Saturday, August 10, 2013

Finishing my Wips!

Cleaning out and moving stash provided me the opportunity to see the many WIPS I have and the importance of finishing them. I needed some cheery colors so when I saw this WIP, At Home with Jane Austen, designed by The Sampler Girl, I pulled the bright colors and started where I left off......on the house.

and then I spent an hour on raising the roof in CC Tartan Plaid.....................

I'm eager to get with this one again today.
 Also knitted alot, in fact so much that my 32 in cord was bunched and packed so  I had to get a 47 inch and 60 in interchangeable cable in case for My Fall Shawl Ya'll. Yup that's the name.
I'm just using a basic Litroral pattern found on Ravelry for free.
It works with all garter stitch shawls with gradual increases after a row of 30 stitches. I like round, crescent shaped shawls better than pointy ones. I find this really is fast knitting.
So this is on the 47 inch cord. Can you believe this is only 1 skein of Bernat sale yarn for 2.97 at the end of the season last year, Joanne's Fabrics?
I probably will use another 1/2 one here or even may use the whole 2nd one.
When I first started knitting, I must have had an attraction to red yarn of any colorway.
I have several in my stash. I have another yarn that is Homespun and  will make a tweed like texture in a burgandy red that I would like to make as well.
Don't you just love Joanne's??? their coupons, their military discounts, and options. The only thing I don't like there is any of their circular needles. OMG, try one. The cord is so tangled.
I love the Knitter's Pride ones. They are made of Vermont Birch and laquered to a smooth finish wood needle. I like to get the interchangeable ones if I can and the cords are memory free and will not curl tight.
I also like the Dreamz because each size is color coded basically. I don't have a full set but I'm hoping Santa will bring me a Nova set in Knitter's Pride this year. Those are metal ones.
I can't believe Christmas is only 4 months away! So this is a busy time for all of us stitchers getting gifts made and ornies.
Speaking of ornies, I need to design one soon.
I hope you have a nice Saturday. The sun is out here and I'm sooooooooooo glad as we have had our share of rain gloomy days. But the contrast definitely helps me appreciate the sunshine more!
Ta ta for now,

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bluebird pincushion, Reward of Merit finished--Black Bird Designs

First, I want to thank each and every one of you for taking time out of your day to read my simple words. When I think about how many I reach, it's amazing. 490,000 people.
I've had almost 1000 hits on FB page Feathers in the Nest, for the freebie chart for this month!!! I was amazed and thankful that you all are interested in my charts and sharing needlework.
For newcomers to the blog, I welcome you! I so welcome and look forward to your comments! There are times that I do not write daily, but I think about writing to you each day. Recently, I've had so many committments it seems, that posts have been more infrequent. I'm glad that August is here, but so ready for September!!!!! The Fall and cooler weather coming just are not complete with stash cleaning and looking at some WIP's I've put down for way too long.

September to me means:
  • the start of Fall~~~~ I can feel it in the air at night
  • stocking the pantry with good eats and hot chocolate, hot teas
  • preparing the hearth for that October first fire in the woodstove
  • new beginnings! (I got this from even when a child, with school starting~~~ fresh school supplies, new year)
  • Opening the windows on dry, sunny, cool days to freshen the house
  • Pulling out my Fall decor to put randomly around the house
  • Stitching and designing NEW Fallish designs!
  • Knitting.......oh yes............knitting projects lined up for colder weather
  • wearing those shawls I made!
  • and this year a turn of another decade of my life~~ my birthday ((nifty nifty)
  • the start of homemade gifts for Christmas!
  • and many, many more
I think this year Spring cleaning has extended through the Summer at the homestead. We have had soooooooooooo much rain this year. I can remember when Georgia's lakes were so low, like craters.

But this past week, we've been blessed with lots of sunshine and no thunderstorms. I guess you can say we need the storms to help us appreciate the sunshine more.

Here is the finished pics of the Bluebird pincushion!

Reward of Merit, Pincushion
Designer, Blackbird Designs
stitched 2 over 2 on linen in my stash 32 ct
threads~~~~~ Belle Soie in Blue Lagoon
vintage buttons found at The Martin House in Helen, Georgia
old vintage pins from a junkin' store in Hawaisee, Georgia
fabric backing from a fabric store in Dahlonega, Georgia
all of the above in my stash for at least 3 years!!!



and it's temporary home at the homestead!
This morning my knitting buddy watched me make progress with a Fall Shawl. Yup, I'm making a simple garter with gradual increase on each end in Bernat yarn in a colorway of deep reds with some bits of denim blues and gray scattered. I'm using size 11 needles.
Started from the bottom up in a crescent shape, this shawl will definitely be a cozy accessory to jeans or dresses.
I have a 32 in cord already full, so I need to get a 40 inch cord to finish.
So you can see that Miss Abigail has retreated to my left and snuggles in the early morning hours when I stitch!  She is one sweet little furbaby.

I've almost finished sorting out all the overdyed threads I've found to put in my crate for organization. When things are totally in place and transferred to my stitching studio, painting the walls will start in a honey beige color. It's my hope that a stitching group will start here when the goal is accomplished. It's slow moving but very hopeful.

As I have been organizing the stash, I find so many WIP's and I might just try to finish one up I had started a very long time ago by The Sampler Girl. It would look delightful in one of the guest bedrooms and it's brighter in color that brings a bit of cheer to my heart!!!

Take care,


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