Thursday, December 31, 2009

Color therapy

I'm loving this cleaning up the Christmas decorations for two reasons. I can pack the remainder of gifts for those loved ones who chose not to contact at Christmas and release them to the Postmaster today, with all the negative energy just dissipating and also regain some order to the house. I used to blame it on the kids. Now, it's not, it's just plain me and my hubbie that caused the messiness!

I plan to spend New Year's Eve with my favorite companion and kiss at midnight. How about you? How are spending your New Year's Eve?

In a snowy bliss? All comfy and cozy?

I'm cleaning and looking throught the stack of colors on my kitchen island that collected during the holidays. Some obtained this past week and planning for Spring stitches.

BG took the tree down and now we have room. I'm going to reaarange the Dining area in a fashion that permits this chair I brought up from the basement. I got this at an auction this year and I fell in love with it right here in the family room.

I've got a glass of wine and relaxing to an oldies on a CD called "Embraceable You" and sipping on my wine in front of this is my kind of therapy besides color.

I left Thomas ornament on the snow hanger for just another month or so. He insisted this morning as he was drinking his milk and heading out the door.
Up in the stairwell is plenty of color therapy.

And soft, warm flannel cloth.

And these cats waiting for a blanket to be made for the front porch swing, Thomas's sunspot from 12noon till......5ish.
And more material to look at.

I'm dreaming of all the stitching projects with these this year, 2010.

Can you believe this came from Walmart of all places, in the town of Pigeon Forge, Tenn. where stitching departments still exist.

I can visualize spring lavender sprigs with this. Oh, I'm longing for Spring already.

I better snap out of this trance of wine and color therapy, and fireplace warmth to get ready for a date with my hubbie tonight. He is the one I will kiss at midnight and if he has his way, will shoot his gun as the usual tradition at midnight.

Anybody do that at New Year's Eve midnight?

As I write, I have my Love to Keep me Warm, song is playing on the CD in old-time radio style.......funny indeed~what will I wear tonight? Oh, this is certainly a girlie thing.

Have a great Evening with your sweetie.


Good morning, New Year's Eve.

Lighting my fave candle of the holidays from Bath and Body Works, Frosted Cranberry. I promise you it's a great fragrance for cabin fever. It calms the mind. It calms the spirit and believe me, working with my computer right now with an ailing cord, I need calming. Good thing we found the warranty. Oh, but the withdrawals from it........

I stayed up too late. I only slept 5 hours and now it's showing. Where's the coffee?

Peaking out the window to see that the snow is turning to slushy snow and we are praying it dissipates before tonight because we have New Year's Eve reservations at a restaurant and if this refreezes, the ride will be treacherous. I know you all from the North parts of the US are laughing. Yes, only 1 inch of snow will shut the whole area down! ;)

Raven and Ruby had fun crunching in the show on the side porch last night.
Labs love cold weather! Labs love wet weather! And just put the two together and they are grinning in glee.

Hurry, hurry if you want to sled because it's melting. I put this out every winter. A friend at work gave me this years ago when Brandon and Meghan were still in the nest. I loved it! It reminds me of them when they were about this age. In South Ga. we had very few snows but in some ways it reminds me of them, close in age.

Ok, I think my oatmeal is ready. The butter is melting and it's Strawberry Cream oatmeal time with some news and coffee, my basic daily staples.

Well, I just have to put the little heel on the Blackbird Design stocking and then pick a backing fabric. Their finishing instructions use fusing material and I think I'm going to leave them open in case I want to tuck a sprig of lavender or such in them. We'll see how my creative spirit takes me today.
Stay safe and warm.

New Year's Eve stitching

The snow came down and coated a good inch of the pretty stuff.

While inside I worked on this...............

Blackbird Design--January stockings

30 Ct R & R Old Town Blend linen

Gentle Art threads, Old Black Crow and Cherry Bark

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My loot from the road trip

Waking up this morning with Miss Abbie, so tired from our trip. Ren is home now and he had his
cheerios in the mornings and a dryer-warmed blanket each night as the vet said. Ren has really
captured the hearts of our vet over the past 8 years. Our vet listened to his heart with his
stethoscope and he looked up at me and said, "Every day is a good day for little Ren" ;)
So, unpacking the loot I got along the way. Here is some new 32 count Belfast linen.

And because the cross stitch shop displayed their intricate, beautifully-stitched Blackbird
Design stockings, I made a vow to make these throughout the year for next year. The tiny little
stockings are so incredibly cute. I got the January booklet.

With the 3 pieces of linen already precut small for the individual stockings.

I got a pack of Piecemakers needles in size 26. I've heard alot of good things about these needles
through reading different blogs and so I'm going to try a pack.

And at a thrift store, I got a 1936 old copy of Gone with the Wind. I've never owned a copy and I
love the book so much, I was pleased with the find to add to my little library downstairs.

At the old General store in Sylva, Vera Bradly had a 40% off their "Frill Collection" and as you
can see why the name, Frill. Very bright stuff but I loved it.
This little pack could double as a scissor case.
And this little zip up bag which inserts into a notebook would be great to carry to work for lunch
hours small stitching.

Yes, this is really shiney and red! I'm a girlie girl though.

Definitely will need a solid outfit with this purse.

I will be stylin' though. LOL

Now, this, my friends, is really a put-together system that I found in a store and it's really for
jewelry. This store had alot of inserts to boxes with clear tops and anything and everything
including tags to attach to jewelry if you make beads, earrings, etc.
My mind immediately went to .......OMG, I can store my precious silk floss in these, so I put
together a case for my silks. I have only 4 silk flosses as they are quite costly but now I can put
this with my DMC wooden box for organization. Gosh, did I say organizing? That's so not
me! :0

Love it. I got a pad piece that goes in the middle to give me 2 layers, a possibility to keep 16
flosses in this box.

While I don't have very few silks, I know a place now that I can add to another box if I attain
more silks. Or When I attain more silks.

I got this blanket on a discount table for this chair. It's crocheted in beautiful mauves and pinks
which compliments this room and feels oh so comfy and cozy.

At the cross stitch store, got me a copy of this magazine which I thoroughly enjoyed reading
about thinbles and the origins, history, etc.

A few special threads I needed.

And for 99cents each, these pillow covers.

I liked them because they would be great to attach a stitched piece on the front with lovely
buttons and it has a zippered back. I got 2 navy ones and 1 williamsburg blue one.

Deb, I thought of you when I went into an antique store called Memory Lane. I think I got lost in
this place and spent 2 hours there. No flower/scissors frogs out of all the stuff in there. But, I
did get this crystal bowl/vase to hold my large Ginghers.

It's shiny and pretty heavy to hold those special larger scissors.

So, I did get more than I should have on this trip but I'm loving each special one.

I have a "Frosted Cranberry" candle burning now and the family room smells luscious. I'm in my

PJ's still at almost noon and catching a few minutes with CNN. Then I'm off to try to get some

cleaning done. The furbabies are all napping right now, recovering from their journeys.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Part 2--The Road Trip Home

Late last night I did get some stitching time on Northanger Abbey by The Sampler Girl.

I hope to do more in the next couple of days but on the ride there and back I held Abbie so no stitching accomplished during the travel.

We stopped at a couple of shops and old stores and this book I found at an antique store in the middle of some very old books. Copyright 1987. Mostly French sampler motifs and what a charm indeed! I was excited to find this.

A few glimpses inside the book~~~~~~~

Most designs are enlarged enough to stitch. No color coding included here but the first chapter actually encourages replicating these if possible.

Many, many beautiful alphabets to choose from.

Beautiful redwork samplers.

Just wanted to share a pic at random here. We just got home and after Abbie ran around the house erractically, she got quiet and was found here curled on top of my scroll frame canvas case :0

Quickly to retreat back to a lounging position. She is so tired and so am I.

But we truly bonded on our little road trip.

She says, "To know to love me"

We went back through Sylva, N. C., a very cute town with a really cool old general store.

With a large Vera Bradley selection and 40% off sale.

A town that is at the bottom of this bliss~~~~~~

Make sure you honk your horn through this.

And then more of this~~~~~~~

Abbie and me.......taking it all in.

We saw lots of icicles on the side of the mountain.

And there was lots of traffic too. It was very hard to take pictures in a moving vehicle.

But then, at times, there were onlookers who suddenly stopped for a picture and almost caused accidents.

The skies were so beautiful that it was hard to believe that a storm would soon be coming into this area.

But the trip went by too fast and now we are totally pooped out but we have several more days to between laundry and taking down Christmas decorations.

I also will be inserting the CD that came with my camera to read the directions on how to use the camera to get the best pictures. I'm having alot of trouble with many pics turning out more yellow, especially with close-ups.

Another issue is that my laptop, my lifeline, is on the way out. My warranty stops in April 2010 and guess what? I have a connection issue with the cord and the monitor. It blinks now to dim, off and on if I move with the computer. We have to find the warranty tomorrow which means alot of digging through paper work in the basement. I can't live without a computer though, so we will be digging and hopefully find it. This same issue was the demise of my last laptop.

But if I just keep the feeling I got from this view, then tomorrow will be peaceful.


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