Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday stitching and progress on Dutch sampler

Stitching a bit on this while watching the DVD The Last Song. Such a sad one...but good movie.

Here's the progress so far:

Dutch Proverb~~The Law

I'm really enjoying Deep Sea {WDW}

One skein down and starting on another one.

It's just stitchy weather here. Surprisingly, it's almost like an early Fall day here, very cool, breezy and so relaxing.

I'm stitching this one in hand, no frame. It just feels better that way.

Have a beautiful Saturday evening wherever you are planted today!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Freaky Friday

Just close your eyes and imagine a freak right now. I can't put a picture out here right now........BUT!~~~

Just a quick note to let all know that if they get some really strange emails from my yahoo account, it's because the account was hacked.

 It has been taken care of up until today but I sent out emails today to several people to let them know that the freaks are out there posing as me, when I'm here. Strange as it may be in this world right now that we have people that have nothing better to do but hack. And hack. And hack.

So, I call this Freaky Friday! ;)

To all hackers out there screwing with my accounts, please go somewhere else as law enforcement has been notified and working on it as we speak. Security measures have been put in place.

To all readers who have gotten weird emails from "me" lately, so sorry but unfortunately like I said, there are some bored, freaky folks in the world.

Well, back to work.
Till later,
the real, Jennifer Dalenberg 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Midnight Progress on Dutch Proverb sampler

I actually sat still a couple of hours tonight to work on this sampler. I'm loving the Weeks Dye Deep Sea color on the 28 ct Cashel Sand linen!

Midnight progress on a Dutch proverb sillouhette, yet to be named.

Body Guard walked by me and said, "Is that really me?" ;)

Yes, I'm working on your mustache right now...........

Till later,

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Inspiration for a change--a monochromatic design start

Started a new design tonight while catching up on some TV. I designed this piece a month or so ago, inspired by my hubby and a Dutch Proverb. His sillouhette.
I got part of his head done tonight. Solid stitching, monochromatic piece on 28 ct Cashel Sand linen with Weeks Dye Works, Deep Sea (a beautiful blue).

This gives my eyes a bit  of a break with a darker monochromatic color on a lighter linen.
And~~his profile, mustache and all. ;)
The Dutch proverb reads " Agree, agree, for the law is costly".
This will be framed to sit by his usual comfy chair.

I decided to dig out my lap frame that I haven't used in a while. A long while.

Hope your stitchy week is going well and your Wednesday brings some inspiration to make your heart joyful!

Twisted Tuesday---Big and Small

Went camera shopping last night. I'm sighing deeply over which one to get. I do know that my camera is a big deal as well as this little angel that runs the homestead.

Hoping Tuesday brings you joy, peace, and lots of friends and smiles!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Slowing down on Sunday

I can't believe it's already been a week!!! My staycation is almost over and not much stitching at all but got alot of other things done around the homestead.

I almost got the first line done......."when in the night I sleepless lie" from Ann Hill, The Examplary designs.

Have been so busy with deep cleaning that I haven't had time to stitch but it's almost Sunday night and then back to regular schedule of events here....LOL

The lighter colors also slow me down a bit even with my glasses on.

And this one has gotten spoiled, even more spoiled this week with me being home every day!
I got a pic with my camera holding the bottom firmly so the hinge is not warped....LOL

I got alot of sleep in this week. And so did somebody else.

I got some organizing done in my stitching studio/bedroom

I walked past this sampler I'm designing and felt a twinge of guilt that I haven't finished it by now.

I've had alot of playtime to relax and be me!

and managed to drop my camera so the hinge is warped.....but, will make do until later.

And reflected alot on blessings of the local kind here. :0

watched the verdict of the Anthony trial  being read in absolute awe with my buddy here.

realized that our world may be a little twisted but I feel safe at home.

and that making our home a comfortable, cozy nest makes me happy

and growing where we are planted is a journey of itself.

I hope you all had a great week!  Thank you for all the comments and the participation in the giveaway in memory of Caylee!  I hope to show more progress on stitching with the next posting.

However, onward now to finishing up the clutter in my office space. I've filled bags to donate like you wouldn't believe this week. It's a great cleansing of the heart experience.