Friday, December 3, 2010

Progress on Forever Hope and other new starts

Christmas this year is keeping it simple. Very simple. Welcome newbies!!!!!!!  I love reading your comments and wished I could make all those wishes come true for you at Christmas. Rest assured I will be praying for each and every one of you. Thanks for spreading the word about the give-away. The more, the merrier, right?  These items are on order and just got a note that there is a slight delay so this may not get out as soon as I wished after the drawing. I tried to put a rush on it. Will see what happens, but anyway, there are lots of things to stash from this Santa to you.   ;)

Giving is the best part of the season for me, always has been, always will. Those that know me best, know this. It puts joy in  my heart to put a smile on your face!

Well, getting out the Christmas decor little bits at the time this week. What doesn't go up by Sunday probably will not as my work schedule is busy. No complaints though here as I am thankful for a job.

Since I got this:

stitching has slowed a bit. I've designed more than I've stitched and there are only so many fingers to stitch up all in my stash and what my mind creates to paper.
However, remember this one Forever Hope 1819?
Here's my last progress pics:

and now a few more stitches to this:

working on the house. You know building a house is more than I thought imaginable!  :)

Then, I designed a little one in memory of my deceased maternal grandmother, Grace.
Her birthday would have been this week. She passed away when I was only 8 but had probably the best positive influence in my life than any other family member. She was one of a kind and miss her alot. She left her rings and watch to me and when I wear them, I feel more courage and strength remembering her, that she is a part of me and loved me alot. She was assertive yet not aggressive. She was graceful, just as her name. She had much class and would give a helping hand to whoever she could while taking good care of herself. She was exactly everything her name stood for.

So, I started stitching this little pillow keep last night:

using Weeks Dye Works Ocean and Pecan as fibers.

Stay tuned for other virtues in rememberance to her.

I wanted to also show you what I found in a thrift store about 3 weeks ago.

The frame is about 6 x 8 and it's old.....OLD. I got it for 2.00!
It's actually in good condition for it's age and I was doing a happy dance in the box outside that it was put in as junk.

 I love junkin' it. ;)

Take a look-see.

The front has a picture like this:

and it looks like an opera scene.

The back looks like this:

It has an old wire hanging and the paper backing is very fragile. I will remove all of this to use for a frame for a stitching finish but before I do look at these:

Handwritten on the back,

and then this stamp in the middle as if it was a Christmas gift to someone.


Have you ever seen a stamp like this one? Any stamp collectors?

So far I don't know what I will frame with it but the picture will be removed along with the backing.
If only the paper could talk about the gift and the heart of the giver and the receiver, the meaning, the time of year, and where it hung special in the home. Oh, how I wonder.

Well, I'm fixing to head over to get my Kindle and put it on the read-to feature for the rest of the book I'm reading. I'm 75% finished. I've got so many more to read/listen to!

Abbie sends her love too.

She says, "kissie,kissie"

Till later,
stay warm

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Giveaway 2010 begins

About 13 more minutes and Dec 1 will officially be here.

I hope you are happy with this giveaway!!! I would love it if it were for myself and I try to pick the best of the best that I can do at the time.

Here is what's listed in your Santa box you'll be getting.  No worries, Santa baby, paid good attention to the poll from the readers.

First is  Merry Christmas, Ella Vaughn by Blackbird Designs


  • 1 X Gentle Art--Picket Fence
  • 3x Gentle Art--Shaker White
  • 1 x Weeks Dye Works 1219
  • 1 x Weeks Dye Works 1232
  • 1 x Weeks Dye Works 1230
  • 1 x Weeks Dye Works 1233
  • 1 x Weeks Dye Works 1266
  • 2 x Weeks Dye Works 1332
  • 1 x Weeks Dye Works 1333

PLUS The fabric to complete it:

            R & R Garden State Java 30 ct 13 x 18

PLUS  Blackbird Designs Book!!!   Honey Suckle Manor

PLUS  Claus Goldline Wood Box  Scissor Set by Nordic Needle--

Hope  you will be please and excited to receive these if you are the lucky winner! I'm as excited as you are!


  • make sure you are a followerer of the blog, newbies or oldies
  • international accepted
  • I will pay shipping
  • make 3 separate postings only on this post if you are interested in 3, stating it one that you are a follower, 2 that you shared it on your blog, and 3 what you want Santa to bring you this year!!!!!
Enjoy, it's officially 12:11 am now.......welcome December!

This giveaway will close on Dec 7th at midnight.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thoughts for today

This year is going to be fun for the holidays! I am off work today so I had my checklist and glasses in hand to run some errands. I can't believe tomorrow is December 1st!

So, on the road to town by 1p and by 2p, reached Walmart to find just one little thing to add to our Christmas village. It's grown SOOOO much since 15 years ago when I started it. I love setting it up. Instead got several other things as our local Walmart had absolutely no village stuff. But, this was fine because I found 2 small Alpine trees, 1 is 3 foot and the other 2 to set up and hope to put some stitched ornies on them. I must get busy!!!!!!

This morning I spent the gray, drizzly day in bed with Pjs reading and answering emails. Then by the time I went to run errands, the Heaven's fell out with rain and tornado warnings were in place... Me?   I just spent more time in Walmart, looking at all the Christmas decorations and strolling through the home and garden section, planning to change a few things in one of our bathrooms.  Paint????  yep, got a bucket of dark brown paint for some small cabinets for a bath, although on another rainy day! ;)

Pizza for dinner in our countertop oven, and changing from wet drenched clothes from the storms to flannels with snowflakes.
The temps are unusually warm but wet, very wet. I stayed in Walmart 2 hours because I didn't have a boat to get to the car. Everyone was stuck in there, so I guess we all did our part in stimulating the economy!

When I got home, Miss Abbie had gone to the closet and pulled out one of Body Guard's Tshirts in the laundry basket to make her a little bed from the storm,  I presume. Luckily, she didn't chew anything else up in there! She is nicely comfortable now after having some hamburger with mustard and pickles. She really likes pickles.

Well, best get back busy pulling out a few Christmas things for around the house and cleaning out bathrooms (Joy!). A little at the time. So, glad last year we organized our Christmas stuff so it's easier to find.

Hope your day went well too.  Till later,

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Snow Sparkles 1879

Snow Sparkles 1879 sampler
designed by Feathers in the Nest

copyright 2010

suggested colors are:

DMC 676 old gold
DMC   646   light beaver gray
DMC 647   medium gray
DMC 648   dark gray

Antique white belfast linen of the your choice count.

Clicking on the design should enlarge it for you.

There are some areas of backstitching as well.  I thought you would like this one.
It''s designed and insprired by the quote by Wallace Stevens 1879-1955 and the full quote is:

Snow sparkes like eyesight, falling to the Earth:
Like seeing fallen, brightly away.

Today has been a very restful, and peaceful day. Sitting by the fireplace, reading and some R& R. perfect for Winter day. I hope you
 enjoy this design!

Miss Abigail says Good morning to you!

Hi, it's Abbie here again! Just want to tell you that you make my mommie smile when she reads all your comments.

  My mom dresses me up in these silly dresses. She bathed, dried and fluffed my hair. I'm definitely a bit different than last year at this time when I came home to this place. My Santa list is growing each day! I wore this same dress last year but grew alot longer.
At full grown now, except all the hair, I'm 4 lbs even! That's what my old doc said last time I went to that dreadful place they call  "the vet".

I love to take naps on Sundays, or any day as far as that matters, on the big quilt and by the fireplace where it's warm and cozy. I really prefer laps of any kind but sometimes my mom and dad are reading and on the computer and my mom stitches too.

I got out my leg warmers and scarf today as the weather is getting downright bRRRRR!

This year I fit in them much better!

Last year I went on my first trip at Christmas. I like going on trips!

I can't believe how much I sprouted hair this year! Goodness!

But, my mom and dad love it, they call me "cute and spoiled".

Last year, I was a cute little buger and played with stinky socks.

This year, my mom, and my Uncle Paul and Aunt Noi, and Aunt Parsley have given me lots of toys for my toy basket to play with.

Last Christmas, my mom put out her old angels that she said her favorite grandma gave her. Her name was Grace. She likes that name. Anyways, she put them out around Ren's tree in front of Brandon's pic to keep him safe.

 I miss Ren, and she does too but we know he is in a better place right now and this Christmas will still be in our hearts, always.

My mom puts out a separate tree for Ren every year and last year, we shared it. It's time to get it back out again!!!! My Santa list is pretty simple:

more treats
and lots of hugs and kisses
more toys to fill my basket

Here is a mat my mom stitched last year. Miss  Tanya at The Sampler Girl, one of her favorite designers, designed this and it's the candle mat we will use to remember Ren this year during the holidays.

Aunt Parsley gave Ren this sweater last Christmas and he loved it!

I have many sweaters too and don't mind too much wearing them.

My mom stitched this into an ornie for the tree last year, design is by Miss Tanya.
She loves it because it looks like my brother Thomas who is forever chasing squirrels up trees outside but is sweet too.

Well, I changed quite a bit from 1 lb to 4 this year, now all full-grown and happy.

Well, I'm just a happy camper on this quilt by the fire and this morning just wanted to let you know that my mom ordered her Christmas giveaway late last night and she will be telling you about it later. You will like it!!

She also is designing a series of samplers just for me! Isn't that cool?

I feel another nap coming on now, so I will be nodding off soon.

And remember that I love ya morenmytreats!


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