Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another lazy day

Looking upward in the stairwell you can see the attic fan in full use. It's 72 degrees and dry outside~~~lovely weather. I think it got in the upper 50's last night at the low.

Yes, this is also potential sampler space and lots of it in the stairwell all around. When I finish the Blue House Sampler, it will probably reside somewhere on the stairwell walls.

Raven, my girl, is.........(as one of my friends call it) "all laid up" LOL Please disregard the flower pot being turned over. If they are empty, my girls knock them over every time. I plan to put some mums in my empty flower pots, actually going in to the city tonight to get them.

This is my meek progress on the Blue House. The green is filling in nicely.

My pots are empty, just waiting on me to fill them with some colorful Fall mums.

This morning has already flown by. I have some more things to accomplish today which involves the following:
Sewing a cover for my porch wicker chaise
Finish cleaning out closets
Putting some items I no longer need on Ebay for some extra stitching cash
Changing bed linens and the oh so dreaded laundry--remember don't hate.........appreciate!
Trying out a new restaurant for dinner.
Finding those mums to place on my porch and in the yard.
Finishing the blue house on the Blue House Sampler
Hope your Thursday is filled with fun and relaxation!


  1. Ooohhh, the colors on Blue House are really pretty! You are right, today is gorgeous. The sky is the most beautiful blue! What is your ebay link? I may have to check it out!

  2. Love your Blue House progress and your stairwell - lots of room for all your beautiful projects. I think that I need that Ebay link too! Not that I need any stash, but I could just take a glance....LOL

  3. That stairwell looks fantastic. So does your stitching


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