Thursday, August 28, 2014

Throwback Thursday---A little Sampler Revisited

Blooms in August
designed by Feathers in the Nest

Just a little bright thought of my past creative spirit to a pattern I created back a couple or few years ago in August in memory of my son Aaron. I'm sad to say I haven't stitched this one but it's calling me to do so.

In August, it's always that last heat, the last flowers bloom from the Summer to make room for the beautiful Fall mums and other varieties more favorited for cool weather.

Although it's been posted before, I thought I would repost this year because it's one my favorite samplers that I have designed. Being small in nature, I should start on it and maybe I will now.

 Please use the colors in the design as they have special meaning in this sampler. You can choose any blues or golds/yellows. 

Linen --- of choice

Thank you for keeping copyright guidelines for designers!

I hope you have a great day! Today is nice and sunny and really not too humid for the past couple of days. I'm sure out in the sun, it's pretty warm, like August is usually, but we can sense the change, the ever-so-slight change towards Fall air at night.

 September is right around the corner with promises of new beginnings and opportunities for us all if we seek them.

“Autumn seemed to arrive suddenly that year. The morning of the first September was crisp and golden as an apple.” 
― J.K. RowlingHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My Wednesday Wow!


Old Quilts

Really Old Quilts

I spent the afternoon cleaning out closets and have much more to go at the homestead. I actually have an empty big closet that I can use my imagination with a little. This quilt in the pic is the oldest one I have and I can't tell you how many years it's been loved, for it was bought antique back in the 80's.

I have, since then, bought more old quilts but this one is special because it was the first one I bought antique and has been with me through years.
It's been put to good use and still has more years to go.
Right now the quilt is just one of several on display and at which occasional time, I will change the quilts around on the beds at home.

When I was pregnant with my first son, I literally bundled myself up in it during the last trimester as my need for sleep was about 24-7 for some reason.

Then again, back in the 80's when I bought this old quilt, I even used this for a tablecloth for awhile. I would remove it when it was time to eat, but it really added alot to a country style kitchen I had.

This quilt also has been through raising two kids which both would curl up on the couch or in their room with it or drag it around while they were toddlers.

Ren (my last chi that passed) and Abbie both have tunneled themselves in this big heavy quilt too!

It's been through it's time. 

There are a couple of frayed parts where the cotton batting is seen and I need to fix them because even though it's that worn out, probably about 50 years old now, I can't bear to give it away.

I have never quilted but always admired those who have. I like to read quilter's blogs and stories when I have the time to. I always wanted to knit and finally learned to. I've had this little pull to quilt but I haven't tried any of it........yet.

I think one day, later rather than sooner as life is busy as a bee right now, I will learn some basic quilting.
However, I think it takes a special person, most-talented to make all those cuts and shapes so perfect to make one final product to withstand years and years. 

I'm not sure I'm that person. Geometry was not my favorite subject. (honestly)

Maybe one day when I'm old, I will learn to quilt.

And probably when I do, I will still have this first, old quilt I bought--- before my kids were even born-- at an antique store, and still admire it's aged beauty.

Retired now to a special place on display, the old quilt can be brought down again to wrap it's heavy, comforting thickness around me and it's coziness, warmth and promise will remind me that something so very old, can still bring a lot of happiness on a cool, Fall day.

And I'm SO ready for a Fall day!


May we all strive to be like the old quilt~~~

to be strong
to cover and protect
to warm the heart
to last a good lifetime
during good and bad times
and cherish for hope
~~~~~~~through generations

Till later,

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thursday Thoughts----Joy and Balance

Thursdays are like the feeling of Christmas Eve. You know that Friday is the next day and if you work Monday through Friday you know what I mean by saying it's a joy! ( unless you do not like to go home, which can sometimes be the case and then Monday is the feeling of joy)

How do we keep that same joy that Fridays bring every day? Well, sometimes, it's a challenge, even for those that say they are happy all the time and joyous. We are all human and there are seasons in our life that it is more difficult to express or even find joy, sadly but true.

Joy : a feeling of great pleasure or happiness

Webster puts one word differently in there.  A SOURCE of great happiness.

I think that one word makes a big difference in how our days go whether it be Sunday through Saturdays as we are almost all busy in one way or another in the doing of our lives. Because our lives are pretty much scattered in different areas of service or need, we have to make sure that we seek out the source of great happiness which may be entirely different from me to you or anyone else.

I can think of many sources of great happiness for myself:



comfort food

junkin' for a good buy

time spent with my husband

time spent alone



going to church and time with God

helping others when they can't help themselves

meditating and yoga

listening to music

spending time with loved ones and friends

These are just a few. Each one brings me happiness or is a source of happiness because I connect good memories with it and feel like I'm recharging my busy body and mind.

I literally sing this on somedays in the car to remind myself of the difference. Getting what we need is pretty basic and simple really (most of the time). Getting what we want is an extra and sometimes what we want IS something we need. 

It's during these times that I find that I have to choose one of the SOURCES of happiness to get myself back in the groove of this life journey. I don't know if that works for you but I hope it's some food for thought today. I also have to remind myself that balance in life is the goal. When the balance in our life is not "balanced", it really is reflected in our happiness or joy. Most of the time that's because we do not have time to find a source of joy to balance it all out. I know that has happened to me. I have to choose to say......Wait, wait just a minute.....I must, must try to find some balance here. If I don't, then I know I will be burned out and my choosing a source of joy is limited.

For women in specific, I have in practice as an NP found that (and I am guilty of this myself at times) there is a true lack of balance and not seeking out a source of joy because of being the primary caretakers of the home and just giving and giving and giving of themselves to the point of a major burnout.

This is the conversation:

me:  so what do you do for hobbies or for yourself?

them:   I don't have time for a hobby and I never have time for myself. {{{laughing}}}........that's a joke. I have too much to do.

me:  How is that working for you?

them:   Well, I just need a pill for this feeling of  unhappiness. My husband said I need to get fixed. My family can't stand me.

me:    So, do you think your family/husband could at least once a week watch the kids while you choose something you used to do for happiness?

Then they think real hard and most but not all , unfortunately, say "yes, they probably would, but...but...but...

and then it's but.   

Then we explore things that could be hobbies or ways to find some me-time. You would be surprised at how many people cannot even remember what they liked to do to chill out, so to speak. And sometimes journaling or going for a walk twice a week or music or anything that used to be a source of joy needs to be revisited.

I in no way am suggesting everyone has to choose to slice a bit of time out of their life for themselves and their source to remain balanced if you simply cannot but even if we find the most rewarding part of our life tending to our family 24-7, it's unbalanced and will eventually lead to burnout. I also am not suggesting that medication is not necessary because in some cases it certainly is a helper to many situations and cases; however, for the purpose of this posting, I am trying to express that even with medication, finding joy sources to put into our lives, helps so very much.

And as the sayin' goes.......when mama ain't happy, nobody's happy. : )

So, I hope this gives you thought for Thursday today in some way in order to maybe try to find your own sources of happiness so that you are filled with joy.

Makes a world of difference when we can't always get what we want..............yup I'm singing it.

I'm so thankful that I have stitching and knitting as a couple of those sources. I'm also thankful that while it fills my heart with joy, I can pass that joy to others in all areas of my life in my work or at home.

Romans 15:13

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.