Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Choice Has to Be Made

Waking up this morning and reading dissapointing news again that our troops are in perilous conditions in Afghanistan and our president, who I do honor and respect, remains undecided what he wants to do. Now, it seems that when the soldiers try to fire their weapons they stop working and there are documented deaths in the Eastern Afghanistan of our children, brothers, fathers and aunts/uncles, mothers, etc over in this with inadequate weapons.

Now, for me, it's hard. It's harder than Mount Yonah for me to swallow that Obama is spending more time speaking about gay rights last night than he sat down for 25 minutes with McCrystal who he elected, selectively for professional advice regarding the army. This is by no means reflecting discrimination but just when is he going to decide what to do? He has spent more time analyzing his jeans for a baseball game pitcher position than this.

Imagine your child at school and shootings take place. The school police officer just walks around getting back with you while you are wanting your child out of school in harms way, screaming at the ends of the property but he says for several weeks back and forth, that he is still thinking about it. Then he proceeds in again, while you wait, hearing gunshots in the school. Now wouldn't you think that is totally nuts?

Well, this is kind of like that but on a bigger scale. I'm not trying to become a female version of Glen Beck, but I'm here to tell you that we as a nation are getting in big trouble, not even speaking of moral decline.

We need someone decisive, someone dependable to make choices that do not ride the fence.
We need somebody, please somebody make a decision while our boys are over there using weapons that half the time do not work (according to top headlines today on Yahoo), and resulting in loss of life.

We need a president who is not so narcisistic. I think he has procrastinated because he doesn't like to take advice from other people. This would take the spotlight off of him. He wouldn't get the glory and the people hailing to him and on and on.

All I ask of this president is to put his narcisism aside and let's get with it. I'm sure if his kids were in the middle of this mess, he would be consulting whoever he could to ensure safety, and either finish this 8 year mess or get out.

It's time to make a choice, Mr. President.


  1. Oh my friend, I understand your frustrations.

    I didn't vote for Obama and am very disappointed in his approach to things. (I didn't like our other choice either by the way.)

    All I know how to do is pray for him and pray for our military's protection.

    p.s. I like Glenn Beck...sorry. He's entertaining and has a lot of good points.

  2. I agree we didn't have much of a choice.
    I think Glen Beck is entertaining but I'm trying not to sound like him....LOL
    But then again, my husband said, aren't you glad that we have freedom of speech? He's right.

    It's so totally not like me right now, but I find myself watching CNN and Fox about this and yelling at them like it's a football game in my family room!


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