Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Feather of Grief and Pain

I believe there are certain life changing events and one is the loss of a child through death, no matter what age. It's just so overwhelmingly painful and it creates a deep pain that can be revisited forever. I know because this happened to me years ago. In my career, I also have occasion to see the devastation when someone hears the news. People ask me sometimes what are the hardest parts of my job and I will have to say this is right there close to #1. Maybe because I do revisit the pain, maybe because I can truly empathize........yesterday was one of those days............

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone is having a good Easter!!!! This is my first day of "Feathers in the Nest"--
this blog is designed to be a reprieve and it's mission is to add something inspirational each day, especially for parents whose children have "left the nest", so to speak!!!! I won't dare say "empty nest"!! LOL
I live in the North Georgia mountains and hobbies include stitching, reading, and rummaging through antique stores to find treasures for our home.
I love to walk in the mountains (don't like the snakes in the summer) but LOVE the mountains. I hope to put some pics on the blog soon.
Easter is a time for new beginnings. Its amazing to me how much holidays or anniverseries still prompt long-ago memories and it probably will stay with us forever.