Monday, August 31, 2009

My birthday present to myself :0

Happy 46th birthday, Jennifer girl!

ok, am I the only one here or does anyone else get themselves birthday present for themselves? Guilty as charged. My guilt plea is for buying a birthday present for my own self. Oowie! Can you tell I"m married to someone in Law Enforcement? LOL
I caved yesterday and got this delft flower frog at the Delft Shop in Helen, Ga. for my little scissors. I've been looking at all Deb's scissor frogs and just had to find a delft one. This store, The Dutch shop, has one, a smaller one, that fits the perfect function for my little scissors. I will also put my Love Scissors (with the heart handles) in it-------when I retrieve them from the car. Yes, I'm guilty of stitching in the car at lunchtime during workdays. I dropped a pair in between the seats and have to go digging for them. As soon as I add this pair and another pink handle pair I have, then this will be my collection of Littles.
I absolutely love Delft. I did before I married a Dutchman and now it's so much better because I know he is a Dutchman..........This shop is full of only Delft imported from Holland.
Thanks Deb, for giving me the bug to go scissor frog shopping yesterday!!!!!!! LOL
Oh, and look at my fat quarters. I have tons more in my cabinet downstairs but these are my favorites which need to be made into something. Oh, what potential right????
I have taken the new sewing machine out of the box and stared at it for 2 days. I am going to get the courage to use it tonight.
What will I sew? I haven't a clue. But I will keep you posted. (unless it looks like crap, then I won't). LOL


  1. Ohhhh sweetie....please cry on my shoulder! I am so sorry, he sounds like Little Brother...and i can feel your pain...I am sending hugs and percolated coffee and covering you with prayer.

    Hugs and more hugs

  2. Is today your birthday? OMW, this is sooo scarey....I am turning 46 this year too...and my favorite scissors are my Love Scissors...which I have a "believe" fob hanging from...because I collect way we are sisters seperated at birth :) i have 5 delft houses from KLM flights that I adore :) Oh this is sooo you gotta join the SAL with me...Calico Prairie will help you cheer up and put on a happy face!

    I love your presents, the delft hand is awesome, I think I am in love!...and no you are not the only on who buys your own birthday presents...a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do...I been buying my own for years...Mother's day and Christmas too :) Forget Valentines LOL.

    You are the woman!

  3. Sometimes the best presents are the ones that you buy yourself!

    Can't wait to see what you sew.

  4. Ah...Happy Birthday friend. You deserve the treats.

    I've never bought myself a present unless you count when I shop with my husband and tell him what to buy me. LOL

  5. Love the Delft Frog ! I not only buy myself a birthday present, but a Christmas one as well. My BD is in December so it's easy enough to end up buying two when your shopping :)

  6. I'm guilty as charged with the buying my own presents too! ;P I love your fabric stash and can't wait to see what becomes of them!!! Happy birthday!

  7. Happy, Happy Birthday! I'm glad you bought yourself a present, although how could you stop at just one!? LOL!
    Deb is great, isn't she? I absolutely love those frog things, and have my eye open for one as well.
    Take Care.

  8. oh Karyn, I don't have a fob yet on mine but yes those are my favorite scissors I got from Tanya.
    So, you are going to be 46 too?
    Woo, girl! aren't we getting up there?
    Today I feel 76 but most days I feel 26.
    yep, I love delft.
    Which SAL?

  9. Happy Birthday, Jennifer! I love that finger vase - I have a colonial style one from Williamsburg and like your scissor keeper idea for it!


  10. Thanks Tanya! So that's what it's officially called....a finger vase....Cool!
    I do like it! My birthday is Sept 3rd but I got a jumpstart on it! LOL
    Ironically, I was born on Labor Day as I was told and my mother didn't eat barbeque for a good many years after that because she was so sick with me.
    And I've been working all my life since I turned 12 and probably won't be able to retire so.......yep, Labor Day.

  11. What a lovely scissor frog Jennifer. Does buying yourself a sewing machine for Christmas in September count? And starting to use it in September as well? If yes, I'm taking the 5th. If not...see you're not too bad.

  12. Happy, happy Birthday Jennifer! I love your idea of buying things for yourself for your birthday (I do the same thing! LOL) You share the same birthday with my father! What a coincidence. And I love, love that flower frog. I think I need one! LOL What's another one, right? Do they mailorder? Anything blue and white is a favorite with me and would look quite nice with my collection, don't ya thing?

  13. Thanks, Deb! This gives me a give-a-way idea for next time.
    If you really want one, let me know and I'll go back. I think the other one they have has a windmill scene on it. But email me if you want me to get one for you.

    Hey Gabi, are you enjoying that sewing machine,girl? LOL
    I saw a pic of it on your blog and it looks awesome!

  14. Happy, happy Birthday! May your day be filled with love, laughter and lots of wishes come true.

    That being said I confess. I ALWAYS buy myself a birthday gift (or two) AND a Christmas gift (or three) and a Mother's Day gift and a Valentine's gift and, heck, any holiday gifts! I usually say the are from my dog. LOL

    So, go for it and go out and get yourself a little something everyday up to and including your Birthday.

    Make sure you let us know how much you spoiled yourself. You deserve it and if no one else is going to spoil you then you have to do it YOURSELF! :)

  15. Kathy, that's a good idea, so I got 3 more days, hhmmmmmmmm, 3 more days of stuff.......I better get going hadn't I?
    I really thought about ordering one of Tanya's newest patterns for a gift but I'm trying to finish the ones I have but it's tempting.
    I love the Clara ones.

  16. Jennifer.
    You go girl! If you order it today you just might have it on Thursday.

    You really want it. Then I say get it. :)

    Hey, you can always blame me. :)

  17. OHHHH I think you've just convinced me I need it. I'm scooting on over and going to get that Christmas one. I love the saying on it.

  18. Of course you should get it. I LOVE Kathy's idea. You do have 2 labradors if I recall that correctly? See - labs LOVE to give gifts. They do need a bit help though. And if they are finished...what about the cat? He might get depressed if he gets left out. :)

  19. ok, I caved and ordered the Christmas sampler on Tanya's website. It just reminded me so much about me and my honey dancing by the tree. We do that every Christmas Eve.

  20. I usually buy my own Mother's Day gift and then my card arrives from my son around Christmas!
    Make today a cheery one :)


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