Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Twisted Tuesday---Eye drops and Eye candy? Put your big shades on.

First of all, thank you so much for understanding and the prayers which are so needed right now as we work through this eye issue. Problem is, I miss  stitching BAD, and by the end of work days, it is miserable after computer use and headlights on the cars after dark. Bottom line is:  I've got to adjust to this as I have no choice in the matter. The drops it seems has caused the cornea to swell and hurt and hopefully will be getting better with use. The constant feeling that I have a piece of glass in there is driving me somewhat nuts though. I'm really trying as these seem to have the least systemic side effects supposedly.

 So in the meantime, I've figured that I definitely can  do something with glare. They have made me some prescription glasses that was supposed to help for use inside but not much with the computers. BUT, I'm off today, so I'm experimenting with just wearing BIG, BIG Jacki 0 sunglasses to finish my reading on the computer and it's given me some relief. I will not be freaking people at work out with wearing these indoors but man, does it help with high lighting situations.

Next step is to google a computer screen glare thingie, I think there is one to attach to the monitors.

Now, Abbie, on the other hand, is probably thinking I've really lost it wearing big sunglasses to write on the computer, but I just gave her a treat so she is fine. She just wants a pair too.

I have some mail goodies I got and also a finish I had stitched way long ago and had put in to a big matted large frame but found it this week to be just right for a thrift store find several months ago. I have 2 of these perfect size frames for Little House Needleworks Proverbs thread pack series. Here is one I finished a WAY long time ago but in a new frame.

When it's officially framed, straightening and stretching later, I'll show a pic. Right now, just put the frame over the finish for you to get a peek and when my other framer partner comes home, will work on finishing it.

Other mail goodies arrived included some flosses and patterns I ordered around or after Christmas, the time blended together.
Anyways, the flosses are luscious and so are the patterns.
I like to occasionally order from EBay stores and I will let you know that Liberty Primitives is my fave Ebay store. I wrote Nancy a note because the service and shipping is great. She always puts a lovely note with at least 3 freebies as well that are soooo cute.

The flosses are from a different place.

La D Da
Noble Wife

This is from Annie Beez and it has intrigued me for awhile. I love the colors, the design, and the many interpreted meanings of this saying by W. Blake.

"A Robin Redbreast in a Cage, puts all Heaven in a Rage"

and some freebies too

3 of them

Very pretty Tulip Star Sampler

I particulary love the color Uniform Blue. I used it last year when I stitched Brandon's sampler pillowkeep. It was already in the kit and I just love that color.

and have something I designed hopefully one day to stitch the model using it.

Cameo pink and Strawberry Parfeit and Raspberry Parfeit ( of which I needed to replace from Abbies Christmas Morning Sampler I just finished.

Vintage lace, Morris Blue, Old Blue Paint, Old Red paint.....on and on. I love them all.

There are several things today to be thankful for, more than I originally ever thought possible.

1.  Large, Jackie O sunglasses.......for indoors while reading or stitching.

2. Forgetting right now about learning to stitch on 40 or more count and feeling ok with it. My favorite count is 32. This is a hobby not a marathon race or competition.

3.  Going to bed at 9 or 10 o'clock every night for more rest. I have to make myself do this as I'm a night owl by nature but after a couple of weeks, it's becoming second nature.

4. No more night driving if I can help it at all. (actually this will help pedestrians and other drivers) ;)

5. Still having the ability to enjoy designing a bit, even if I do wear sunglasses to do it. LOL

Adjusting to change. Some big, some not so big.

Some sudden, some not so sudden.

Some alone, some with others.

Whatever the case, as one of my wise elderly friends told me at my young age of 27,

There's only one constant in life and that's change.

One more very thankful thing I have right now is Kindle. The Kindle reader's  Read-to-Me feature is WONDERful!
I have listened to a couple of novels through the weekend and even though the cons of this feature is a somewhat monotone audio, it still is wonderful to have this feature.
I'm finishing up a novel that is very inspiring.

You can go to my GoodReads page and see the short review of it

or go to Amazon Books online and if you have a Kindle, read a sample for free.
This book is so good and a TRUE story and amazing.

Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back
by Todd Burpo

If you have a loved one in Heaven, this book will give you amazing peace as you read. It's a page-turner.

Thanks again for all your comments, support, and patience. They mean more to me than you'll ever know. Fixing to listen to the rest of this book and rest.

Till later,

Sunday, January 2, 2011

For Just a while

I had to pause my blog awhile due to many factors at the homestead. One of them is my eyes. Without going into a pity party ( of which I do NOT want), it's less than good, these drops they gave me to put nightly in my left eye. I feel after 2 weeks my eye is like raw hamburger meat and it's quite depressing to choose between pain and blindness. I choose pain, VERY afraid of going blind in that eye. My next appt is Jan 13th to see how much more of periphery vision is lost and if pressure is down. The drops have made my eye so sensitive to any light I have spent 3 days in bed with eyes covered, thankfully listening to the READ TO ME feature on my Kindle. I have listened to 3 novels. Plan on finishing another today.

  I haven't been able to stitch much due to this adjustment to the glaucoma medication. There are other medicines they can use but I have low blood pressure already and they are really trying this Travatan Z first. Just the pure reason alone on why I have to go through this is enough to cause me to want a boxing bag soon.

After a couple of emails, I realized the message said Personal invite only. I definitely didn't hault it for that.
I am not on Facebook either as other extenuating cirumstances made participating very difficult to say the least. I digress........

Abbie is doing well and still gets her special treats every morning. She can sense something is wrong and tries hard to get to the back of the house if I'm lying down.

Hope to call the eye doc to get a sooner appt this week to see what can be done about this eye pain. I do have a retinal hemorrhage they are watching as well in this eye so it's pretty scarey when it hurts as I don't know if that means I'm then going to wake up blind.

I hope you all had a great New Years. Mine was probably the worse one in my whole life. Hopefully, things will be looking up in the future and this will too pass.  I had ordered a few patterns to stitch right before Christmas and I want to get back to stitching soon if they can get me on the right meds for this.