Saturday, October 2, 2010

Copyright and needlework

(Designer for the above is Little House Needleworks, Always and Forever sampler one of my finishes

I came across this blog that actually addresses copyright issues in the needlework industry. As a newbie, designing is something that takes time, patience, thought and I would like to do what I can to make sure that copyright law is kept. 

Read about it here

Interesting reading and one of my greatest fears in designing would be to not realize a certain design is out in the world already created. I would definitely want to know if this happens because I abide by copyright law and wouldn't want that happening to myself either.

Even if you are not a designer, you may want to check out this blogspot. Good information.

Candy Corn ornie

Candy Corn

designed by Feathers in the Nest
copyright 2010

As requested, a candy corn ornie!
Uses DMC white, black, and Week's Dye Works Squash and Pumpkin.

81H x 44W
fabric of choice

Halloween Chocolates freebie

Halloween Chocolates sampler

Designed by Feathers in the Nest

copyright 2010

There's nothing better than chocolates on Halloween......well, except candy corn!

Here's a little one to stitch on any kind of fabric, maybe as a pinkeep for the chocolates basket.

I suggest any vintagey fabric which will contrast with the deep and lighter brown colors.

Suggested colors are:

the pumpkin.......WDW Pumpkin

the heart symbol and green .......................WDW Kudzu

the darker chocolate colors..........GA Dark Chocolate

the lighter chocolate color.......GA Fudge Ripple

Hope you enjoy!

If you stitch, please reference Feathers in the Nest, as well as keep the chart as close to the design as possible so that it will respresent my work.

Thanks so much for your understanding and now go and stock those candy baskets and get ready for some trick or treaters. I miss that so much. We haven't had one since we moved to the boonies but before at my old house, we had the most in town!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

An Honor accepted today to stitch for DV awareness event in Australia November 23

Where did September fly?  I looked at the calender to see October 1 tomorrow and gasped. My goodness how it's flown by!

I have haulted work on 2 other samplers to stitch a design I finished last week for October's Domestic Violence Awareness month. In the US, we bring this awareness in October. For Australia, November is the month and white is the color, as contrast to US, purple.

Today I accepted an honor invitation to stitch and frame my own design for DV awareness I named Forever Hope 1819. I must get busy on it because I have to mail to Australia for a DV coalition awareness day on November 23rd. The sampler I designed is on a subject that is close to my heart......stilll and will forever be as a  women's advocate. (I know there are men who are in the same position and I do not mean to stereotype here, but there are many more women across the world so for simplicity will refer to women).

My finished sampler will be on display, along with survivor history and brief commentary, Feathers in the Nest and words of hope for 1 of 3 women world-wide in their lifetime who will be a victim at some point in their lives.

I really, really feel honored for such a request and do so appreciate it. I hope to share with you steps of the way.

First step is collecting my basic colors and I have spent the afternoon choosing the fabric. Here is the pallette:

Now for a fabric choice that would show the lighter gold as well as complement the purple shades.

Any suggestions?

Thursday is not thrifty nor is it during the day....

Music has come a long way..........

Yep, I'm IPHONE crazy now, in the honeymoon phase of playing with the IPOD part. I also have used the calender to assist with all the crazy changes in site change in the next month so I want show up in the wrong place at the wrong time. I added the apps for Facebook and Twitter and played with that. Played 350 songs over 5 hours and reminensced, cried at some and just felt better.

 I believe music is the direct hot sync to your soul....or it is mine. I LOVE MUSIC!

Can't believe I took this long to learn I tunes and IPOD ing. I want to take it to work and play songs now.

I stitched a few in the car at lunch for 30 minutes. The weather was beautiful then but about the time I left a huge rainstorm set in and it is raining on our tin roof. Cool enough to make a fire tonight in the fireplace and sit and try to learn all this knew technology.

I feel a twing of guilt for getting such toys but even though not thrifty, they sure are soul soothers and useful for people on the go.

I am very pleased with the Sony docking station from Walmart too. Sounds almost like a Bose. I know I will get every penny of enjoyment out of it while stitching, reading and cooking.

Abbie and me jammed at alot of songs I had in my old laptop I had forgot about through Lime wire. I was surprised it synced to the phone. I guess the funniest was
"My Give a Damn is Busted". That made it a party then.  LOL

Seriously, I paid on Itunes for 2 albums, one is a Violin concerto for 1 hour and it is something else soothing.
Then I picked out some old rock and 1 alternative to add and with the Limewire I have 350 + songs on my phone.

Gosh it will help me not have to load around a calender, papers, adresses, and keep me in touch with all you beautiful people out in Blogland.

Hope your Wed. went well. I think at 2am, I should hit the sack.

Lately I am having these continuing dreams of zooming around the globe....really strange. No telling what tonight will bring.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Twisted Tuesday

In the rush of life, and trying to find the time to go outside the survival mode, I'm looking about like Abbie right now.

 She was found here last night when she thought she could go up the stairs evidently. She looked up and down and then at me, like, "well?  hep me hep me!"

and again

This is not Uncle Paul's house, Abbie!  Yep, this is steeper stairs with no carpet and it's tough when caught in the middle.

She and I are thinking alike this week many times.

She has been all the way up to stair 15 but can't go back down them.
So another gate is in order soon as she would get hurt falling down these.

Once she was found in the guest bedroom under the bed----upstairs. She expects treatment as a house guest!

And so goes my progress with this sampler from the Sampler Girl. Going Away with Jane Austen.

Almost there. The crown I changed color to CC Sassy Brass that I had on hand.

I will have to say this has been carried with me alot this week and not able to put any stitches in it till today. After work, went to the nail salon to get my toesies done and I honestly took the folder organizer in my tote. A first for me to take into a nail salon-- cross stitching in a vibrating, massaging chair. All the girls ran over to see my progress, one by one.

I don't think they understood me when I tried to tell them that cross stitching is a sanity saver.
I popped it out of my Qsnap frame to show them and they were so interested that I almost started a stitching group, right there, with polish on toes, separated by bright yellow flipflops. They even were wanting me to show them my stitching folder/tote where the colors were and so I did and they smiled, giggled and said things that I probably am glad I didn't understand.....LOL

They didn't ask me what "dalla" it was, I thought that was coming next but my feet were so appreciative of the luxury of feet grooming.

Also floss colors came very quickly in the mail. It's amazing how fast they came in the mail!

Abbie says she likes her new fall colors with plum. Did I tell you she HAD to have this fleece hoodie?
The weather is a bit cooler for her at night and she loves it!

I splurged with one of the purple colors by CC Belle Soie Empress

It as soft as buttah

When I get finished with Going Away with Jane, I'm going to dig into a Domestic Violence awareness sampler with some of these purple colors.

In order to get this and work and maintain health and sanity........I have to frequently give her a favorite chewie as she has lost 2 more baby teeth and chewing her "dingie wingies" pretty steadily. But, better that than my stash. patterns. She did officially eat part of a Sampler Girl pattern before and now that she is teething........well.........had to get more chewies today.

And I got my Kindle today!!!!!!!  I so hope the read-to feature is working well. I'm behind on my stitching and my love to read has taken the lead lately. With this, maybe I can listen to audio books!!!!!!!

Just taking one step at a time. I may be going in this direction.

or this direction

But whatever every day's direction is, I hope it's 2 steps forward and 1 step back instead of the reverse.
So much change right now, sleeping very little, but I'm glad to have the Kindle with me to read or listen-to.

Hope your heading into mid-week is going well.

So, where is the oddest place YOU have stitched before?

a nail salon? (I don't recommend it in the vibrating chair)  ;)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Creativity block

Unfortunately, due to work and home issues, I have had a creativity block. It's like writer's block and I'm hoping it comes back soon because that's the only thing I've ever done in life that is considered ok by the ones I thought loved me. It's hard to be superwoman. I only wish I was in this house alone without hearing I ruined their life a hundred times and never do chores. It gets old. It's much better to be alone than lonely. So, I will have to take my focus off designing and cross stitching and to trying to clean house better and being a better person at work. Oh sweet to meet the needs of others all the time. Funny how I thought I counted somewhere. With a three story house and a job from a hot place that may be a long time.

Till later,