Sunday, June 25, 2017

Time to Work on Some Americana

Good Sunday morning to you!

I pulled out this very old WIP on my frame with threads and put in my Americana basket by the sofa.
Last night I worked on finishing the pink baby blanket and only have 12 rows to go...... YEY!

I was itching to start some stitching on something Americana with Fourth of July near.

I mean, who doesn't like everything Little House Needleworks?

This is stitched on 28 ct so easier on the eyes.

My camera color still is not the best even with working on it but.........

It's ready to go while I catch up on some Poldark Season 3episodes 1 and 2!!!!!!!
I found those full episodes on You Tube last night.
Anybody else like Poldark?

My basket has a handle but it's put down in the back. I picked it up at a junkin' store last Fall.

I have to wonder as I pull out my long time WIPS why in the world did I stop them?

I kinda know but they are loved again. For some time and until my heart skips a beat to work on another.

That's one good thing about stitching and knitting. We can choose. We can plan strategically or go at it whimsically, with no reserve. 

This one will be mounted in a frame on the wall added to my sampler wall near the stairs with other Americana.

I hope your Sunday is going well. The day of rest.

Just ask Abbie.  If the sun is not shining on your blanket, just move the blanket to the sunniest spot in the room and soak in the sunshine. Sometimes we have to pick up and move to the light ourselves.

Till later,

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Knitting Washcloths --- Bamboo with Silk

Yesterday, I spent the day making a small gift for someone's 90th birthday! I will not be able to attend due to multiple factors but I wanted to so much. So these will go out in the mail when I'm finished.

I used Yarn Bee Hint of Silk from Hobby Lobby in the colorway Obi.
I love the colors and how they pool in different areas.
I used the simple Grandma's washcloth pattern on Ravelry. I think this simple pattern has been around for 100 years. 

CLICK HERE for the pattern

I love knitting with this fiber. It's 85% Bamboo and 15% silk

MUCH nicer than cotton. I think it's about the softest yarn I've felt. I found in reading that bamboo is absorbent like cotton and gets better with more use.

I will add 3 or 4 special little soaps I got from a local shop. They are awesome as I've used them before. Shea Butter yummy.

I have another skein of this Yarn Bee's Hint of Silk in an ivory color.
I want to make 1-2 more for this little package.

The full skein of ivory color is Silk Pearl.

This yarn has been in my stash for a year. Hobby Lobby was having a sale a year ago and I stocked up on this.

I did research the fiber's behavior before knitting as a washcloth and was surprised this is machine washable and can tumble dry on low heat.

The bamboo will stretch out again but the added silk is like knitting with butter.

I just realize that  with the solid color you get more yardage.
130 yards for solids
107 yards for variated

I found some baby patterns  using this yarn so I know it has to be soft and washable.
I found a pattern on Ravelry using this yarn for washcloths because of it's softness.

One skein made 2,  8 inch washclothes.

My gauge is a bit loose since I had shoulder surgery for some reason so I used a size 7 needle instead of the recommended size 8.

When I touched this yarn, I knew this would be so much softer than cotton.

I had about 15 yards left over from the skein. This can go in my Cozy Memories Blanket!!

About this time of year, Hobby Lobby has a sale on this yarn. Keep a look out for it. The colors are limited in the store; however, online I found other colors not in the store.

I totally think this yarn has so much drape and buttery feel, that I will in the future pick up 5 of them for a shawl.

I still am amazed at how many washcloth/dishcloth patterns that are on Ravelry for free!

I would not use this for a dishcloth. Definitely too soft and luxurious feeling. The perfect for a pampering washcloth/facial cloth.

On the homefront here, we have had our share of heavy rains and gloomy days this past week.
We are actually under a flash flood warning until 8pm tonight.

I hope your Saturday is full of rest and happiness!


Thursday, June 22, 2017

PT = Pink Therapy Sampler and Knit

Last night, I picked up a Blackbird Design Pink Manor sampler to cross stitch while Mr. Darcy and I watched back to back episodes of Blue Blood. We are on Season 4's a really good program. We have watched back to back episodes for a while now in the evenings.

So I reached in my long, long ----can't even remember, when I started this----stash of WIPs last night and spent some time on it. I love pink. Specifically in this sampler, Jakey Brown.
After I dusted the project bag off, I decided to try to finish this.

I just stopped mid program and looked at Mr. Darcy and said "this makes me happy!"
Of course, if I didn't have a magnifier lamp and good glasses it would be hard to do.
This is 35 count fabbie.

I'm so close............ I started the "Dear____" part with one over one.

And so I  have some pink projects to finish that should have been a very long time ago.

These gloomy rainy days we are having are perfect for settling in for the evening with some pink therapy after physical therapy.

And so.......... this...........

This is a project I started for a baby that is now..........almost a year old. Yup........all this progress you see was knitted in the NICU waiting room while daddy was sick.

I got to almost finished and put it down. I did use Bernat Baby, a sport weight yarn in acrylic because I wanted it to be very washable. The intended recipient didn't know I was knitting this.
I made a few mistakes in it so now I don't think I will be giving to this year old baby, but..........I think I'm donating it when I finish to a knit group on Ravelry to send to hospitals who accept baby blankets handmade for families of infant loss.

I didn't really go by any special pattern, just rotated stockinette with garter with a consistent garter edge.

The finished size is perfect for newborn-3 months. I just will pick up and knit the last section in garter, wash, fluff, and donate.

Picking up a piece with 100% acrylic again is actually helping me appreciate more of natural yarn fibers.
I know some knitters do not knit with acrylic at all but I have a good bit in my yarn stash from when I fell in love with knitting in the beginnning and I'm sure I will occasionally find some use for it.

On to cook some ham, sweet potatoes and green beans.

More PT this evening as it rains outside again today...........................



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