Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Night owl progress

I finally after a full analysis of what the right color would be......found Belle Soie Lily Pad to be the tree and the filler for the house. It looks closest to the color on the front of the pattern and it is beautiful. Belle Soie is like butter when, fun.

God blessed me with the ability to stay up until all hours of the night. My most productive, creative work is at midnight. I know that's strange and maybe I'm a vampire or something but it's real. And here are the results for tonights midnight progress.....
Fixing to climb into my cozy quilt with the windows opened and go to sleep with the song of crickets. And I mean lots of them. There's nothing better than country living in the mountains.
So, far I'm achieving my goals this week and having a bit of fun too. Tomorrow, well tomorrow is another day.......hey, I've got another day to get a present like Kathy said........I'm getting downright excited about this. Will have to keep in touch what I choose.


  1. Love your color choices. This sampler is turning out wonderful. Bet it is a pleasure to stitch!

  2. Yes, it has been fun! I love the saying on it. It's actually a retired pattern by Tanya Anderson. I got it at her summer sale several weeks ago.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Happy returns too!!!


  3. You go Girl! And have a funtastic time too!!

    I love the color you choose. What a pretty pattern and such pretty colors.

    Those silk colors are so pretty and soft looking. I really hesitate since the only time I used silk it drove me nuts! No matter what I use (and I have tried many many products) I have very rough hands and the silk floss kept sticking to my skin. Oh well. I'll just admire your gorgeous colors and stitching from afar. :)

  4. Ohh, the colors are gorgeous Jennifer :) You made a great start.


  5. I wish I could replicate this tree like the picture I posted yesterday to give it a Fallish flair to it. Hmmmm.......


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