Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lovely Gifts Near and Far and Stitchy Plans

I've been so busy, I feel like I've neglected writing!  I had 2 weeks of sheer on-the-go bliss, of which I haven't had in years and years. I received these beautiful pink roses, 18 of them with a very sweet, soft pink bear. Pink is my favorite color of course and I loved them and such a pleasant surprise this week.

In the stitching homefront, I've not picked up my needle and thread. I may get a chance to today though as I head out to a friend's house with long talks. Next weekend a special stitching friend is visiting the homestead on "Walton's mountain"  and I can't wait!

Life is good!  not perfect, but good.  Getting my feet back on the ground though has been alot but without God and you gracious friends all over the world, it wouldn't have been as easy. I do know God answers prayers in His own time. And in His ways, He shows us who really are a part of our lives and who are not. I thank Him for that.

I, again, thank all the readers and stitchers who stayed with me through the past year. I know many turned their heads who I thought were real friends but I do believe that is their issue and uncomfortableness and not mine. I would strive to hang on to friends who are going through bumpy times in life, but I gather that many I trusted preferred not. I thank God for the situation that showed me who wanted conditional friendships. I'm enjoying those who are new and old journeying with me and I with them.

With Spring, there is a promise of new beginnings and that is encouragement to me! I love home and creating a welcoming atmosphere for friends to visit. I have enjoyed that for sure.
Stitching is a big part of my life. Reading is also and I have read some great books in the past few months. It's time though to put the Kindle down or turn it to enable speech mode so I can get busy with the needle again.

I have a bag full of stash upstairs that must be organized and threads, threads, threads to organize especially since I came back from In Stitches in March! Problem with organizing my stash is seeing too many things I want to stitch at one time.

I want to finish The Coverlets sampler and put it on my guestroom sampler wall.
I then may go to finish a WIP I started way back from The Sampler Girl about There's no place like home because that is such a true statement!!!!
I'm halfway on that one.

Last week Lesley from the UK sent me a beautiful, absolutely gorgeous gift that brought me to tears. A heavy, glass plaque with an uplifting thought and such a nice compliment as I love nests!!!!

I received it very quickly checking mail before I was gone again on another trip with a friend.
I wanted to take some good pics of it.
I will treasure it forever. The words are so meaningful to me and I have an angel collection in my bedroom that will definitely house this beauty.
I'm really taken back by the love and hearts of so many people who have connected around the world.
I apologize Lesley for misspelling your name the first time but most of all want to thank you again for such a heart-filled gift which will be treasured forever.

I shared it with Mr. Darcy and he also loved it and thought it was beautiful!

Here's some pics.

I picked one of my newest angels from the US.

 She is sending peaceful thoughts back to you Lesley!

So sweet in heavy glass and will be a treasure in my home forever!

Abbie is showing her total devotion at waiting patiently with one of her favorite toys. Bear.

The area is much greener now and filling in nicely. Roses are reaching for the sun.

I must get going to finish this sampler.

Soon, I will start on this sampler. Summer will be here before you know it. I have the linen and threads for it. I remember my very first kitchen ever in an apartment was full of strawberry decor. ;)

Maybe life will settle down a bit during the Summer.

I hope you have a great Saturday and savor the love that surrounds you however far and however outside your radius of comfort.
For it's when we reach out the farthest, we do indeed test our strength and realize that the world is small afterall.
Thank you again for all your comments. They mean alot to me and I love each and every one of you.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Abbie dancing to ABBA

I'm still catching up from many road trips lately. Miss Abigail is car trained! Just to show you a few pics from today. She is a hoot!!! That girl loves to ride!
 I like love to listen to Classic Rock stations and Dancing Queen by ABBA was playing and we were jamming together there for a bit.

Good news, my lungs are just full of Georgia pollen. Had a chest xray today. I'm feeling better after the night with the HEPA system on all night and extra Tylenol and Benadryl, and more antihistamines. You gotta love North Georgia country!  ;)

See that girl.......young and free......Dancing Queen...ahahahahahahahah

ok, quit asking for Van Halen now......getting too picky!!

For goodness sakes, now she wants to line dance in the car as we go around the curves in the mountains. :P

Just a few Abbie moments.............

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Back from adventures

The last 2 weeks have been wonderful to say the least. I had a lot of "firsts" and alot of fun.
Van Halen in concert was AWESOME and how fortunate I was to have someone get me a ticket. Kool and the Gang opened for them and they were great as well.

The last week I have gotten sicker with most likely pneumonia in the left side and I'm taking this one day to do nothing. Nothing. I mean nothing but rest, take meds, and catch up on all the emails. I am planning to get an xray tomorrow as I have been really sick this week.

Leslie sent me something so very special that my breath was taken away when I opened the package.
When I get my camera working today, I will post a picture. It was the sweetest in the world and it reached me on a day I needed it the most. So stay tuned for a picture of a gift from Leslie.  THANK YOU LESLIE!!!!

I was on the go in two weeks but needed the break so bad. I did also see Titanic in 3D which was GREAT! My first 3D movie ever!!!

There is a quote from that movie that I plan to graph out. It held special meaning to me and probably to most women in the world.

A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets. -Old Rose, Titanic

The old Rose in the movie was telling her story and this is a line that I am planning to make a sampler with as soon as I get unpacked and rested.

Have a wonderful Sunday evening and until later,


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