Saturday, February 1, 2014

Saturday Knitting by the Woodstove = Scarf Finish

The Foxy Boxy scarf
And so I've been knitting all evening yesterday and this morning and now on my last block to knit and then finished. I will block this scarf because in doing so will stretch out 5-7 more inches.
Otherwise the homestead is pretty serene. We have been watching HGTV all day and especially back to back episodes of Love it or List It! LOVE those shows.
I made this scarf for Mr. Fox but.........he likes to wrap his more and he is much taller so this will be for myself I guess worn around with a heart wooden pin I have, jeans and boots.
The pattern is simple, something I totally made up myself and easy:
CO 26
Knit 5 rows
Then, row 6
(WS) K5, purl 16, K5
(RS) K all stitches
do this alternating to make the blocked section until 7 garter edge ridges or 14 rows
then K 5 ridges or 10 rows, each row
then, repeat with (WS) K5P16K5
and (RS) K all stitches for 14 rows
then continue to repeat this pattern.
at end, K 5 rows
then BO
This created a garter ridge on the edge to keep the scarf from curling with the purling of Stockinette.
This also is a pretty structured unisex design.
I used a #  10 interchangeable Chiago Goo metal lace needle with 24 in cord
The yarn was in my stash from last year on a clearance table at my local yarn shop Bumbleberries in Clarkesville, Georgia. I cannot find the tag for info but it was a thicker yarn and washable.
The colors really attracted me because as I thought of my husbands blue teal eyes!
The colorway is just really pretty.
I hope this finds you warm and cozy. The woodstove is so relaxing today and the sun actually came out for a little while.
Abigail is curled on the sofa watching me finish this up. She has not yet to try to play with this or mess it up and it's been on the sofa for easy pick up and knit. She's been a good girl!
I've let this frame sit with the Jane Austen piece unironed and loose behind it for just a glimpse.
I'm going to have to choose a color of fabbie from my stash to sew along the sides. The pink is brighter than I wanted but I think with a light sage green side it will look better.
I am almost thinking of shabby chic-ing this one up. Not really sure.
Till later..........

Monday, January 27, 2014

I Just Can't Wait Sometimes and K2tog

~~~~~~~~~~for snow and
~~~~~~~~~to start a new lace freebie
especially with this yarn I have in my stash,
and the cabin fever with all the cold weather.
 And on days like today, I just look at it after 5 or 6 rows of the pattern
and realize after it's stretched out, the beauty shows.
The beauty of the colorway and the way it shows the lace.
When  stitches are put together in a pattern intentionally to leave a "hole" for lace,
sometimes it's not until it's all stretched out until it's full pattern can be appreciated.
Space can be beautiful when it is in the right timing of a pattern.
It can be a real mess when it's not supposed to be there.
Reminds me of our journey in life. The places we think are holes, can sometimes be just part of the pattern to make the bigger picture, our journey pattern, a more beautiful purpose in the end.
This I know for sure:
Those that left holes in our hearts, were just part of the whole pattern, and that in God's grace, He knits our life the way it should be if we put our trust in Him always and always seek His will.
Knitting gives me time to meditate. I think that's why there are research studies that show how therapeutic knitting really is. However, if you ask some people, they would say it's just for old people. Man, what they are missing out on, no matter what age!
The rhythm of it. The counting. The freedom to choose. Choose colors. Choose patterns.
It's very functional as well as beautiful as the process goes along.
At the end, there is no better sense of accomplishment which is like a balm to our soul.
And the very best part of knitting is using our gifts to give of our hearts.
This is just what knitting means to me. I'm blessed to have been able to learn a year ago as it's been as good to me as many a close friend.
On the reading front:
I'm finishing the Bible study devotional book and online study group called Wife After God in just 4 days!!! I can't believe it's almost over. I don't want it to be........
 My review of this is highly recommended for Christian wives. The author is the group leader, Jennifer Smith, and she is very gifted with teaching about such a HUGE part of life. I'm also blessed to have a husband who is just so easy to love and respect. You know marriage is a true KNIT 2 TOGETHER!
And for that, I'm truly, truly thankful.
I think God had me go through a marriage of what is not, to show the contrast of how a real marriage should be.
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