Sunday, April 6, 2014

EOS Lip Balms, Easter gifts and knitting facial cloths

Can you believe it's April into the second week already? This year is flying by. I am hoping you are having a beautiful Sunday afternoon today and with your loved ones near. Sunday afternoons are some good stitching times. I know some people are fortunate to take that nap after lunch but I don't think I've ever, I just can't as I'm already up. I do take advantage of the downtime to read or stitch or watch a good movie.
Miss Abbie is well.....Miss Abbie. She is so spoiled. I do want to give you a chuckle that last week, I kept hearing a little tapping on the floor and I just thought in the blanket she had one of her chewie bone things. Well, nope. She had my EOS lip balm.
EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth

in Strawberry Sorbet

 She prefers the Strawberry Sorbet. She has always loved to lick me on my lips when I wear any kind of lip balm since she was a wee baby but honestly? An EOS is pretty large and luckily was not open. I took it away from her and she growled at me. I thought that is strange. Anyhoo, went to do something around the house and came back and found it OPEN and ALL balm gone with the plastic bottom licked completely.

Now this one was a fairly new one so she ate quite a bit of lip balm. I guess she likes strawberries.
I suspected that she would have a little watery poo poo. But nothing. Couldn't even tell she ate it.
In fact she wanted more I think. :0

I just love EOS balms. They are large and soothing to frequently use during the day. The little container design is so pretty, reminds me of Easter eggs in all their colors.

So if you are looking for an alternative to candy this Easter for a girlie girl old enough to know not to eat one, then they make cute basket goodies.
And to really make a little glam basket, include a knitted washcloth in cotton matching the color!!!
Just giving out some ideas for the Easter Bunny.
Speaking of washcloths. This is my next crafty work-on for me. I wanted to do this last Summer but didn't. I did knit up 3 soft cotton (from Hobby Lobby brand cotton) 3 very small washcloths JUST for my facial cleansing at night. I find that makeup comes right off with a bar of soap before washing.
I'm hoping to make 10 of these facial cloths, knitting in different patterns.
I had one in basket weave stitch, one in regular garter, and have yet to make the traditional "Granny Stitch Old-fashioned" one.
They are really nice and soft. I use a Clarisonic on my face which has helped my skin amazing. Can't say a negative thing about the clarisonic Mia 2. Don't even know how I lived without it before.
But, when wiping off after the clarisonic, You can really feel so smooth.
I'm making my facial cloths only like baby sized washcloths. That is all that is needed for the face alone.
I will knit them up in pretty Spring colors that go with my bath and put then clean in a bowl by the sink.
I will post some pics of different patterns I've found. Of course Ravelry has SO many for ideas.
So, this is what's happening in our spot on the map today. I'm almost finished with my Spring scarf and will show you very soon when I'm done.
Home is where my heart is,