Monday, August 31, 2009

Hoping for Fall soon

Coffee, anyone? Chocolate Velvet for me this morning.
Ren is still turbaned up from the night. He hasn't let me know he needs to go out but he will when he hears the coffee going (I think he just smells it, his hearing is almost gone). Otherwise, I will let sleeping dogs lie, or so the saying goes, or he will be a grumpy little man and growl at me.

Thomas is practicing his lion skills here. He doesn't care what kind of weather it is.

For me, Fall is my most favorite time of year, always has been, always will. So, it's so very close. I've kinda got a few things ready around the house and plan to use the rest of my Staycation to bring out my other Fall decor. Mulled cidar tea light candles just sets the mood....for Fall.

And my most favorite coffee cup here. It's about 10 years old but the words are still true.

My morning coffee is ready. I perked some Chocolate Velvet Decaf this morning. Smells heavenly in the house now. Let's keep the nerves settled! LOL This makes me want to bake a Chocolate Pound cake...............

This fabric will be another working project this week. I loved the colors. I'm going to make something simple to go on the porch, just enough to add a Fallish flair.

While I'm stirring around and about the house, I will sing, Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come back another Day.............
Have a good Monday, my friends!
Talk later,


  1. Do you ever let Ren have coffee. Our first, Pepsi-dog, loved my coffee!

    Pour a cup for me ;)

  2. Hi, Parsley!
    Ren has drank coffee before. My coffee, accidentally if I put the cup on the floor by my chair. He drank it up. Thank goodness it was decaf. Did your Pepsi dog drink regular or decaf?

  3. My Teagan is a turban sleeper...burrowing pooch's are funny :)
    Your home sounds awesome and so does your coffee...I partook of Kona Blend this morning :) and I joined the My Lady's Quaker SAL....are you there? :)

    Have a wonderful first day of your staycation...and I am praying for the rest of the week to be filled with blue skys and sunshine :)



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