Sunday, April 15, 2012

Feathers in the Nest on a short break

Having a blast this past week and one more to go on vacation! Many new, fun things. Many good days filled with laughter and love.
I didn't even sign on for email for 9 days!  I needed a break really bad and had such good company to share it with.
I had alot of last minute packing and planning and I really didn't think I would need to take a break but I was having so much fun I didn't even open my laptop for a week.
So, Sunday the day of relaxation is good so far.
With the exception of coming back from the trip with a whopping cold and sore throat, everything else has been bliss!

Home for a while and then more fun away!

I will be back blogging in a week. It's so good to be back checking email and things for a short break though.

Take care and Feathers in the Nest will be back in 1 week.

More things this week include:
antique shopping
a Van Halen concert!!!!
visiting friends
cooking new things and old
long talks with special friends

Take care and see you SOON! Time is flying.



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