Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sew Thankful to be Almost Finished with the City Shawl

Since taking a class online in December, I have really loved alot of Stephanie Japel's patterns. She is a great instructor and designer. Some of her patterns are free. I did splurge last month and got the pattern for this City Shawl on Ravelry, inspired by my visit to Washington, DC for a work meeting.
This is where I found the yarn shop Looped!
I just finished binding off!!!!! What a happy dance since this is going to block 7 ft x 3 ft.
There are sections of lace, big lace and garter sections which will be blocked out with the help of Mr. Darcy this weekend.
This morning I was on a mission to finish this to Bind off stage.
The yarn is from Bumbleberries in Clarkesville, Ga.
(3) 100 yard balls of yarn used. This yarn is considered bulky and I used a number 11/36 ft circular needle.

This is Universal Yarn, Inc. fiber. It does have a slight tweed in it that made the K2tog's difficult at times; however I love the result.
I can see this with a white long sleeve T shrt and jeans in about September here!
This is the stage I'm at and next I will weave in the ends. Then off to a mild handwash and wet block it on my blocking board that my hubbie made for me. This should block really large.
I had been using the dining room table for pics but it was too big to show the whole shawl, so here goes:

It all started with one stitch!

The bind off was loose. I will be so happy to block and really open up te lacy part.

Remember the mess when I frogged out this and started with this new pattern?  All in a shawl now!

Needless to say, I love it and can't wait to the final finishing.

As far as other homesteading here, we had a week of daily rain followed by a few days now of sun and it's so refreshing to open the windows and let in some fresh air. Mother's Day gifties have been sent and I hope they like them. I made them with my heart in hand.
After this, I'm hoping to organize my "studio" of which I will show you pics later. Right now, there are 2 tables in it, waiting for a stitch group to form, after much cleaning out of stash. I feel blessed to have this space and I have much cross stitching, buttons, threads, patterns, and such to organize.
Oh. And yarn. :)
I hope you have a beautiful Mother's Day tomorrow. Miss Abigail says she loves her mommy!!!

I love reading your comments and I so thank you to all readers who take a part of their day to see what's happening here on Fox Mountain. 


Friday, May 10, 2013

Just FYI for nest feather planning

 Hey ya'll!

What a week in the North Ga mountains and so glad it's Friday!

Just some housekeeping shortly and later I will put some pics on of progress, the homestead and such......anyhoo, the Nest Feathers Shoppe will be in business again. I looked at my blog and saw that I ended on Mother's Day 2011. WOW! 2 years. But, I will be putting some neat things for you to use doing your crafting or antiquing.

I'm mixed between where I'm going to put my designs that are not freebies. Stay-tuned. I have decided that I will be my own model stitcher and put my hands to work and heart to God with my talents to share with others. So designing will be increasing and I'm already working on one from a request from Matthew (in the Bible). I love knitting and will continue and balance out my needlework better.

I have a request for an order for some ribbon on the blog and just noticed it. So sorry..........but definitely will  fill orders and using Paypal only.

I just feel the hand of God moving me in this direction to use my talents right now in my life. With the full support of Mr. Darcy's encouragement, I can't be happier.

I will get a tag on the side bar later for you to click on to check out my Nest Feathers Shoppe in the coming days. Then when items are sold you can see that the amount changes at the bottom of the post.

I hope you are having a great Friday and until more info and later.........................................stay cool!


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Coming Undone

A new start but put to the side right now to finish a shawl. I couldn't help but see what this feather and fan lace design would look like in BLUEBERY JAM in Universal Yarns, Inc. BATIK, 100% cotton yarn.
I love the variations of color. Just like Blueberry jam.
I'm using number 10 needles, not my faves but will work here. I would love to have Knit Pics Dreamsz straights in 10.
But knitting onward to see the effect, I put it to the side to work on my shawl I had started.
I eventually had to TINK the entire project and made a mess on the dining room table but found a Stefanie Japel pattern on Ravelry to restart.
I am on row 50 and it's getting even almost too long for a 26 inch cable # 11 needles. So,
I hope to get me a pair of 40 inch as this shawl is approximately 7 feet by 3 feet UNBLOCKED.
You can find the pattern on Ravelry. It's called City Shawl, by Stephanie Japel.
Coming undone.
Starting anew with only one stitch cast on.

at 50 rows now. Hoping this will block into a much wider shawl as I go.

The second section is beautiful with color.
Working on the dining room table. I'm so glad I don't have any visitors now for eats.

It's all in the process, isn't it?  Definitely, helps my stress AND creates something wearable.
And so in keeping with that thought, I will watch my undone yarn become a new shawl. Hopefully without as many mistakes as the other one.
Purl of Wisdom~~~Never tire of creating something beautiful from something that had way too many mistakes in it. Just start over. It's the process of creating that brings joy.
Sew thankful,