Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy July and to the Labs

Happy 4th to all. We plan to drive into Helen tonight for the fireworks. Last night was pleasantly cooler, at 67 degrees, so the back porch was inviting. Hope the weather stays the same tonight for the fireworks.

Well, this morning I decided to exchange some things I sold on Ebay for this pattern and frame which I have had on my wish list for about a year now. Little House Needleworks Heart of America. This pattern has the floss and buttons included with it. I'm so excited to get this in the mail soon.
I saw this stitched in a shop near Washington, when I went on my trip in March and it's really beautiful, kinda on the large side though. R & R reproduction linen Creek Bed Brown is the fabric. Yesterday was Raven and Ruby's Birthday. They turned 4 years old.---so another 4th celebration. They provide alot of entertainment for us. Ruby now sleeps half-way hanging out of the doghouse, on her back with legs straight up in the air. The first time we saw that, it was pretty strange. We haven't been able to sneek a picture of her through the porch screen yet.
BG had to take them one at the time to the vet for shots. Ruby has a death grip on the ground and then he has to pick up all of her 90 lbs to load her in the truck. Monday he has to wrestle with the cat. That will be a challenge!
Back to my coffee and catching up on blog reading..........

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Here's what's in my stitching chair tonight

Trip today went great! Here's what I stitched on the way to and during the Atlanta traffic while Body Guard was driving! The needle did bob up and down a few times as we entered some rough interstate but I was determined. I love the Raspberry linen! Fabric and pattern from The Sampler Girl, Companion Booklet 4. Two complimentary pink pinkeeps which are very pretty.
MRI went good. Didn't panic in the tube and the report from the doctor was good, no progression of the disk prolapse, so good news.
Then, we used the On-Star program in the car to find the nearest IHOP for a good breakfast/lunch. After that we asked the On-Star program ......"nearest Joanne's Fabrics". I had not been to a Joanne's Fabrics in years, actually since we moved here several years ago. It was 13 more miles which I thought, no that's ok, but BG said no problem and zip we went and found it.
Hey, Deb, I saw those Ginghers scissors "Criss", and they didn't have any of the larger scissors so I"m glad you picked up those for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I knew I was in a candy store and looked for 2 hours. BG found a tool place while I was busy looking through all the buttons, threads, fabrics. Found a fat quarter that would go well on the back of the Pink Pinkeeps and some ribbon.
We got caught in 5 O'clock traffic so I stitched some more as we listened to CNN news on the satelite radio. Then we went by the mall, had a smoothie and looked around at Barnes and Noble, got Brandon a few books to send and then, Home Sweet Home again.
So tomorrow we are going to take all the animals to the vet for their shots. Oh joy! LOL
Then, probably do some cleaning, which never ends.....LOL
But in the mean time, I will be trying to finish the Pink Pinkeeps. I saw Vonna's comment and I did check out her blog. It's great on finishing! I will definitely be visiting again at her blog as I learn to finish some things. I really mostly framed most of my stitching, occasionally made pillows but this will be my first "pinkeep".
Hope everyone is having a good week!
Talk later,

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Seems Like Friday

Well, today is my last day at work for the next 10 days!!!! Seemed almost like Friday....... So excited I'm off for awhile. No real big plans. Just going to enjoy home a bit. We may take some day trips here and there but no big trips. I'll be sure to take some pics if we go on a day trip. Hubbie and I are both home bodies. That is one thing we have in common. We may ride up to Chattanooga ,Tennessee or somewhere in South Carolina, or Pigeon Forge or somewhere for a day or two but not too terribly far.

Tomorrow is a big day in the city again of Atlanta. Going back for an MRI of my neck. I'm hoping they say surgery is not imperative now, but later down the road. So, in the tunnel of the MRI machine.......something I definitely can't open my eyes in. I don't know if you have ever had one but I panic if I open my eyes while I"m in the tube machine. Overall, I have been doing better, just the strength is a challenge sometimes. Getting an easier car to drive was a real plus.

On the bright side, maybe we'll wonder across some shops or something on the way out of the city. Michaels or Hobby Lobby or maybe a Joannes if I could find one. And of course, there's IHOP pancake house for lunch. Haven't told BodyGuard that's where we are eating lunch yet but......he likes it too. Maybe drifting back through Barnes and Noble to browse through the books and get a Cafe Mocha may be on the agenda as well. :0

Tonight we went for our walk and I was still hyped up from a long day but now after sitting down and starting to stitch, I have gotten very sleepy. Early to bed for me. ...........and that's by 11p. LOL That Atlanta trip in the morning traffic will be lovely I'm sure!

I'm having fun this summer with the Companion Booklets from The Sampler summer version of reading books I guess. Instead, working on the various pieces in the booklets. I've really enjoyed them and tonight started on the Pinkwork Pin keep pairs. The Raspberry linen is so pretty! Color therapy again.

I am making something for a late birthday present for Meghan, but it's slow coming right now and will post after I mail it out. I've still got to work at it a bit. That's the Virgo in me again.
Haven't heard from Meghan but I hope she is doing well at school studying hard.
Haven't heard from Brandon in Afghanistan yet but they do have Internet access so maybe he is getting my emails. Prayers for him every single day. Stitching helps the time go by faster while he is away, keeps my mind busy.
Well, off to get ready for a restful night.
Talk later,

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

On the Weather with Jane Austen

I had the best fun finishing this pillow keep.On the Weather With Jane Austen by Tanya Marie Anderson, The Sampler Girl. This is the first time I have actually sewed strips for the front so I only had to rip out one seam, once. I really need a basic sewing class.
Anyway after stuffing it I decided to use some special old, old, old, mother of pearl buttons.....why we are talking about elegant ladies here! LOL I found these in a seconds store and vintage. They are so smooth and so mother or pearl glow.
I am off now to bed; however, tomorrow will start the pink pink keeps in the same Companion Booklet as well as work to finish another pillow.
I got a cutting mat and rotary cutter today. Never used one in my life. So, maybe practice makes perfect...........I'm liking it alot.
Can't wait to start the pink pinkeeps. Pink is my favorite color. (did I mention that?) ;)
Off to bed now.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Midnight progress

Well, its been the hottest day of the year so far and ironicially I'm working On the Weather by Tanya Anderson, The Sampler Girl.
Stay Cool!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Meghan turns 21

Another birthday tomorrow. Meghan Brittany turns 21.

Here's hoping all your wishes come true Meghan.

Click here

Remembering summers....

Summer meant...................

cool banana popsicles

the Ice Cream man

swinging on the swingset for endless amounts of time

swimming at the city pool

spending days with Grandmas

summer dresses

lots of bike riding

spending endless hours outside

fresh, mowed grass


shelling peas and beans till our fingers had blisters

watching Daddy ride the tractor in our country garden

riding on the tractor in the garden


the beach for vacation

Vacation Bible School

eating home made ice cream

catching June bugs


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