Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tea With Jane Austen Progress Update and New Frame today!!!

Today I finished the top part of Tea With Jane Austen by The Sampler Girl with the exception of the number 3, which is in Old Purple Paint GA color that I have on order right now and should be here by next week. I changed the cat color to the orangey shade (Nutmeg CC) to look more like Thomas and the Ecru section I changed to an overdyed (Fawn) so that it would show better on this linen. The rest are DMC colors.
I've had questions on the type of linen and I'm honestly embarrassed to say I'm not sure exactly because I had it in a pile of linens, but think it is a cream Belfast, Zweigart 28 count.

I have to show you this absolutely beautiful frame that Tanya's brother, Will Willis, made and it will fit this design perfectly. If you order a Tea With Jane Austen chart, you must order a frame because it is just beautiful. BG and I opened it today when it came in the mail and he also said it was very beautifully made.

I'm driven now to finish this piece as I want to frame it now!!!!!

I love the little swirls in it and the old look about it. Beautiful wood indeed!

This afternoon I took a 3 hour nap and feel a bit more rested now. I've been listening to the news all day while stitching and all the news about Chile. What a tragedy!
Hope you all had a restful Saturday. Back to stitching when I should be cleaning house! ;)
Till later,

Life goes on

Yesterday was the saddest funeral I've ever been to. Sadder than any family member funeral. Tragic.
The speakers addressed the topic of suicide and the issues surrounding. His words were a bit comforting and alot of us from work were there in memory of her. She had alot of friends but evidently there was a side of her that is oh so familiar and that is sometimes we cannot help everybody and when painted in a corner, life seems hopeless.
Bodyguard was there for support. Thank God for that because it was a hard, hard day.

As I've said many times before, life is a journey and sometimes an overwhelming one. Trying to please and take care of too many people for too long can take a toll on anyone.

I'm not angry at her. I know she is at peace now. I just hope her husband, who was her high school sweetheart as well, and adult son who has alot of growing up to do are able to cope with this tragedy.

I can see her smiling face everywhere. I can hear me and her talking and remember. Those are the times I will remember forever.

If there's one thing I learned this week through this experience is never take friendship for granted and that hopefully the good outweighs the heavy weight of responsibility we all have.

Elizabeth was a free spirit with a very caring heart, almost too caring as many took advantage of that. We had birthdays the same week and always laughed at how picky Virgo's are and how usually we are givers and service to others.
I will move on now because I know she would want that, not to be sad, but to just remember the good times.
Today is another day and I hope to get some R and R and stitching in.
The sun is out but oh so windy and cold.
I have put together a small St. Patrick's Day Give-away, ordered a couple of things and soon to post pics. I also have some progress on Tea with Jane Austen to post from stitching last night late. I will also post this soon.
Right now, I"m enjoying my coffee and trying to calm 2 Chi's, I know they are the needest little animals on the world.
Abbie is extremely needed right now and every now and again is distracted by someone speaking on the TV, twisting her head back and forth as if she is trying to understand.

Life is short, so go enjoy it with whoever on your journey makes you happy.

Till later,

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Abbie lifts my day with her new outfit

Went to Walmart to get one thing--waterproof mascara, came out with 25 of other things including Chocolate Fudge ice cream and Abbie stuff......but anyways, it's been awhile since our Walmart put any pink girlie dog clothes out but evidently they just got some XXS Spring outfits in and guess who is going to model it for you?

The Spring Denim skirt, paired with a heart belt and tank.

She's doing what we call "the dancing bear", of course coaxed by some "Beggin' Littles Strips" which are treats special for little dogs. First time I bought those today and they smell like and look like bacon. She walks straight up and back on her feet alot.......maybe ballet lessons later, too early now.......just joking.

I really don't like the saying on the shirt but this is all they had in XXS for girlies. The I love me phrase fits more of the 12-26 range folks (no offense to that age group) but you know it's true........all she needs to complete the outfit is a cell phone to text message.

She likes her skirt and belt and tank though.

She dances in it too.

She says you might want to pair a sweater with this outfit as it's very windy and cold today.

Sweet Abbie...........

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In Memory of Elizabeth

Stitching away the sadness tonight

Progress tonight watching TV, even American Idol (and I'm not a fan usually), anything to get my mind off a tragedy in our lives.
First thing, got to work found out a close friend's life had ended in a tragic way.
Numbness set in.
Because I have much respect for her and I do believe she is probably looking down on us in Heaven right this very minute, I will just say that I miss her alot already.
She was one of the first I took for a ride in my new Mustang, when it was brand spanking new.
She was one who would make you laugh yet hide alot of pain that only her closest friends knew.
No matter what the circumstance, she held on to the belief that her family was first and was the best grand parent you would ever find. She was a person I confided in and she to me over the past years after I moved up to North Georgia and I am sitting here stunned still, wanting to just have one more lunch together and have one last talk.
I have to accept it's not going to happen.
Stress, my friends, takes a deep toll and even if people are smiling and saying they are fine, unless you really know them well, it's usually a superficial thing or that's my experience.
I struggle with the fact of knowing that God says he will not give us more than we can bear and then hearing the news I did today, I'm confused. Even myself, at specific times of my life feel that it's more than I can take.
Right now, I'm in shock, and the anxiety associated with getting through the funeral will be tough-going.
She used to comment on my stitching alot. We both knew each other's circumstances and would tell jokes to make us laugh and pull through. I just so want to have one more conversation with her. It's so hard. She meant alot to me and I will never forget the years we were friends. The journey of life brings us some folks we meet for just one day, some for a year, and some for life.
So, that was my day. Just getting through it in 15 minute increments, smiling and solving problems so the world couldn't tell we held deep hurt and pain over this loss.
Came home, ate a conglomeration of leftovers from the past few days and then just sat and stared at the fire for a bit, then stitched.
I wanted to stitch a sampler just for her and I will be thinking of one that I can in her memory. I can feel the tears welling up. At first today, just numb and shocked and now I'm starting to feel the tears wanting to just flow.
Oh, Dear God, bless her soul for me, for us, for our little group of close friends and I pray for her family that they will understand in some way if that is Your will in this life.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The start of Tea with Jane Austen

Meek progress on Tea with Jane Austen. I'm loving the colors and its flowing well.
I had to substitute a Crescent color for the DMC 833 but using the new DMC thread swatch book helped alot........I mean a real lot!!!!!
Nite nite,

Frontline PBS tonight---Every American needs to watch this

This is an excerpt of the program on Frontline tonight. You can go to their website and find out what time it will be in your area. I watched this 4 minute excerpt and it's very disheartening, however, at the same time, if you are an American citizen you need to watch what we as a country are trying to fight against. Just to watch and know that these people are trying to kill our men are absolutely heartless on their part. And they are proud of it too. But, again, if you watch, they think they are maryters and they are doing right. Awareness of this situation is crucial even if you know no one over there. Just looking at their hate for America is the most disheartening thing in the world.

The Story Behind Thomas, the cat

I've been doing heavy cleaning today. I'm trying to take one room a week and focus on deep cleaning. I'm pooped and taking a break. I inhaled too much Clorox I think. I found more beauty products and bags under my endless cabinets of space which I know should be illegal. I mean how many can you collect? Ok, I digress but after climbing through the corners where you really can't reach anyways and repapering and wiping out I decided to take a break and now looking through some old pics I just got transferred from 2 of my previous laptops to my new laptop
I laughed alot and some I cried. But the last hour has been fun just breezing through them and remembering.

Here are a few of Thomas in 2006. I had a Kodak Easy Share Camera at that time and it was my favorite of all and oh so reasonalbly priced at Walmart.

He used to like to pose for pics but now he really doesn't care too much for my running him down for pics anymore. He just wants food and milk and he's fine. But, he is happiest running through the woods chasing squirrels or birds, or even mice, and heaven forbid, this past summer he brought me a small, live snake! Oh this little man is sometimes overlooked in my blogging due to our other animals but just wanted to show you a little piece of Mr. Thomas here being a cutie pie.
The history on how we acquired Thomas was that one evening about 4-5 years ago, Brandon came home late one night, and about 11pm he hurried in to tell me, "Hey, Mama, guess what I saw at McDonald's in Thomson?". I'm thinking, "uh oh, what is he up to now" as Brandon was always full of surprises since birth.
I said "What?"
He said" There was a tiny little kitten somebody put near the trash bin and they had left him with an empty can of cat food. He was starving."
So, in my mind I had the instinct to ask, "and, where is this cat, Brandon?"
He said with tons of energy at almost midnight....."I brought him here, I promise to take him to the shelter tomorrow!"
Well, Bodyguard and I are allergic to cats. I was actually excited because allergy or not I love animals. Bodyguard----not so excited. He didn't like cats anyways. So, I was pulled between one and the other.
But he got his flashlight out and I went out to his truck and yep, he had already bought Thomas a collar with all blinging "diamonds", had a litter box and a couple of toys, food and dish for him.
I loved that cat when I saw him. He was so scrawny and so pitiful hungry but he was beautiful in color.
And so as in teaching, as we do sometimes, kids to be independent, Brandon found out that the shelter accepted animals but there was a donation fee.
I don't know if it was that or the fact we loved to play with him so much, but we finally convinced BodyGuard to let us keep him and now he loves him to death, holds him, pets him, and feeds him constantly.
Because of our allergies we only bring him in if the weather is too cold.
But he has turned out to have given us many days of joy in the past couple of years----with the exception of bringing me dead mice and snakes to the door.

Tuesday Twisting

Out my kitchen window clearly seeing the mountains after the leaves have fallen.

Found some Cinnabon dough and will make Tuesday Twists with my coffee this morning!

The aroma in the house right now is just awesome!

I've tried their canned cinnamon rolls but these are better.....believe me, I've had 2 already. The taste is the same, no matter if your twisting is good or not.
Just the name makes me do a happy dance!

The icing really makes it a sweet treat for the morning with a couple of cups of coffee.
So, now who misses sunshine? LOL

Started Tea with Jane Austen today

I was so tired from an extremely busy day at work that I slept from 8pm till midnight, just woke up and reading a little before heading back to bed.
The fireplace and the old quilt put me in dreamland for a while. Right before that Miss Abbie got a bath and boy is her hair thick and getting long now. I think she is growing in her adult hair. She is so soft and smells of lavender now.

Today at lunch I had about 30 minutes and I took my kitted new project. I got a little started and will post pics tomorrow. This is my current next project. I ordered the frame from Tanya because it just is so pretty and seems to fit the pattern well. I'm excited to get it. If you are interested her brother is making them. See her website. Tea With Jane Austen.

Thanks for all the compliments on Emma project!

Time for bed again.

nite nite,


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Emma Project finished and framed today!

Happy dances tonight as I finished the Emma Project sampler by the Sampler Girl and then we had quite a time framing this one. But it's finished now and on the wall I intend to have a sampler wall upstairs. I have many scattered about the house and they will stay in those places but I have started one in the guest bedroom. I apologize for the dark pictures as the lighting is not so well in this room yet. I probably will put most of the Jane Austen ones here.

I can tell you that the frame was much more fragile than we thought as it's very very old. We both worked on it and finally got it framed. I should have waited until the daylight to take a pic. This one does not have glass. It's stitched on 32 count ivory belfast linen, 2 over 2, threads are DMC and Crescent Colors.

Here's Faye Raye's framed beneath the Emily Dickinson print.

The pic on the left that is in the dark will be moved so I have quite a space for future samplers and I hope that guests will enjoy them during their stay in the mountains.

I think I will try to get a better pic Tuesday when I'm home in the daylight. This is a very large bedroom so the entire wall will be a great spot for samplers.

A Friendship sampler from Fay found a home!

FayRaye sent me such a sweet note and some goodies, and also with a some threads I needed for a sampler (I've yet to do but on my list).....she put one of her Valentine samplers finished in the package. I was to finish it in some way. I thought long and hard, and instead of pillowkeep as I once was going to do, I finished it tonight in this frame I had in my stash I got from a cross stitch store last year and didn't ever find the right thing to stitch for it.
It fit perfectly!!!!!! And the colors were perfect!
Thank you Fay for such a sweet sampler and I am adding it to my sampler wall as we speak.
Body Guard is busy and frustrating himself with the Emma Project framing while I framed this one. We are fixing to put some on the wall and start a sampler wall.
When this one I see, I will remember the friendship you sent and your gracious heart!

Update--slower progress than thought

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy - Petraeus Warns to Expect More U.S. Casualties in Afghanistan - Petraeus Warns to Expect More U.S. Casualties in Afghanistan

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My heart be still.........

Yesterday on my thrift store experience, I happened upon this 1 gallon bag of hearts. I love hearts! They are all about 2 inches and well sewn and someone put little course thread hangers on them as well which could be snipped off if I wanted to just keep in a bowl. I couldn't believe the price of 4 bucks for this big bag of hearts.
It's almost like walking through a quilt store and looking at alot of fabrics at once.
I could easily see these on a old rustic branch which has about 30 twigs to hang them on. I haven't decided what I'll do with them but I love them.

one black felt one

one of my favorite ones, the blue pinstriped.
and separately I found this heart pillow made of pieces of an old handmade quilt. It's about 5 x 6 inchs.
Got a little grundge on the back but......

Then I saw this picture frame and I'm always on the eye out for frames but the verse from Emily Dickinson in it touched my heart and I would keep it as is.
The little Teddy Bear has a torn foot and the verse says it all. It reminded me of what I wanted to go into the medical field for in the early 80's and how different it is now. It's a business and money is the bottom line, so very different from when I was choosing my career path years ago.

Wouldn't this make a good sampler verse? I like the thimble and needle there too.

Yep, this will go on my sampler wall, even though it's not stitched.

It is quite a heavy frame too and has some velvet as part of it that I need to clean up a bit.

Such a true statement.

Well, this morning I slept later than I have in a very long time. I think I got 10 hours of sleep, so I've caught up and still sleepy but have so much to do before that work week begins again.

It's a beautiful day here in North Ga again. The sun is beaming and the temps will be in 50-60 range. Tempting me of planting somthing. But I know it's only February still and my patience needs to grow because as all the mountain folk will tell you, it's always a risk for a frost until Easter, whenever it is. In fact, this year, I haven't even looked, to tell you the truth, at when Easter is.

I know the Daffodils are soon to be sprouting and in fact I'm heading out that way soon to see if I can see an inkling of one that gives me hope for Spring to come.

I'll leave you with a quote of a poem from a book I've been reading called In Search of Eden by Linda Nichols.

"Dorrie smiled, remembering how he used to read her his favorite poem. She remembered bits and pieces of it now. 'Vagabond's house' it was called.

When I have a I sometime may

I'll suit my fancy in every way.

I'll fill it with things that have caught my eye

in drifting from Iceland to Molokai........

My house will stand on the side of a hill

by a slow, broad river, deep and still,

With a tall lone pine on guard nearby

where the birds can sing and the storm winds cry."

author, unknown