Sunday, September 8, 2013

Finishing a Shawl, Finishing a Half Century

  I'm finally finishing ball number 2 of this huge shawl. I will probably finish off the small amount left of the second ball, approximately 700 yards, and bind off. This will be a nice snuggly go-to for around the homestead on cool nights and into the Fall/Winter.
It's colorway is burgundy. Bernat yarn in acrylic and wool blend. Gartered the entire shawl, making increases on each end. I have a nice silver ring holder that will work with this one well.
I had a meltdown moment when the cord came unscrewed on one end, I pulled and the entire top came out leaving live stitches, about 250 of them. BUT, I saved them by threading them carefully back on. That made me stop and make sure the interchangeable cord was secure each row.

Yup, this is on a 60 inch cord.
On the cooking home front, I baked these last evening for weekend snacking.

Speaking of Yummy!  Look at this color yarn I got at Joanne's during their GREAT sale this past week. I didn't have my coupons with me but these were on sale without coupons. I LOVE French blue and the yarn is very soft.

Colorway is Blue Heather. I loved ALL the heather colors they have but decided on this colorway for now. Pink Heather was a close second.
Speaking of blue, this morning is gorgeous here in the North GA mountains with lots of sun, low humidity and cool on the back porch.
finally. Sun!
My progress this week on At Home with Jane Austen designer The Sampler Girl
I would be finished if I could keep my hands off the knitting needles!!!
Really not much left to this sampler to finish.

Even though there's no place like staying home for real comfort, Mr. Darcy and I can't wait for another trip to see my mama and daddy. Speaking of this sampler, I actually have a collection of keys to all the houses I have lived in in my life. I have the ORIGINAL house key still for my parents house. And oh, I remember many days coming home from school with my key for after school.
 It's 49 years old because I was 13 months old when they moved in it.
I couldn't find a frame to fit perfectly for this sampler but I played around with putting it in the center with some calico fabbie on the background and my old keys on each side and it looked pretty cool!
I hope I finish it soon so I can show them.
Speaking of birthdays, I turned the big 5-0 this past week. I had a really nice birthday thanks to Mr. Darcy for all his love. We had a nice time eating out at Red Lobster!
My mama and daddy sent me some special momentos and a beautiful card.
My hubbie gave me a sweet card I'll treasure forever too.
I loved it all, the crocheted bookmark was very pretty and the bracelet too.
I also got 2 great knitting patterns sent as gifties by my special stitching friend Donna!!! I can't wait until I get my printer ink so I can print those off.
I also want to thank all readers here, who still follow my journey in this thing called life. I'm thankful for all who have shown me my strengths and weaknesses, shared creativity and interests in homesteading, and welcomed me like we are neighbors. When I first started blogging several years ago, I never dreamed of connecting with so many people, so many all over the globe! It's been a very rewarding experience in my life. Thank you again.
I hope your Sunday is peaceful and you are surrounded by those you love. That's probably the most important thing in life.
With love,