Thursday, March 15, 2012

A pretty Irish finish!!!

Just received a beautiful email from Frances Nelson . She was sweet to stitch this one up. She stitched this last year from Ye Old Irish Love sampler freebie from Feathers in the Nest and I so love it again.
Yep it's almost St. Patrick's Day!

A pleasant good morning for me.

I love the finishing of it with the pink buttons and the fabric is very pretty too.

I hope your day is going well. Mine is sllllllowly starting. I slept 9 hours last night in this comfy bed and I haven't done that in a year at least.
I'm sipping my caffeinated hot tea and still want to just sleep more. I was more tired than I thought. LOL
But soon out for adventure!
Till later,

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Coverlet Birds by The Scarlett House Started in DC

I am so blessed to be on a business trip this week in Washington, DC!!!!  I love every minute of today and will drink in more fun of the big city life soon.

You know on the plane I had to get started on something conducive to good travel!

And The Coverlet Birds seemed a good project to start. Designer The Scarlett House

Here's what I got done on my 1 hr and 52 minute flight today gripping the side arms of a seat.

This is my first taste of NPI silks and girls/guys!!! I LOVE IT!
Not that I don't like other silk products but this comes in the most beautiful colors and seems to almost have a pull at it and doesn't tear as easily. I could almost say it must have some cotton in it.
I'm hooked on it now.
The con is that I like color names. Numbers????  I forget.
Color names and I can remember and relate.

Peoples names?  hmmmmmm. Some I remember too well. LOL

I did not stitch as on the pattern for 40 count. Glaucoma will not allow that at all. LOL
BUT, 32 count Belfast Earthen will definitely fit the boat and I'm lovin' it.

You know coverlets, in their day, were gorgeous and in ours..........beautiful.

The patterns we all see and reflect from it are awesome!

Three gorgeous nice NPI silk colors to make this pretty.

The 32 ct Earthen Belfast is oh so prim.

My carry-on luggage didn't go without some color, although the zipper burst right in security. {{{embarrassed}}}

Oh well, I'm headed to In Stitches tomorrow for some loafing around and eye candy as usual. After that my schedule will be tight to fit in anything else but Women's Health issues. And yes, girls, we are complicated with our hormones in every decade of life. Just accept it. We are.

And what can I say but that where I live is the ying and this is the yang. Look at this hotel!!!

Yes, this is looking OUT the room down to the lobby. The little tiny piano you can see on the left upper part, floating in a wishing pool. SOOOOO pretty! I made a wish there when I arrived! I'm waiting to see if someone will hop over the water and start playing it.

This could get interesting now at night. I hope these folks close the curtains ;p

This restaurant/bar in the corner was EXCELLENT and called The Cure.

Yes, it cured me of the ailments of travel. LOL

And tonight.

And then earlier today with beautiful 78 degree weather, sunny side up.

What a beautiful place to hang our American flag.

And I'm having a great time already in this place. A little too comfy when I tried out the fluffiness of the bed upon entering. ;)

Ying and yang.

It's a beautiful place. Although I think the country is the best, I love to have contrast with a visit to a city every now and again.

This is straight down, looking outside the window of the room.
It's so. Interesting.

And this bed is calling my name right now with a good book and stitching project.

Stay tuned for more adventures of the stitching kind.

And don't forget, God loves you!!!!!

Till later,

Thomas and Spring

Thomas, death by cat food.

This is what happens when you buy a buffet for Thomas.

He got 2 auto feeders and ate. And ate. And. Ate.
Honestly, he will be bullemic probably  now. LOL

He was a HAPPY kitty!

I spent the beautful sunny day rambling in junkin' places and spruced up the inside of the house for Spring.
I'm so ready for it.

Won't be long before those trees fill in with leaves and blossoms.

So excited for a guest who will be here soon!!!

These feet are happy dancing.

I went junkin' today and this is what I came up with for my front door.
I kinda like it.
It's ready for a special guest.

What could be better in the Springtime?
Hope your neck of the woods is warming up and giving you good cheer!

Till later,

Monday, March 12, 2012

Mr.Darcey Finished

Mr. Darcy sampler designer The Sampler Girl
just finished and framed by me
to add to the sampler wall.....well one of them.

This was a very cute little design. I loved it and will treasure it as it has much meaning to me.
Looks like midnight finishes are starting back up.
Looks like I haven't adjusted to the time change.
Looks like I'm having more fun that I should, but heck, life is short!

Till later to see what I take with on the trip,

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday in reflection-colonial times

Some stitched Colonial Williamsburg houses. Stitched by me 30 years ago and still has a place in my heart.
Heading out to DC this week and planning and packing! Last year actually breezed by Colonial Williamsburg and I want to go one day to spend a whole lot longer than I did last time.
Colonial times were just plain simpler. Men were men, ladies were ladies. Simple blessings in life were treasured more.

Even though we don't dress like this nowadays, we can still hold some of the simplicity in our hearts forever.
I like to go to the big cities once a year. It reminds me of fortunate I am to live in a slower paced world.
It refreshes my views on most anything watching the city lights and the busy taxi fly by.

I will be sharing with you some pics of my adventures this week so stay tuned.
In Stitches shop is definitely on my list of places to go.
I can't wait to see in person all the new designs from Nashville this year.!!!!!!

Happy Sunday to you!


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