Monday, July 25, 2011

Its Sunday night again

I do apologize for the detours we have had to take this week to deal with some horrendous things that have effected our family. I can't really explain on a public domain but take my word for it that the next 2 weeks at least will demand my attention to these issues.
That being said, we are alright. We have food, we have shelter, we have our dignity, integrity left but what the others have tried to take away from us for 3 months has been a living nightmare.

You can only hold it in so long I guess. Move forward. Welcome the opportunities that life swings.
Lesson learned: You never know how your life will change in 24 hours. Please pray from my husband especially. His health, his guidance he needs, his dealing with the trauma of such an event or 2.

We still have each other and I haven't picked up the needle as we are in survival mode right now. I hope to show something on the blog worth reading this week if you can hang in there with us. If not, I understand. There are many that are far more informative and pleasant.

We will be on our feet again soon I hope. For hope is one thing we have left after this week.
That may just be one on hope that I stitch next just to remind us of it.
Liberty House Primitives has a great blog that has the most encouraging patterns and I've printed off on our new wireless printer, some of her encouraging samplers. It's this time in our lives like the poem says that we don't know the reason for the darker colors just looking at the underside.
Hope to post soon again. For the past few days my energies have been into other things God has called me to do. Tiring, but a must.

Hope your Monday starts your week well.


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