Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Flashback

Today the Friday Flashback only reflects to this week as I am taking one day at a time and each day has presented some bad news. Well, let's just say this has ,unfortunately,been kind of a dark week for me personally and work........ I've been so busy at work that I'm totally exhausted tonight. My job is rewarding to some degree but at the same time very draining. By the end of the day after listening to about 25 women talk in detail of their women's health issues, relationship problems, deaths in the family, sexual assault issues, etc, I'm pretty drained. I diagnosed advanced breast cancer in a 30 year old. Very sad.

Today, in the middle of the madness of managing a 13 year old sexual assault case to a chronic pain patient, I got the message that a friend had died suddenly this morning. This was a real shocker and I will be attending a funeral on Sunday.
If all that doesn't take it out of me, then just reading the latest Afghanistan news finishes it off.

As soon as finishing the Be True design on Tuesday, I started stitching one by The Sampler Girl in her Companion Booklet number 3 , On Any Shore With You. The whole piece is in DMC floss on 30 ct antique ivory linen and I'm going to try to follow her instructions in the previous booklet on coffee dab-dying when completed. Oh, I hope that the colors are color-fast and do not run when I put them in coffee! I will take some pics this weekend to post. I have about 1/3 of it completed.

The bright part of my week was receiving the Sampler Girl's Companion Booklet number 4 in the mail with a couple of fabric pieces.

Another piece of good news is that I sold several things on Ebay of which I am now looking at possibly trading for a new sewing machine. Nothing fancy at all. Looking at basic Janomes. I have sold enough on Ebay this past week to get a basic, basic model. Does anyone have a Janome? I had to actually catch my mouth as it dropped open at the upper range of prices for a sewing machine but I really do not need an advanced machine. I'm a little undecided about a basic computer machine vs. basic manual machine. Any comments on machines would be sooooo welcome!

Well, off to bed now. Sleep is calling.

Talk later,


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Be True

Be True
designer---Little House Needleworks
28 ct antique tea linen
Fairbank Mahagony Frame----The Frame Guys/Ebay Store