Saturday, June 1, 2013

Good morning Saturday! What's on your needles?

The needles never stay idle..........................
How do you like this colorway?
Inspired by Mr. Darcy's eyes and imagination of my own heart!
Psalm 118:29
O give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; for His mercy and loving-kindness endure forever.
Have a great Saturday, blessed in the Lord.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Blueberry Jam Cotton Feather and Fan scarf finished!

My postings are somewhat out of order.......I thought what in the world? Anyhoo, I will putting a side bar for the Etsy shop and also for the Feathers in the Nest facebook soon. The CEO,Mr. Darcy, is kindly a good helper when it comes to anything technological!

We have been blessed with 2 new boarders at the homestead. If you remember Thomas and Flossie Mae were taken last year. I digress on that subject BUT, God has blessed us with 2 more. He knew I loved my cats and to make it even more interesting is that I always wanted a gray cat. We got 2 now!

We really don't know for certain but think they are both girls. They lounge around the porches and meow and purr while we are on the back porch and add quite the conversation to our evenings.
For now, we call them Thelma and Louise Fox.

The oddest thing is that Abbie used to really despise cats, any cat. These----she LOVES them absolutely loves them! Abbie just got her bath tonight and is running around the house in lightning speed. She loves her bath. By Fall, I hope to venture into making her a couple of sweaters but for now, I will be focusing on my cross stitching!  {{kiss kiss, where have you been?}}}

The weather outside has been gorgeous today and perfect temps at night. We enjoy the porches so much. 

I did finish up a scarf that is in the Etsy shop---Feathersinthenest----. I enjoyed working with the 100% organic soft cotton by Univeral Yarns.---Blueberry Jam

Universal Yarn, Inc
in Blueberry Jam colorway
100% organic cotton
The hardwood heart pin is not included. Just for ideas; however,  you can wrap this 4.5 in x 66 inch long scarf any way and really with any season. The feather and fan stitch is the basic pattern that flows throughout.
The softest cotton in the yarn shop boutique I found!
Just added to the Etsy shop for your viewing.
I promise to work on the side bar for connections to Facebook and also Etsy!
For Facebook, just simply put in search box, Feathers in the Nest.
Etsy, remember all letters together---Feathersinthenest
Well, night is setting in, the fan is cool with mountain fresh air, and settling in with the Mr!
One thing for sure is that yarn is easier to organize than sampler threads. Just for random thought......
I've been sitting and organizing so many designs I've made, I honestly was taken away with how much I had stored. I want to start them all. It's hard to pick sometimes. But it feels good to bring something full circle, from inspiration, to graph, to threads on linen.
I think we all know in life that there is somewhat of a peaceful feeling when you realize how life goes full circle and you sit back and realize that without Him throughout the journey, it simply wouldn't have been the design He had in mind for us. It's hard to explain.
Purl of wisdom~~~ Each year of our life is a thread. The great Designer is God. He knows what the final picture will be even though we don't but when we are doing His will, there is a peace that reassures that all the threads were necessary to make the finish both dark, and bright or muted. Things not in His will are the Orts. We snip them away as He conveys us to and keep on working to the finish. We say goodbye to the Orts and let go. The result is peace.
I hope you are having a peaceful evening.
Peace and love always,

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Well, hello Wednesday!

Wednesday is here and almost gone. Few stitches in the sampler because it was a beautful, sunny day in the mountains. I had a million and one errands to run today and trying to get organized. Fixing to settle in after a good dinner AND fresh strawberries with pound cake.  One more thing is walking 2 miles. It's helped me sleep and feel better.
Then coming back to continue on stitching while watching the Casey Anthony trial updates. I think it's going to take 3 weeks to pick jurors for this case but I'm ready to see justice for Calee.

I will post a progress pic tonight later!!!! The row of flowers on the sampler is looking good!

Till then, stay safe, cool, and ever so peaceful........

Row of flowers

Here's where I'm stopping tonight before bed.
I could have easily stitched till 2am, but trying to stay on a regular schedule and get more sleep.
Tomorrow will start intertwining the vine through the flowers and then on to Kate and Will's name, date, year, etc.

Feathers in the Nest goes Etsy and Facebook!

 Feathers in the Nest finally opened an Etsy shop!

So take a look-see. If you use the search engine only in Etsy, you will need to type in without spaces,
Feathersinthenest, and this should bring up my shop with additions of items as I design, stitch, knit or finish them. I will be my model stitcher.

I have several cross stitch sampler patterns to work on now. As I reorganize my studio, my cross stitching mojo is returning. Sampler threads, the color, the linen, and creative designing are always on my mind. I also dearly enjoy knitting and will offer some knitted pieces as well.

My plan for future designs include whimsical, antique, reproduction samplers, a hymn series, an Abigail series, encouragement and scripture-based samplers, and local North Georgia landmark samplers. Ideas are endless!

My patterns are chart packs which will arrive to you neatly, containing a color photo page, an easy-to read, black and white chart page/pages, the suggested threads and finishing instructions, suggested linen, and a short page describing the inspiration for the sampler. All tucked inside a 3 ring binder plastic strong cover page for an organization binder to help you organized paper patterns. The binder is not included. For easy storage and travel, just unclick your pattern binder and pull out the packet with all the information you need to tuck in a stitching bag with threads, scissors and needles.

Digital formats will be forthcoming but not at this time.

This is the link above for the Etsy shop. The Nest Feathers Blog shoppe will be closed and instead items will be listed in the Etsy shop.

This is really an exciting part of my life, to share my love of samplers, and other needlework and "nesting"  with others!!

There is also now a Facebook page for Feathers in the Nest, managed by myself and Mr. Darcy, my one and only sweet, supporting husband!!!! He has future plans to sell custom-made sampler frames as he has a great gift of wood-working. Feathers in the Nest facebook page will keep you up-to-date every time an item is added to the Etsy shoppe and other FITN news.

Below is a logo that has been given permission by Ms. Lee Hanson to use for Feathers in the Nest.
I asked her 2-3 years ago when I saw this in part of her prints, so it's a well-loved print dear to me.

 The first sampler pattern I offer is The Royal Wedding sampler.

With a baby soon to arrive, you know I'll be working on a sampler for the little one as well. I wished I knew if this wll be for a boy or girl. Either way, it's a historical marker I want to put on linen.
Other news.........................this weekend has been the best!  The sun shined all weekend. It's been quite a while without a rainy weekend. The weather took a cool spell Friday night with temps going into the 40's. We had one last wood stove fire going to warm our toesies while I knitted away. Up here in the mountains, I believe it's called Blackberry Winter but today we are back in the 70's and dry. It's just beautiful outside.
"Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune without the words,
and never stops at all."
- Emily Dickenson 
I hope you have a great ending to a beautiful weekend,