Friday, May 27, 2011

If you need a really big 2 hours of laughing.......

then, go see this movie....but no's a chickflick for sure/ adult content though.

 I can't even tell you how many times I laughed hard while viewing this movie after work......

The funniest movie. Crazy funny!

It's so funny, you might even go twice. ;p

Welcome Home

Welcome Home
for our kitty

designed by Feathers in the Nest

copyright 2011

Change colors for your kitty and enjoy!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A little addition to the homestead today

Abbie, the big sister, is welcoming her little kittie sister home.....named Flossie Mae. They are adjusting well.

I think she settled down this afternoon. There was a little hissing and such going on for a bit but no fights. ;)

She's 8 weeks old. She had to come home with me this afternoon from the animal shelter. I think she took well to the back porch chaise.......until the big storm came over with lots of thunder and lightening late this evening. Then Ruby charged through....yes, through.....the back porch screen door.......not a pretty sight...

Miss Abigail was not thrilled at first but then after she made sure that Flossie Mae knew who was alpha, she calmed down and watched her.

I think she is praying for strength as cats are not her favorite thing in the world.........XXXXX fingers.

She's really sweet. She slept for 3 hours straight and drank water and ate like she had never had food and water and I know she has, as this shelter is a great one here.

In a couple of weeks she'll assist Thomas with his outside duties and be his companion.

Miss Flossie Mae

New Frame, A Princess Moment almost finished, and pretty color!

Well, I am almost done with A Princess Moment. I have one more line of WDW navy row to stitch on the bottom and then it's framing time. The first frame came in the wrong size but the seller quickly made another one 8 x 12 for this one. A few peaks here before finishing that last row and before framing.

In hopes to finish and frame by midnight tonight!!!

I was hesitant about the gold frame but I think it complements it JUST like I wanted! So excited, almost like birthing a baby.......LOL

More on this later..........

In the weedy yard around the house this morning, I got a pic of one, spontaneously-sprouting flower that must have came back this year after being in the ground from 2 years ago. I have a place in the yard that BG just puts any plants that were inside and appear to maybe have a chance at life outside and sure enough, last year this lily did not come up and bloom. This year, one bloom. The plant originally was bought on Valentines' Day 2 years ago and almost died as a house plant so he put it out in the yard and it survived.

We had another Lily from Walmart one year that was about dead we put out there and it came back 2 years later in multiple, beautiful blooms. It's about to bloom this year as well, near this yellow one.

What INSPIRATION this morning!!

The white lilies are about to bloom, they have huge bulbs ready.

what a weedy place but I'm so afraid of the little critters that may be slithering under it.........

Speaking of little critters.........she is having a buffet breakfast this morning with love and attention.

And speaking of beauty~~~ NOT! is Raven Louise here who has obviously been down to the pond swimming after geese this morning.

She is still looking pretty puny but we have taken her to the vet. Another visit soon though because I've never seen her so skinny before. But you have to only imagine how it is when BG coaxes her to the back of the truck for a ride to the vet. I'll have to take a video.....and I know I can't by myself so......

onward to the sunshiney day!

Holding sunscreen and benadryl bottle in hand,



Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Blackbird Design Americana Giveaway is here!

Memorial Day is coming up soon!

 And then not too much later we will celebrate America on July 4th, Independence Day.

This morning I tried to find something that you would love for a giveaway. This would be a great Americana piece as well. I've admired it many times but have not stitched it myself. Stitching away at at Americana samplers from now till July 4th would be fine by me!

Proud to be American, and in memory of those who served our country and those who gave their lives for our freedom, this is one of the samplers I really think you will like.

SO, without further rambling, post on this post only if you are interested in a 1,2 or 3 times chance for a beautiful Blackbird Design sampler AND ALL the threads including overdyeds to go with it.

America The Beautiful

by Blackbird Designs

Threads recommended by the pattern AND included with this give-a-way are:

Gentle Art Sampler Threads----Dark Chocolate
Gentle Art Sampler Threads---Maple Syrup
Gentle Art Sampler Threads---- Mulberry
Gentle Art Sampler Threads-----Tarnished Gold
Weeks Dye Works---Angelhair
Weeks Dye Works---Twilight
Weeks Dye Works----Kudzu
DMC 221
DMC 224
DMC 3045
DMC 3051
DMC 3722
DMC 869
DMC 924
DMC 926

The stitch count is 203w  x 163 h

International accepted

Post once if you are a follower or become one.

Post with a second posting if you put it on your blog (in you have one)

Post a third posting naming any special person you know and remember on Memorial Day (can be general or specific)

Starts today and ends midnight June 1st!!

Winner will be announced on or about June 2nd.

The winner will be chosen by the random number generator so make your postings three separate ones for more chances.

Please leave an email with one of your postings so if you are the winner I can email you.

If winner doesn't respond by 4 days after, another winner will be chosen.

The winner will also receive another sweet treat surprise with your goodies. Lips sealed on that one.....  ;0

Hope your week started out well yesterday and today. It's jetting by for me.

Miss Abbie is being her spoiled -self as usual and reminded me that bikini weather is coming up soon.

Our AC unit upstairs is broke.....again. This is the new one that was fixed already once this year (in fact 2 weeks ago) . So, waiting for the AC man to fix that one----again--- and then the entire unit downstairs has to be replaced as it's many years old and only the air works, temp fixed for right now.

One of the Labs we have, Raven, is still losing weight and the doc can't figure out why and $400.00 later.
She is just not herself right now. We are trying to get her to eat some high calorie puppy food now but she is got to go back to the vet ----way too much weight loss in a short time.

Good news is that my new computer will be loaded up this afternoon by a tech and hopefully a new printer installed as well.

Prayers are being answered and I want to thank each and every one of you who have written personal emails for encouragement and introducing yourselves. I hold them close to my heart and want to thank you again for your prayers.

Also thank you for writing me and letting me know that this blog is meaningful to you. I know some days I ramble on about things not stitchy related but I'm pretty much holistic in my life right now. Stitching is my love and it's intertwined and inspired byother areas of my life. It's the grounding force for me when all the other parts of my life change. I feel honored to share the passion with so many people around the world and I welcome newcomers here as well.

I also practice yoga and have a deep love for it. If someone had told me even 2 years ago I would love yoga, I would have laughed but it's really not hokey and it's great exercise for the body, mind, and spirit.

Stay cool,

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hello, God.......

there's alot of things we need to talk about today. Not that we don't every day but today. Today. There are things.
Kin and friends.
We gotta have a big talk today.


Psalm 144: 1-5

1 Blessed be the Lord, my strength, who teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight;
My goodness, and my fortress;

2 My high tower, and my deliverer, my shield, and he in whom I trust, who subdueth my people under me.

3 Lord, what is man, that thou takest knowledge of him? Or the son of man, that thou makest account of him?

4 Man is like to vanity; his days are like a shadow that passeth away,

5 Bow thy heavens, O Lord, and come down;
touch the mountains, and they shall smoke.