Friday, December 31, 2010

New Black Crowes

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Abigail's Christmas Morning finished

Abigail's Christmas Morning

copyright 2010

Feathers in the Nest

28 count Cashel Cherub Pink linen

Fibers: Crescent Colors

Buttons and cookie cutouts from Hobby Lobby and Joanne's

Wood beadboard frame from Joanne's Fabrics

Framed by Me and Thee

Well, we have spent the day finishing the finishes and taking down Christmas stuff. I usually do that soon after Christmas is over and got my desk now cozied up to the fire so I can chat with you, my friends!  : )

The fire feels so good. Hubbie has done an excellent job at putting down the liner and the stair treads. The matching 2 x 3 rugs for the top and bottom of stairs are on backorder. Can't wait. But here's a sneak peak. I thought Abbie would high-tail it up the stairs now but she still is leary with 3 steps.

Take a peekie from the top:

Stair treads from Yankee Sturbridge Workshop ( a new addiction)

This is the black multi.

BG did a good job with putting the liners and the treads on!

The 2 x 3 rugs to match for the landing up and down stairs are on backorder  :(

Anyways Abbie took a peek:

We were at the top calling her. But I don't think she is going to do this many stairs.
She just looked at us like we had 10 heads.

Nope, 2 stairs and on the way down.

Well, this is one accomplishment this weekend. BG has been vacuuming upstairs and cleaning out for the delivery truck for the new beds which could be tomorrow or 3 weeks from today.

Christmas morning was nice. I got way too much and somebody else who's name starts with an A did too.

notice the feet, and who do they look like????

Honestly, I didn't notice this until I bought this toy. Honestly.

Her Uncle Paul, said this is beyond spoiled. You think?

And again, I didn't intentionally realize this until I looked closer but don't you think this bow looks samplery looking?>>

And treats galore

Of course, snowman is her favorite. The carrot nose intrigues her.

XXSmall doggie T's

And after all that, she was even sweet, nose to nose, with Thomas at the door. She's NEVER done that.

Then we opened our gifts.

Just found out she completely shredded the pillow and chair pad I got from Yankee Sturbridge (shown in earlier posts). BG put them on the sofa instead of in the box where I had them.   Abbie I guess decided to shred them. I think I'm sick to my stomach now.

Carry on.

The Christmas spirit is still here at the homestead

Mario and me last week during Christmas shopping at the Mall of Georgia

Well today I got to sleep in again and it was wonderful. Warm bed and snow on the ground outside to wake up to. The temps are going to be high  of 33 so not much will melt, maybe.
These joints and bones though are not going to be building a snow man today. I cooked an 8 lb ham yesterday and it was GOOD! Enjoying brunch now with a cuppa tea to go with.

Nesting is in order today. Last night, I finished the Abigail's Christmas Morning sampler and the house was such a mess, couldn't find my large sewing scissors to trim the fabric. So, plan to delve into finding those again after my caffeine fix. When that's finished Body Guard and I have 13 stair treads to put down and to cut the liners to go under them so we won't fall. I can't wait to see it!

I'm always working on something around the house. Hoping our bedroom stuff comes in by the next couple of weeks because we are having company and I would love to have the house together.

Santa was up last night packing boxes out to send as the kids didn't show up or even call. I hope they had a great Christmas and their goodies will go out tomorrow in the mail. HO HO HO!

I started this weekend stitching one of my own freebies and found an error, so I will correct the pattern when finished. I think it's going to be a cute one.  :)

Now onward to cleaning and decluttering.........wish me luck with putting down new stair treads with hubbie today. Home improvement projects are just so much fun for me.......NOT for him though.   LOL

This weekend went by toooooo fast.

Amazing Grace,