Saturday, October 31, 2009

This is a good free Halloween movie---Haunting Sara from Lifetime movies

Getting Ready for Abigail/Abbie

Ren is opting to dress in this spider man outfit for Halloween.....just joking....LOL

Look at these cutesies

She will need a life jacket for sure if it keeps raining.

And a carrier for our Chicago trip

And a coat like this for the trip.

this is my favorite Christmas sweater!look at the leash to match.

A raincoat in Georgia for sure.

a fave prissy one.

this could be her coming-home clothes.

a pink camo jacket...

a little bathrobe.....

And for sure this t-shirt.

Yep, I'm certifiably crazy today. This is what happens when it's a rainy day. LOL
Miss Abbie will be here in 1 week from today. Woo-HOO!

Halloween in Afghanistan pics

This man has the patience of Job. He is intelligent, smart, and an army general. He is McCrystal.

He is in his 8th week of waiting for some help for our men in harm's way. There have been random thoughts of sending only half or less than what is asking for and calling it the McCrystal Light. How demeaning. The man was handpicked by Obama. But, he will not listen to him. Sad.

This is one of the best pics today, women sewing on top of a building. Probably to get away from all the fighting. God bless them please.

Now, South Korea is even sending more troops. Hello Obama?

These pics of today just frustrated me to no end. Dogfighting. Violence in another degree which seems to be enjoyable to them. They can't get enough of it. They are raised in it.


And it never ceases to amaze me that these folks can pose for cameras but the US can't find them. What? Hello, again, Mr. Obama.

The tension is getting high due to the election .....again.......coming up.

women in their burquas. I think some the fabrics are really pretty.

Back to dogfighting. Why do they love violence so much? This is a crime here. I feel sorry for the dogs.

Fighting of other nature has to be done by our men because it's an endless situation over there.
Yes, it's Halloween here in the US. Just don't forget our men who are dressed up to protect us.

There are some good folks there, trying to live a decent life. But, how can you when the violent extremists pop up any time like Pac Man?

Night vision aides our men to do their jobs even at night.
Picking up the pieces of a blownup tank from this week.

Just a few of our men who gave their life.

our boys toohusbands and fathers.

while the men left are still trying to get the mission done. Hey, Obama, what is the mission by the way?

That's what this fine man is waiting on too.
Such is Halloween day in Afghanistan.
Out in the open.

hiding in crannies.

Yep, that's Halloween in Afghanistan.

Desperate times call for desperate measures

Hubby says, "Here, dear, is the mounting board I was thinking of? I'll put right over there with your stitching!" {{{with a big smile}}}}

Thanks honey. Humm......I'll need your help here cutting from a gun range board here to fit my frame.....zoom, he's out the door to do errands......he'll be back. Hope it works so I show you my LHN finish. I was just glad it was not one that already was used with bullet holes in it.
Now can't you see him at the shooting range telling all his trainees to save their extra boards for his wife's stitching projects? LOL LOL And he wouldn't mind it al all either. hehehe

Yesterday we were rushing to get to work and he goes out the door first. Our typical conversation as he was already in the walkway and I'm concerned the coffee he made was all regular. Didn't want that on a work day so before I made a huge cup -to-go I rushed to the door and said

"Is this decafe?'

Bodyguard, "Yes, I"ll get some cash today and smiling"

me: "No, is this DECAF in the pot?" yelling louder. Thank goodness we live in the country.

Bodyguard, still smiling says "oh, yes, I put gas in the car"

I gave up.........I don't blame him for his hearing impairment but it gets quite comical at times unless we are right next to each other. I wonder what else he just agrees with sometimes! LOL
I love that man!

So, on to breakfast. Woke up hungry with an empty pantry and it's a 7 mile drive to a grocery store so this will have to do. We ran out of milk, bread, creamer, decaf coffee, cereal, everything. So, I popped some oatmeal cookie dough out of the freezer and started slicing. And the pieces are very uneven.

No creamer, so in the country, we can sub Cool Whip.......till the grocery trip

makes it frothy at first

but blends in just like cream or milk. Problem is this is all real caffeine. Well, maybe I"ll be motivated to clean house today.

my breakfast of oatmeal, pecans and then (don't mention the bad stuff) is cooking to go with my coffee......

I know your house never gets this crazy! Not with just 2 adults. Now children in the mix, that can get crazy in the morning.
I remember, "Can you sign this?" "I need some money" or "can so and so stay over tonight?"
They used to wait right up till you would agree with anything in a rush. Anything.
Not fair. But, yes, I miss those days.....sometimes........LOL

Hallow's Eve

Well, after a very busy day at work, I plopped on the couch again and slept 4 hours, woke up in time to see Forest Gump playing on TV and it was about 2/3 finished so the sad part ensued and I cried and cried. Gosh, that movie is sad. I've seen it a hundred times and I love it so much because it really covers alot of dynamics in relationships and life. I could relate to Jenny when she went back and threw stones at her house where she grew up. Forest loved his Jenny.........I won't go back and try that.....dont' want to get locked up right now.....LOL

Well, then I was awake. I shouldn't have slept after work. Some spooky movie was coming on after that with Dracula and someone ate a person's dripping bloody foot and BodyGuard was in bed so I quickly turned that off so I wouldn't dream about spooks and stuff. LOL

I hope I sleep again until 1pm tomorrow. Maybe I"ll catch up.
Everyone I came across today was going through corn mazes tomorrow and quite frankly that would freak me out, so I'm staying home. I may go stay a bit with a neighbor until BG finishes working the corn maze.
Im not a home alone person. But there are plenty of things to do around here. The ending to October Fest may just entice me to dancing. If I do I'll have a beer just for you!!! LOL

As Forest says, Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know which one you gonna get. How true of a statement is that! So tomorrow for me is a piece of chocolate and I'll let you know what fun I get into.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Where's the Candy?

Friday Flashback--Halloween 1999

Back to work and busy. My frugal thought today was to bring my lunch. Thank goodness for Campbell's soup. I love the vegetable beef and on a misty, blowing-rain, gray day, I thought it was a good choice.

Hope everyone else is having a BOOtiful day!

Halloween is tomorrow. This is the time I wish my kids were smaller again, I mean younger.....LOL

I loved giving out candy too but since we moved out to the boonies we don't have any trick or treaters but I always have one bag, just in case. I loved to great them at the door. I was not one to dress up and scare children though. I think I got too much of that growing up. No, I was just plain me, with a smile. When my kids were too old to trick or treat they would help me give out the candy.......well, I think Brandon gave out a whole bag one one person....oops. LOL

Before I moved here, and while Bodyguard and I were dating, he called me on a Halloween night from the police dept. He was Assistant Chief of Police then and he wanted to tell me that my house was causing a traffic jam in the middle of town. He said "what in the heck are you giving out?" He had to send out extra cops to direct the traffic........
I laughed and snickered. I was always giving him some kinda grief! LOL

See, my house was in the middle of town and the trick or treaters were all lining up cause they knew I had good treats. This was a funny moment on this Friday Flashback.

Well, back to work......

What I stitched tonight.

Making my ornie for Christmas. A freebie design from the Sampler Girl. I used 927 blue DMC and Chili Pepper Crescent Colors for that nice pop of color with the backing fabric.
I'm working on completing the surrounding border which is stiched directely onto the fabric.

I will then trim down the design another 1/2 inch to make it smaller. Use the fringie idea. and sew the right sides of the material together. Iron good. Then an inside out it goes and iron again.
Then fill with something, either stuffing or lavender seeds, or I thought about whole Cinnamon sticks for that Christmasy fragrance. Who knows what I"ll think of by the time I finish it tomorrow.

then on to Sampler Girls' ornie in the JCS Christmas magazine that came out in Sept. 09.
I will check my colors and if short, may make a trip to my LNS Sat. to get those.
Oh well,
nite, nite,
don't let the stitching bugs bite........


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