Thursday, March 1, 2012

Miss Abigail announces Spring is here today!

yup!  76 degrees, sunny and dry. No rain. WOW! Such a blessing from all those rainy dark days we had this Winter.

 Got several trips planned in the next 6 weeks so Miss Abbie got her Easter "basket" early.

She's checking it out.

Just had a bath and she is brushed and groomed.

She seems to like her new stuff and is checking out her toy.

She is totally relaxed listening to a solo piano CD with me today.

She's a girlie, girl.

And 20 minutes later, she is found on her old blanket that needs washing.......WHA?


She is content.

Still getting lots of entries for the March 5th drawing for the Ginghers TESSA limited ed. scissors!!!

Thank you to all who share with me here.
Mean alot to Abbie and me.

Till later,

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ye Old Irish Love sampler

Ye Olde Irish Love Sampler

designed by Feathers in the Nest 2011

colors and linen of choice

Hope you are doing well and thanks to all who are putting their name in the pot for those Tessa Ginghers! They just arrived in the mail Friday. There's still a week left to add to it if you would like.

Since Friday night, I have been in the bed with the flu, really bad. I guess my shot didn't work this year. I've had tha happen one other time and it's definitely not been a fun time since then.
I"m about maxed on the Tylenol each day, I think. Yesterday, I didn't even raise my head out of the bed so this morning I did wake and thought I would put something special for you here as the year is going on by and St. Paddy's is close for sure.
I love St. Patrick's. I've always wanted to go to Savannah on St. Paddy's but have never.

This year I will be on a trip during St. Paddy's but not to Savannah ;P

Well, back to bed and more rest. At least I can swallow and breathe today. :)

If you do stitch this one up, send me a copy of the pic and I"ll show on the blog.

God bless you,


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