Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dancing is the Fun Part

This morning when I looked at the design from The Sampler Girl, called Clara's Christmas Dance 1892 which just released Sept 1 and came in the mail, I immediately thought of this picture of me and my hubbie which has been on the table for 1 year (blushing now) without a frame! This was a moment captured at my nephew's wedding, that I had made into an 8 x 10.
So, I thought to myself, how neat it would be to stitch just the words "I Danced With My Sweetheart" into a pinkeep. Hope I remembered correctly that it was ok with her to sometimes stitch part of a design (Tanya I hope that was ok! ) I plan to stitch the entire design on a larger piece of linen just as designed but excerpted this phrase and stitched the back on with a paisley old blue and Colonial red. This is on 28 ct linen ( a scrap I bought long time ago at a store in Pigeon Forge, TN) and then I used the 2 very old black pins I got out of a scrap bag at an antique store. It was a grab bag of old, old notions). I used Belle Soie Red Fox. I plan to stitch the entire design on a larger piece of fabric with the entire verse nearer to Christmas time.
Some of the best times we had were dancing. We always danced by the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve and I remember even one year while I was in my graduate program and working full time and single, he was kind enough to dance with me at the tune of the printer machine as I was printing off my many papers I had to write for professors!
All in all, some of our fondest memories are dancing. When my nephew got married last year, David, and the pics came back online, I cropped us dancing and got this 8 x 10 made. It needs a frame and that will come in time but I do like it right by our front door. Hopefully it reminds both of us of the good times we have as we pass it, on the way out and on the way in the door. We all have ups and downs, some more dramatic, but this phrase really touched my heart.
Yes, I'm rather chatty this weekend. I'm doing all I can do to not focus on the worsening situation in Afghanistan. I make one mess when I'm creating, stitching and sewing but it does take my mind off some very deep concerns.
Hope you are having a peaceful evening.


  1. Oh Jennifer - that is so sweet!!! How fun to have it next to the photo - makes it so special.

    Tanya :)

  2. Jennifer, this picture and your stitching looks simply lovely together. It gives one a warm feeling when looking at it.
    Wishing you also a peaceful evening :)

  3. What a wonderful thing to make for your photo. It looks great. I hope you will always find your stitching gives you a happy escape from thoughts and cares.

    Hugs ~

  4. I love your picture and your pin cushion, both made me smile. That body guard f yours in a keeper, and you make such a gorgeous couple!

    I am sending you lots of hugs, kiddo, and I will keep your boy in prayer for safety as well as those around him.

    Hugs and a listening ear :)

  5. Thanks so much for the sweet comments!
    Thanks Karyn for the prayers.

  6. I love that pillow! It's perfect displayed with your photo :)

  7. Your husband looks like Dr. Phil...I thought Oh look Jennifer is dancing with Dr. Phil :)
    LOL! I'm *blushing* now :)

  8. You are so funny Vonna! Oh my, if you only knew........LOL
    Yep, he and I have been dancing for awhile now......shhhhh......don't tell Robin, ok? LOL


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