out all the clothes, dolls, and accessories to their new homes, many are collectors and I hope they enjoy them as much as myself and my daughter did.

I picked up the knitting needles this morning and will be enjoying the Michigan football game with Mr. Darcy this afternoon!!! I used to know nothing about football and didn't even enjoy it on TV but now with him, he makes it FUN! We'll be eating wings soon and rooting for Michigan. They are playing Michigan State. Usually a close game with a lot of competition. Mr. Darcy is an avid Michigan fan and I support him in all!!!

This is a much smaller gauge using a number 5 circular Chiagoo needle. The yarn is Blue Heather.
I thought it fitting to stitch in this color today during the game. I hope Santa brings me a Chiagoo complete set!!!! Actually Michigan color is a darker blue but this was in my stash. Garter stitch can be used so much and so simple. I really like lace better and other more challenging projects but sticking to simplicity with this one.

Miss Abbie has already curled up waiting on the game to come on in about an hour.

I'm itching to cross stitch as well. Torn between two loves.............................

On my new computer, I'm still working out the kinks of how to get my old patterns I designed over to the new computer. I have a couple of freebies to post soon. Fall is definitely an inspiring time of year to design.

I'm so inspired by all my FB stitching friends' progress on projects. I love them all!

My ottlite floor lamp I bought this past week at a 1/2 price discount at Joanne's Crafts with free shipping should be arriving soon. I'm excited as I can put this at the end of the sofa and see so much better. They really had a good sale last week.

I hope your weekend is going well and enjoying the absolutely gorgeous Fall leaf colors. They are peaking here! A Sunday drive is in store to view all the mountains and color tomorrow. Maybe I can get some good pics for stay tuned.

Taking in all the colors of home,