Saturday, February 6, 2010

Finished Primitive Winter Cupboard Sampler

Primitive Winter Cupboard Sampler
from the Valentine Booklet 2010
design by The Sampler Girl
32 count natural belfast linen
fibers~~Crescent Colors, Gentle Art

Filled with rice.

The backing fabric is from the quilt shop in Hawaisee, Ga. It's one of the old Confederate patterns. The other 2 pinkeeps are Be Mine freebie from the Sampler Girl blog, and a Valentine freebie from Primitive Betty's blog.

The basket is lovely and the perfect size for cupboard samplers and pinkeeps. It was formerly filled with the best fruit ever from BG's workplace after his surgery. I enjoyed the fruit immensely. Last night, I had the juiciest pear from the basket that I've eaten in a long, long time.
Tonight a juicy, large navel orange.

No snow here, but a gray, cold day.
Raven and Ruby are wandering around and about the limbs that fell after the heavy ice this past week and Ruby actually loves this tree. She will put her back on it like a bear and rub around it. It's her favorite tree of the million around our house!

They kind of look like 2 black bears.

Hope you are staying warm in your neck of the woods!

Watching the Snow Channel this morning.........

Dust of Snow
by Robert Frost
The way a crow
Shook down on me
The dust of snow
From a Hemlock tree.
Has given my heart
A change of mood
And saved some part
Of a day I had rued.

This piece is by Bent Creek designs. I stitched this as a kit, shortly after moving to the North Georgia Mountains and loving the first snow. I had the frame special ordered from The Dogwood Patch and I put it out every winter to remember our little house in the woods during that first snow here.
This morning it's cloudy and we saw one snow flake,
a random thing in the air
as fluttery as it alone can be,
it's reminder was so awesome to me,
that winter has it's darkness and cold,
but bright little snow flakes enlighten the old!

So, I have to share my morning treat,
as I rummage through my pantry sweet,

Perked some coffee so strong and hot

And added chocolate,
2 tablespoons and then stopped

I then added a frosty topping
of off brand whipped cream
To make it a snowey dream

My own cafe mocha I did make, I did
to sit and enjoy the snow pics on TV.
Hope you are building lots of snowmen
and sending it down South so at least if it's gray,
it would be a snowey, white day.
Fiddle De Dee,

Winter Cupboard Sampler

Progress so far. Not much to go. A few more flakes then after finishing, back to finish Emma this weekend. I thought this was appropriate during the big snow storm.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow Inspired

It's late, I'm finally sleepy. Very sleepy as I stopped working on the Winter Cupboard Sampler by The Sampler Girl in her Valentine Booklet. I've enjoyed those patterns and reading them

I finished a few snow flakes and poured out my buttons jar for pinks.

I'm making into a pinkeep when finished and puttin a few buttons on it.

Working on a larger snowflake in a substituted color of CC Lunar Eclipse.

Of course the CC Secondhand Rose inspired me to pick this fabric.

It's subtle, my next snow flake is very dark CC Blacksmith Blue, along with a date and the word "Snow" scattered about.
I thought fitting for an evening by the fire, listening to the wind howl, and seeing the snow.
Nite nite.
Don't let the love bugs bite!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I think the Weatherman is confused~~~~~

Well, BG and I sat in our chairs all afternoon watching the snow by a cozy fireplace. It's so tantalizing and calming to watch the forest turn white, pure and clean again.

At the same time, the weather lady on TV continued to say we were getting rain in the area, about 1/4 of an inch......this went on and on. We were really confused as big snowflakes were falling. We took some pics because we just knew no one would believe us that it was snowing instead of raining. They kept showing detailed maps of only rain in our area. Strange.

The weather lady just said after 4 hours of it that we might get snow tonight late and that the worst is yet to come.

Body guard is determined to take me to work and I'm so not into riding OR driving in snow cross your fingers for us tomorrow. 35 miles of sledding in a Malibu.

I worked on Emma sampler some today, then a few minutes ago I rummaged through my basket and found a SNOW cupboard sampler by the Sampler Girl in her Valentine Booklet which is very appropriate for this evening so, I gathered my colors and just a few minutes ago started on it.

Yep, weather lady says there's a flood watch out......

and the temps are dropping........

The Sled is ready for tomorrow morning.........

My Eye Candy excited!!!!!!!!

First this came in the mail!!!!!!
Here's the patient, outside roaming around in the snow that is falling hard! This camera doesn't show the flakes for some reason but it's sticking and fast. He is almost back to normal now. Has his postop appt tomorrow. We may be sledding in for it with my labcoat on too...WHEEEEE....LOL

I got the whim to play with some material I got at the quilt shop, looks like linen, probably muslin, but stitches well 2 over 1. I tried 1 over 1, 2 over 2. The muslin is a cameo pink which I love.

I picked up this pattern out of my stitching basket and got some CC Joshua Green and tried a letter to see what would show.

Most likely I will stitch in the original colors but just trying a pink fabric with other colors for a while.

Has anyone ever stitched over this fabric before?

Here's the status on my Valentine seeds. Burning love is not growing......LOL Really......but the Strawberries are. If they are dependent on sun, then that's something we rarely see anymore around here......but I want to get my Burning Love to start growing..........maybe some Levitra.

Forget-me-nots are growing wildly.

I'm off today and it's a good day off too! It's snowing heavy outside and it was supposed to be rain. It's sticking too. I'm worried how I'm going to get to work tomorrow as the weather predicted this to get worse during the night. We already have about 1 inch in 1 hour here.

Bodyguard went to the mailbox and I opened this lovely that I ordered last week. The DMC swatch...actual threads. Man, oh man, I'm so thrilled to have this palette to work with.


This is almost as fun as my first box of 64 Crayola crayons! :0

Spam every day.....and I don't mean the mail-kind

An article came out today to announce after 6 weeks the spam is over for the troops in Afghanistan.
This is not a joke. Evidently the food supplies were cut off for 6 weeks to the trooops and the only meat they had was Spam. The article said that the cooks were very inventive and made many different spam meals. Can you only imagine this for 6 weeks straight? Of course, much worse things can happen but I just had to share the news this morning.

I remember eating Spam when I was a little girl alot......usually fried in slices ...that's healthy isn't it? I never bought spam after I left home. I was gorged on that. Nothing wrong with it.....just spam and Devil ham sandwiches was my daily lunch items in school and I prefer something else now.

The article you can read in full on the right column under Afghanistan latest news.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Do we really have to eat at the dining room table tonight, dear?

I have no idea on how to quilt. I just love color. I like to arrange colors.

But, while at the quilt shop looking at fat quarters I stumbled upon this Moda charm pack and it jumped right there on top of my other fabric to the register. I think it came with a magnet.

I just spread it all out on the dining room table tonight, instead of you have to really eat at the table?

I loved the colors. But I really don't know what to do with them.
I know charm packs are precut pieces so, surely I could sew these all together......maybe.....

is there a particular order of what to put where?

This is like a jigsaw puzzle.

Soak in these Spring colors in the middle of Winter. That's the most economical therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder than any prescribed medication. Or a large bottle of plain Tylenol, as far as that goes........

Or a Zaxby's Snack Pack meal or a Personal Pan pizza with extra cheese at Pizza Hut, or a buffet gravy mix meal at Mel's Diner for take-out..........

Here's the label on it. I have no idea about what to do with these but I might just play with this tomorrow on my day off. I could make a table runner for my kitchen island for Spring? Or what else? Shuffle them up and lay them out in another order, kinda like playing Solataire.

Quilting must be another addiction I need to avoid.

I mean, I'm thinking of a zillion reasons why I needed this. And I could explain every one of them too. LOL

Yep. I better stick to stitching but I sure love fabric.

New prescriptions for Seasonal Affective Disorder.


Jennifer Dalenberg


Dispense: number 1 pack---1 pack per month x 12 months

Dx: Seasonal Affective Disorder

refill x 12

Brand necessary

Possible side effects may include insomnia, eye strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and increased irritability if dose not tapered with cessation. Talk to your provider if you experience any of these side effects including marital strain if the dinner table has been overtaken with fabric as these could be signs of an addiction in which we can give alternative therapies.


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