Thursday, October 20, 2011

Black and White--Thursday Thoughts

All of us experience bumps here and there in our ability in expression
 for creativity and our passion for color;

 hence, the color is drained from our being at times.

Hope is knowing and believing
 that the color will return;

that our appreciation of colors wouldn't even occur

~~~~without experiencing the black and white.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A sampler to grace your Fall home--Follow Your Heart sampler

Follow Your Heart
designer~~ Feathers in the Nest
Jennifer A Dalenberg
copyright 2011

Hope your weekend went well, absolutely beautiful weather here and so inspirational. I actually designed this last year and tweaked it over the weekend with some Fall colors in my stash.

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I love Colonial decor and this would make a lovely addition when stitched up as a pillowkeep for your keeping room.

Aged linen of choice

Inspire my heart with your finishes and I will post on the blog to share!

Every day is a new beginning

every day is brand new start

it’s about the wheels you are spinning

and the sun inside your heart

~~~by Menyo, Follow Your Heart lyrics