Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Fresh New Start

My pics last night and today are so much clearer. I love the camera. I borrowed the Body Guards's Evidence camera which is pretty darn good for snapping pictures of threads and linen too.........LOL

Ok, ok, I will give it back tomorrow.........LOL Hint: Santa please bring me a camera this year, I have been a good girl, I just know it........

I've gathered my notions and threads that will go on this new piece by The Sampler Girl. It's the Ohio Posey Pinkeep Exclusive. I love the colors. The little shell crosses on the left are not on the pattern but I plan to add 3 of these on the pinkeep. The fabric in a roll on the right is a fat quarter from the Dahlonega Quilt shop called The Common Thread. Fabric is 35 ct Wichelt linen. I found these yesterday, unintentially, but they are made of little shells and in soft colors. Love them.
Paisley fabric from the quilt shop for the backing.

I hope you find a "token of sweetness" in your day today too~~~~~~~

my finish

Jonah's Hornbook
35 ct linen and coffee dyed processing by me
Hornbook from Ebay, color is Ohio Cupboard Blue
threads --DMC
designer---The Sampler Girl
Tanya Marie Anderson
I decided to coffee stain and dab dye with coffee grounds to make it a bit more primitive.
I'm pleased with the results. I decided not to attach the jute around the board but through the hole at the top. I really like how it turned out.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Caution---may cause puppy fever

Please click this link and look at this unique story. You will want to run out and get a puppy, believe me! I know I do.

Oh my gosh, is that the cutest little thing you have ever seen? I'm watching it now while my Ren is yacking for his supper.

Well, back to unloading groceries. Fun, fun.........

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Stitching Progress and Mail Goodies

Berry pick'n is over and the sun is setting in the North Georgia Mountains. Ren is heading on to his blanket for the evening. For me, I'm a night owl, so this is the best time of the day, from now until midnight!

I'm spending lots of time looking at my new goodies I got in the mail from The Sampler Girl! She had a summer sale recently and I couldn't resist it. Can't decide what to stitch next. It's almost like Christmas when patterns come in the mail :0

This is the Ohio Quilt Posey Pinkeep. I stitched one of the Ohio Quilt Poseys from one of the booklets this summer but I got this (with the summer sale of The Sampler Girl) and when I first saw it, I knew this was going to be one I wanted to stitch. Pretty colors. Plain and simple. I just pulled the colors from my stash tonight and substituted Pomegranate for the DMC rose color. There is a story of why I picked this one next that I will share with you when I complete it.

Here's a few others, along with one of the booklets that's always chock full of fun stitching patterns!

The Blue House Sampler is a really cool sampler verse. On her website she wrote this verse which appears on this sampler~~~~~
I live in a cottage and yonder it stands
And while I can work with my honest hands
I'm as happy as those with houses and lands
-sampler verse, 1811
Isn't that sweet?

And finally, this is my stitching progress I just pulled out of my stitching case. This is Jonah's Hornbook from The Sampler Girl's booklet. I tweaked the row I am on now because I had to make the circles symmetrical.....I know that's nuts, but that's the Virgo in me! Just a couple extra stitches......
I am on the last row of A-E-I-O-U and the whale. The blue color is so pretty! Went by a thrift shop to get the jute for the trim on the hornbook and then will put together (cross my fingers, hopefully) tomorrow night. I'm holding my breath that the design is not too big for the hornbook I have. But, I don't think so. I'm batting back and forth the idea of tea staining it. Why? I don't know. I have these flighty thoughts sometimes ;)
Take note of the scissors, these are called the Love scissors because the handles are like hearts. I really, really like them. I used them last night and today with much delight! They fit my fancy as there are alot of hearts in our house.
Ok, now I have enough patterns for about 3 lifetimes and I need to get busy stitching instead of blogging............I have enough now at least until the nursing home........LOL (honestly, this is a joke as I hope I never go to a nursing home) Anyway, hope you are having a stitchy cool summer evening tonight and
stay safe,

Blueberry Pickin'

Lawdy, lawdy! Look at how many blueberries the BodyGuard picked tonight!
I can see that I need to make a cobbler this weekend~~~~or maybe two!!!

My day......

My day,

  • a stitchy lunch with Jonah the whale to the whale part, thank goodness! Color!
  • heat, I mean, real heat of summer, depicted especially as I was rummaging through a thrift shop with no air conditioning at 5 pm today........Wow! It' hot! My feet are swollen.
  • searching through thrift store for jute rope and saw lots of silver and old pictures, and old linens. Wondered what the family was like who shared these old placemats. The kitchen table used to be the social gathering..... use to be
  • cows lounging in a pasture in green, green grass
  • Ren eating bagels with honey nut cream cheese topping.
  • my husband going blueberry pickin' with his basket. Does this mean he wants cobblers? You betcha!
  • Pizza Hut
  • cool air conditioning.....
  • riding with "low fuel" on the car for longer than is comfortable!
  • chatty friends
  • rummaging through old books
  • antihistamines
  • no cooking.......too hot
  • making Christmas plans
  • yellow butterflies
  • woo-hoo.......planning another week off
  • gleaning through all my patterns in the mail!!!
  • new scissors from The Sampler Girl
  • weeds in the front yard
  • roses
  • the hazy mountains
  • the smell of fresh cut grass
  • summer dresses

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Glitch in Blogger

There must be a glitch in the Blogger system tonight because I was trying to upload my progress pic for about 30minutes and it just wouldn't upload.
So, I will try again tomorrow. I'm nearly completed it. Stitched about 3 hours this evening.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fun Day with Dot

Here is my friend, Dot. My best friend. She is the most spirited, positive person in the world. We went to the Chinese Restaurant for lunch and afterward took a stroll through a gift shop. I got a co-worker a birthday gift there.
Dot is the woman of wisdom. She is fun to be with, and makes me laugh and just have fun!
Dot has a been there, done that attitude with the experience behind it. Look at her with her matching flip flops and shirt! LOL

Her favorite phrase is "OH MY LANDS"
I feel its a blessing to have her as a friend.
I hope you all have that special friend who you can talk to, enjoy lunch with, and share life.
We have those heart to heart conversations that some folks are just not comfortable with.
She never had a daughter, has 2 sons and really thinks of me as a daughter. I need that and she needs that and so we have a good time together.

Progress on Jonah and a lazy morning

Woke this morning by the sound of the phone and that usually jars me tremendously with Brandon being in Afghanistan.

After I woke and said "hello" in a very sleepy voice, I heard my friend Dot, who is almost 76 years old and energetic as ever, proceed to tell me that she had been up since 7:30am and ordered dishes out of the Penney's catalog.......3 sets mind you........and planned our day today............our day........Bless her heart, she called me last night and found out today was my week day off and she has been thinking where we could go for lunch since then. She wouldn't tell me last night because she is a firm believer in not making plans! LOL

But I had an inkling she would call back today.

So, after she talked about all the restaurants we could go to in a 40 mile radius then I was happy she decided on a more local one, as commuting to work every day will bring out the homebody in anyone!

I'm up and perculating my coffee and guess what I see when I peep out the front porch window? Look at this sweet cat. I was surprised the pic took through the glass but it did. He is the sweet baby in the morning and the lion at night. LOL

Now, this is the dog's pallet we got for them a while back. Its a whopping 50 inches but Thomas laid claim to it and its been his ever since. This is one of his front porch spots and he will just swat at Raven and Ruby if they even think they can use it!

My breakfast of Blackberry Pomegranate yogurt, to tide me over until the big lunch in a couple of hours. This is the first time I tried this flavor and its pretty darn good, minus the seeds.

This is the best sight in the world when I wake up.

Hmmm, wish you were here and I would pour you a cup too.

Here is my progress on Jonah. I had to frog the W and do over again; otherwise I"m well into Part 2 and should be at the finish line soon. Can't wait to get to the blue whale!

Well, I better get up and Adam here and get ready for lunch. If I have just half the energy Dot has at 75 then I will be just fine! I'm sure she has some words of wisdom for me today.....we'll see. Will talk later!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

I was in a good mood until.........

Well, everything was absolutely wonderful today, cleaning up and getting all the mountains of laundry done, as I had the day to myself.......or so I thought.......Ren reminded me gently that he was still here as he left poop on my freshly washed and dried heart rug........oh, and the face after I stepped into it would have been a little too much to put here..........LOL
Oh well, back to cleaning and laundry and running up and down 2 flights of stairs in the process! I'm reminded of a phrase on The Prairie Women's Blog........kinda funny..........she says "Don't hate, appreciate".

Sunday morning, the best

Sunday mornings are the best when I remembered the night before to make lunch in the slow cooker. This is a wee one. I love it just for the two of us, it's a perfect size. Problem is this........I slept late.....really late and so we will have pork chop stew instead.
I put in 3 really thick boneless pork chops and 1 whole sweet Vidalia onion, large size, some Lawreys seasoning salt and coarse black pepper.

And my coffee is ready now.........I think I will make it to the perculator!

And my final thoughts while I sip my coffee Brandon safe right now? Is he terribly hot? Is he drinking enough water? Will he be ok today? and finally, Brandon, I love you.