Saturday, August 20, 2011

One Thing Leads to Another

Yes. I get distracted in the least bit of way, but while trying to accomplish the laundry, which is so conveniently close to my sewing space, I had this sampler by Little House Needleworks that I finished a very long time ago and it's been

 in a large frame.


Put in a small frame.


 Hung around the basement loosely tossed to the side and so, instead finishing my favorite task of folding clothes...
I decided to ramble through my fat quarters and fabric stash cabinet to find something to randomly cut (without measuring) and get this into another~~~third~~ form, for final presentation.

I don't know what possessed me today to do this. Probably, just filled the need to change something AND the need to accomplish something.

designer Little House Needleworks
from the Proverbs, scripture series
stitched by me in ?????
in a third life now. (it's final stage, promise)
A pillowkeep with some calico fabbie on the back. The linen and the floss as called for in the pattern. (I do remember that!)

I think I like it better this way.

And it sits well on my stitching chair.

Therefore, I've accomplished at least one thing today.

And speaking of one thing leading to another, GUESS what this one is??????

I'll pop it out of my mesh bag that I've been carrying with me, wrinkles and all.....

The linen is 28 count Cameo Pink

and the overdyed floss name is near black but right now, Abbie chewed it up and I can't recall it. :o

However, I love pink, all shades and this very muted cameo pink is lovely for the black thread. I'm dreaming of this framed in black. You may not recognize the pattern because the color is different.

Now I'm going on to other random projects today with my free spirit and restless imagination, intermingling with my logical, common sense, practical, part of the brain for balance.

Welcome to my state of lucidity!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A is for a sampler

~~African Violets
~~Amazon books

Letters of the Heart: A

designed by Feathers in the Nest
copyright 2011

CC Finley Gold ---yellow
CC Brandied Pears--lighter brown
GA Huckleberry---blue

you can substitute other colors for what the letter A means to you. An Autumn array of colors would be beautiful as well.

in memory of my son, Aaron, who would have had his 26th birthday today if he had lived. It's not a sad day, but a day of rememberance that his spirit is free, well, and held by angels in Heaven. I feel his spirit strongly at times and it''s usually when I need it the most.

When I dabbled with this piece over the weekend, in the few minutes I had to do that, I thought how versatile this little sampler could be. It's August, it's almost Autumn, and I love angels.   

So if you have the desire to stitch a small pinkeep, or even a gift tag to hang near your special A or to give to a special A, this may help.
I hope to stitch this as a pinkeep and put close with my angel collection.

Here's hoping your are having a great Tuesday!