Saturday, July 27, 2013

New Freebie on Facebook Page!

Just to drop by and let you know that this month's freebie is on Feathers in the Nest FB page. You can find it easily and click on the pic, right click to print out. The sampler is  called "Love Story". Yup, we all have one at some point in our life and I'm so blessed to have a good one. Inspiration came very easy for this one.

At the homestead, I've been in the nesting mode, especially today. Deep cleaning as if it's Spring!
However, the weather continues to give us rain, rain, rain, even with the sun out today.

I spent quite a bit of time cleaning my old pots and pans and exchanged the basket collection I had for functional use of the wrought iron pot holder. Mr. Darcy LOVES the large, very old iron one in the front.
I cleaned ovens, top of ovens, eyes of the oven, microwave oven, refrigerator and a really good cleaning of the counter tops. I think it was the tea I made that was too sweet. :P
Then to vacuuming and mopping, dusting and scrubbing the hearth.
I'm pretty tired right now. It's midnight. After all that energy, I sat down in the evening and designed the freebie you will see on the FB page. I thought about how much home means to me.
I love to travel but way too strapped right now for that so I'm having a staycation which includes enjoying our home.
I finally fixed the cover on the chaise. It's on the back porch and I found the perfect way for the cushion to stop sliding on it.
I just simply took small rope and put it through a large darning needle and anchored it to the chair.
I also made bows at the ends to enclose it a bit.
Yup, this is where my Sunday rest will be...............................................

Well, off to late midnight sleep with my honey.

Miss Betsy says................good night, sleep tight.


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Ribbon is Changed for a Royal Baby Boy!

Yesterday was very exciting for the world to find out a Royal baby was born a prince! So the green ribbon on the new release Anticipation sampler is changed to vintage blue lace.

Welcome, little bundle of joy!

If you would like a digital copy, this is available now in the Etsy shoppe, Feathersinthenest!

I also have completed a baby giftie project for another baby boy due in 3 weeks.

The Basketweave stitch on the left. The "All Washed Up" pattern from Ravelry (free pattern) in the middle top, and a garter stitch on the right.

I really enjoyed the pattern, "All Washed Up". The designer is Jill Arnusch.

Very soft, I Love This Cotton by Hobby Lobby in the colorway Aqua used.

On to finish 2 other projects today, along with housecleaning and such today. It started out bright and sunny this morning but now gray and looking like rain. Again. I've never seen so much rain in one Summer in my life.

Well certainly appears to be a good stitching and reading day so methinks I need to hurry and get the chores done so I can kick back and relax with the needles and watch the Royal news.

I have started planning menus for a week; therefore helping to reduce costs when I go grocery shopping for the week. So far, working well. Do you have a homestead menu for the week?  Does it save money?

Looking at the laundry, I think I need a laundry menu plan each day. :0

Just to leave a note of encouragement for today~~~~~~~

Till later,

Monday, July 22, 2013

NEW RELEASE Sampler!!!!

The great Kate wait was so full of excitement and I watched the news all weekend on the computer predicting she would be induced on Monday considering the dates and her return to London. I didn't miss it. I was up until midnight but sleepily went off to bed, to awaken and find out, yup, she is in the hospital and I was almost finished with the model of a new sampler.

copyright 2013
designed by Feathers in the Nest
designer, Jennifer Ann Fox
The simplest way to offer this e-file for your immediate enjoyment is by blog and email. SO,
if you would like to purchase the sampler pattern just email me at
I will check mail daily and send immediately to you after Paypal payment is received. The cost of the eletronic sampler pattern is 5.00.
In order for me to send you an invoice, you will need to send me your email associated with your Paypal account.
This will be instantly digital downloaded to you and please respect copyright laws for it.
Just recently hearing that the baby is a boy, I will be working on a larger commemerative sampler design in some beautiful blues. I will work on this as I can as I want it to be a wonderful sampler in honor of a moment in history you can pass down to your children by needle and thread.
This sampler also can be useful for ANY pregnancy memory and month and year can be substituted to fit your special bundle of joy!
So, have a spot of tea and smile with me!
Suggestions for finishing include framing and putting a dark green ribbon (similar to the DMC colors in the design) loosely with a bow and through the scrolling of the frame.
When the sex of the baby is announced the mother can change the ribbon (or you) to pink or blue after finding out the gender whether during the pregnancy or at the birth. I think this is a fun  way to commemorate any baby's birth. 
Alternatively this sampler design can be made into a pincushion with a special old fabbie to back it and a couple of diaper pins and buttons to accessorize.
This frame I used was in my stash and bought at half prince at Hobby Lobby.
I stitched the model 2 over 2 on 32 ct Belfast linen Baby Lotion. It's a gorgeous extremely light pink. I'm not sure if this color is available any longer but simple white linen would be a great alternative.
The DMC colors will be included with your emailed pattern.
If you stitch this up, shoot me an email pic and I will put it on the blog and Facebook page. :)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sneak peak at Anticipation sampler

designed and stitched by Feathers in the Nest
copyright 2013
model in progress

in honor of the big anticipation of the Royal Baby and will be for purchase when finished on Etsy or the Feathers in the Nest facebook page..........................................boy or girl?????? well, it will not be long until we find out but certainly this last week has been filled with anticipation if it's a boy or girl baby.

  This pretty little sampler can be stitched in other colors for your own decor, primmed with coffee or walnut stain, or whatever to your liking. I like the colors as is for any nursery or baby gift.

This is a reproduction of an antique design that I've had for quite a while and was found in an antique store.  The colors are similar but not the same.. I added the hearts and the date for the baby's birth month.

I have always treasured this find! I hope you will like the sampler remake too.
Speaking of sweet, it was our 8th month anniversary yesterday, so by tradition every 20th of the month, I make a dessert. This is a Maple Sour Cream pound cake with hot cream cheese icing and cinnamon on top.
It is YUMMY!
I best get ready for church now. I hope you have a beautiful day, filled with sweetness.