Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ready for a Long Winter's Nap

Ren is tucked in for the night, fresh blanket after his late supper. He had to settle for dog food tonight and so he is pouting just a little.
Today I actually had enough time to take a lunch out of the office and I needed it so I drove over to Books a Million and rummaged through some books, had a cookie and large Cafe Mocha. There is just something relaxing about reading and going through book stores. I finally resorted to getting the Jane Austen novels which are all in one book. The cafe mocha was GREAT! The only thing -- I asked for decaf but I think they made me fully leaded caffeine because I was zipping around pretty fast this afternoon. But I"m winding down now.......well.....I actually should be as it is after midnight. I heard that we may get a big snow on Monday or Tuesday. Hmm, that would make some good Jane Austen reading.....................................Here's wishing and hoping for a blizzard of 5-6 inches.

Friday, January 30, 2009

The Dance Video

I think that this video explains it all here.

A Silent Reprieve

And here's Jackie in her younger days.......looking like she had no cares in the world.........

Today at work I was looking through a microscope and hearing the song from Garth Brooks "The Dance". The radio was on and all through the mumble of people talking about so many things, I stopped just one minute and listened to the song "The Dance" and then resumed my peaking position into the microscope. The song is so moving to me that I couldn't even concentrate. I had to stop for just 1 minute and remember. It was a silent reprieve in my busy day and nobody even noticed.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ren and Me

A little fun with Ren tonight!

An American Hero

Matthew meaning "a gift from God"
and Brandon meaning "beacon hill". This name was picked meticulously and for this very reason.
We are very proud!!!! Keep up the good work, Brandon!!!!!

A Gray Day

I'm so looking forward to my day off this week already. Its only Tuesday? Oh my goodness. Music, stitching, reading.....something to distract from the news and daily chatter of lay-offs and economic crisis. I like to keep up with the news now every day. I know the media likes to report the negative; however, we just have to keep up with the current events. I just love Glen Beck's shows and while I was cooking up some quick supper tonight I listened to one of Glen Beck's new shows. He now comes on at 5-6p so its hard to get him daily but today he is talking about all the Obama Drama and obviously he must be Republican! Gosh, looking at this......what kinds of folks have we voted in at Washington? Blagojevich's interview with Beck was interesting.
The Caley Anthony case is another thing Phil and I like to follow every night. Its just so sad that Grandpa George is not dealing well. But, I mean.....who wouldn't? The situation is just terrible. The poor girl is still at the funeral home and not even laid to rest!

There is so much pain in the world. It is so nice to come home and just retreat from all the craziness and pain. Some days I feel like a little sponge, just absorbing all the pain.
Tomorrow is Wednesday and almost January gone by! Valentines Day is peeping around the corner. I have a little project I need to be doing that is for Valentines, so I will probably take a break on my Dutch Alphabet sampler and start the Valentines one. I will try to post a pic on my start. I do have to get some tiny little heart buttons somewhere pretty soon to attach to it.

It was another gray day in North Georgia. I'm beginning to feel like the sun will never shine again. I can think of colors of fabric as I look through my family room window. I think of "Confederate Gray" as the gray skies are turning to dark............................ it's a beautiful linen color but such a sad sky.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Coraline: The Other Mother's Workshop - Button Your Eyes

Coraline: The Other Mother's Workshop - Button Your Eyes

Coraline: The Other Mother's Workshop - Button Your Eyes

Coraline: The Other Mother's Workshop - Button Your Eyes

Let There Be Peace on Earth....and let it begin with ME!

Don't let those dog biscuits fool ya.....those are for the labs. Ren, no Ren won't eat dog biscuits......he prefers his hot and buttery from the oven! LOL

I am the ruler of this couch and that is that!

"But I can be sweet for this one shot in exchange for a piece of toast with butter"
This morning Ren took some glamerous shots with my new pillow, a peace pillow I got in Pigeon Forge. It says Peace in your home...your the world.

He says that everyone should be happy with simple pleasures such as bones, leftovers, and warm winter sweaters. We have to spell the word "T-R-E-A-T" unless we are ready to go give him one!

He has been working hard for all his photo shoots so he is ready to take a nap now.

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The Road Not Taken - - Poetry, Poems, Bios & More


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