Saturday, October 24, 2009

In my Stitching chair tonight.....

A Sneak peek.

Started a freebie ornament by The Sampler Girl. I was so excited to get those Tudor Rose scissors and then an extra surprise freebie design with it! Couldn't wait to match up some colors for it. Using one of the fat quarters for Christmas here. The linen is a piece of 36 ct Cream Edinburgh. How do you like that Chili Pepper red I pulled from my stash?

My Saturday ventures

Here's our chairs we watch TV in at night. We share the ottoman and stay connected. ;)

Fixed Mexican for dinner

Found this basket today. I love it. It was on sale half off, I'm not sure why, in a primitive store that I so dearly love. It just struck me to hang this way for some cross stitch pillowkeeps. Hope it doesn't fall on Body Guard's is barely hanging on the wall......but I did warn him LOL

waiting for my honey to come home from some traveling and chores, dirty chores at that.

just had to throw in a pic I've had for years. Right in our foyer.

Oh, lookie who came home! Nice and tired! LOL This could make a Tide commercial!

I took off my boots, ones I"ve had for 13 years. Wore them today and felt all "countryfied!!!"

Built a fire to greet my hubbie.

Found this fat quarter in a new quilt shop I had not explored.

I'm itching to do Christmas stuff and ornies now. This is kinda big. May make a stocking. I was really loving the blue in this piece. Sort of Dutchy to me.
Put my scraps and fat quarters from today's shopping at the quilt store in my basket.

Lovely mail today........Received my Tudor Rose scissors from The Sampler Girl
and an ornie to put on the Christmas tree with a small pattern for another ornie. I picked out the Wish one. I can't tell you my wish now, but I will think about it every time I see it on the tree.
Nice weather today. Sunny with the peak of leaf color. I'm looking forward to some stitching tonight.

Good morning, Saturday!

This morning I saw two videos which weigh the costs of the war and really are informative. I know this is not something everyone wants to watch but the people who are interested I thought may want to be informed.
Shocking as it is, there are Americans that don't even know that we are fighting a war in AFghanistan. I was looking at some pictures yesterday and I asked them a little about it and they responded "what? what's going on over there?" I'm like HUH? Didn't you know we have a war in Afghanstan? Nope, they don't watch the news.
It seems to matter when it hits home.Well, it's going to hit home. In these videos the cost projections to continue it is astounding.

We are patiently waiting on a President to do something, either bring them all home or send enough people to get the job done quickly and out of there. I'm tired of looking at his wife hoola-hooping on TV and taking family poitraits, etc.
I am very dissapointed with this President. That's all I can say on a public domain.
People, professional people, remain unaware of what we are having to pay for this war.

In order to listen to the videos, you will need to scroll down to the bottom to the Playlist music and push volume all the way down.

Just keepin' it real.

Ren said it was a strange Friday

Ok, I want a laptop that plays Eva Cassidy songs too, mama

Well, I came home and took a 4 hour nap after supper. I was exhausted. I probably have taken more Tylenol in the past 2 days than ever because for the first time in 17 years of getting flu shots, I had a reaction to this one. I actually ran fever for 2 days with aches. I know it's not a live vaccine but something was strange about this one.

I woke in panic at 11:30p to remember I needed to get an order to the Sampler Girl by 12 midnight, so busy on the net at the last minute. She was having a 5 dollar sale on most of her patterns by 12 midnight! Such a good deal.
I had a very pleasant dream while I was napping though that Brandon came home and very happy. He looked so healthy in this dream.
I'm up now with my sleeping off track but probably will go right back to sleep soon.

I'm interrupted right now by a hungry, blind Chichi wading his way down the hallway slowly to remind me I missed his bedtime treat............ok, he has a half of a fruit snack bar for his treat and tucked back in bed. Ren is amazed at the computer. I think he hears the music in the background and he tilts his head and wants to walk on the computer keyboard to hear more. See pic above.........this is new for him. We have this nightly ritual and if even one step like his bedtime snack or potty break before bed, if one step is not in succint, this throws his Alzheimer's brain off for the night. I actually didn't realize he could hear the music out of my laptop until tonight. He's funny!

I want you to know that I took the scenic route (I call it) home from work and the leaves, even on a cloudy, rainy day were beautiful. They looked like jewels in so many colors.
I'm hoping for sun tomorrow to get good pictures because I think they are peaking this weekend.
But for right now, it's rainy here, I can still hear it on the roof top.....makes for good sleeping.........

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Heart of America--finished--unframed

Here's a sneak peak at the frame. Just placed above it. I thought I had a large enough mounting board but it was still too small. So, tomorrow night, hopefully, will finish working on the delimma.

When the kit puts in 1 skein of English Ivy floss........this is how much is leftover at the end. I was sweating bullets that it wouldn't be enough until the very end. yep, 2 cm is left.

The buttons are not sewn on yet. I did press it good. I will give another good pressing before framing tomorrow night and will sew the buttons on right after I do the final press.

So, here ya go!

Heart of America
Little House Needleworks
30 Count Creek bed Brown R & R
Crescent Colors threads
Just Button Company
Crescent Color Frame
I'm headed for bed. Still not feeling so good but was determined tonight to finish this piece.

A Good Laugh from Today's Blog Reading---you have to try this! LOL

Following Tanya's lead from Monique's blog lead here, put your name in Google preceded by the word Unfortunately and then post.

I'm almost too embarrassed to put mine but here goes.

Unfortunately Jennifer, loved it and quickly climbed on.

Unfortunately Jennifer is not yet carrying any baby as of the moment.

Unfortunately Jennifer decided to wear a bra and cover up the one good thing going for her.

Unfortunately Jennifer looks like she is stuck in an 80's time warp.

Unfortunately Jennifer will have to fill out the paper work again and stand in line.

Unfortunately Jennifer has a very tempting diary with a rainbow cover.

Unfortunately Jennifer is still recovering and is not ready to play tennis yet.

Unfortunately Jennifer moved on.

Unfortunately Jennifer danced out and broke the spell.

Unfortunately Jennifer is not able to devote more of her time to living.

Unfortunately Jennifer was allergic to a good portion of her house.

Unfortunately Jennifer's situation is far from unique.

Unfortunately Jennifer's cat had multiple health problems.

Unfortunately Jennifer will not be taking any of the honors home this year as the Festival was cancelled.

Unfortunately Jennifer is not so bright, as she couldn't figure it out if it was given to her on a silver platter.

Unfortunately Jennifer's plans were simply not to be.

Ok, Tanya! I got my laugh today, girl!!!! LOL That is hilarious!

Humor is the Best Medicine--for women only

This is the first Menopausal Pumpkin I've ever seen~~~~~~~

Love this one~~~~~~

Very true this you?


  1. Everyone around you has an attitude problem.

  2. You're adding chocolate chips to your cheese omelet.

  3. The dryer has shrunk every last pair of your jeans.

  4. Your husband is suddenly agreeing to everything you say.

  5. You're using your cellular phone to dial up every bumper sticker that says "How's my driving-call 1-800-***-."

  6. Everyone's head looks like an invitation to batting practice.

  7. You can't believe they don't make a tampon bigger than Super Plus.

  8. You're sure that everyone is scheming to drive you crazy.

  9. The ibuprofen bottle is empty and you bought it yesterday.

Thursday Thrift Thoughts

I'm so excited because I'm almost done with Heart of America. I finished the letters and now after finishing the vine at the bottom! Done.....well, I actually after ironing have to put the ceramic buttons on it, which are beautiful.

I already have the Crescent Color frame but because this is a larger piece I'm debating my framing technique or taking to a framer.
I need to save so I'm going to attempt framing myself first.

I'm so excited!!!!!
Well, back to work.
Got a flu shot yesterday and I usually don't have a problem with them but this time, spiked a fever last night of 100 and ached all over. Still don't feel so great. So trying to get through the day.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm totally Giddy about Chi Chi puppies! Help needed!

Nope, I"m not pregnant! But, oh, look at these pups! I found a great breeder, not too far from here that has a good reputation and here a few Chichi pups.
Check it out! Here are a couple of female pups, they are AKC and 3-4 lbs at maturity.

These pics are from the website below: Check the site out! Looks cool if you like puppies.

I've put a call in tonight but she was busy so I have to call back tomorrow.
I need some influence though with my hubbie! So, everyone tell him how cute they are !!!!!!!!!!!!
(and paper trained already)
That second pic is my favorite. Yep, Santa needs convincing ;)

It feels like Monday

Today feels like Monday to me. Probably because I was off Mon. and Tues.

I can't say I accomplished much on my time off but gosh, it's almost Thursday already! Whew!

After work, went by Walmart hungry. Wrong thing to do.

I just went for 3 items and I checked out 200.00 of items! Never go hungry or stressed to Walmart!!!!! I ended up grabbing a few items that Brandon could use like chapstick, cough drops, some Poptarts, the newest John Grisham novel and Tylenol sinus, game book and CANDY! His favorite candies. Twizzlers and Snickers.

Halloween candy everywhere. And do I have little ones? No. But, got some goodies to send to Brandon. Problem is he has two addresses given to us. We are not sure his last package went to the right place according to an email today. I'm not sure if he is getting Internet now. But anyway, I'm going to send another Halloweenie package of his favorite candies.

Even if it drops out of the helicopter late to where he is, he will like this for sure. I know him. I figured he needs all the energy with the sugar he can get about now.

Every Halloween I think about what my kids dressed up as each year.

I think our best year was the year after my divorce in 1996. My X didn't want them to dress up for Halloween so our previous ones weren't so memorable.
Soooooooo, the year he left, I made sure they had some good Halloween costumes that year. I got them at Fat Man's in Augusta, Ga. I had the best fun. They were pricey but worth it for the fun that year.

Meghan dressed as Ariel and Brandon dressed in the bright green skin tight Joker outfit that had question marks all over it. I put temporary RED hair dye in his buzz cut hair and he looked just like the Joker in the Batman movie (with George Klooney).

That's one thing we had in common. We both LOVED Batman. He even called our car the Batmobile once as it was a black Camaro.
So, I did accomplish something today besides work and will hopefully get that packaged out.
Meghan's will be shortly afterward.
So, all ye with little ones......enjoy these years.....they fly by.
Now, to Nancy Grace crime cases and the latest on CNN with my stitching.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ren after dinner

Yep, he ate his creamed beef on toast for dinner and waddled over and covered himself in his blanket and then backed out of his bed with the blanket over his head and took a spot near breakfast. He prefers his cereal with milk so this is his leftover I'm cleaning up. I'm cleaning up the dishes and found him here, with his tail in his breakfast. He's happy though.......what can I say?

Now, how can I disturb this? LOL

There's No Place Like Home

People often ask me why do I not go somewhere on long weekends off work or even while I take a week off. And it's pretty simple to me that there is no place like home for me.

In the mountains, I feel like I"m always on vacation. Today it is really beautiful outside. Temps are perfect. There's a cool crispness during the day here and it's quiet. My introverted self loves quiet~~~~~~

I love to stay on the inside but on days like today, I go out and just sit around on my porches, enjoying my time away from the world.

Here's my pumpkin pot. My hubbie likes to put a candle in it at night. It really freaks out the Labs but it's pretty glowing at night. I'll have to get a pic later when the sun goes down.
Home is very comfortable for not only me and Bodyguard, but also out little furbabies.
Thomas is in his spot.......his Fall/Winter spot now. This is where he resides from 12n-5pm.
He is extremely lethargic right now and doesn't mind me too much out on the porch. I just can't swing because he says that's his spot right now.

Our flowers are blooming everywhere, wild as they be, because we do no real amount of yardwork, so to speak. There are buds everywhere. There is a fragrance that is divine.
I tried so hard to chase a yellow butterfly to get a picture but I couldn't get him in a picture. The Labs took me running around for butterfly picture taking as, "Ummm, she's ready to play" which leads to butterflies running futile task. LOL
Yellow butterflies fly around our porch all the time. I guess they like the butterfly bushes and the other flowers.

This is one of my favorite. White, pure and simple.

More in the flower pots hanging off the porch.

Buds warming up to the sunshine of a Fall day. I see potential and promise.

Yellow jackets are everywhere today. Came close to one or two several times. I shew them away.
This is another favorite, because it's pink.

This is the copper star I gave Body guard last year on our anniversary. Copper gift for seven year anniversary. I'm pretty traditional. We didn't have the resources for a workshop then but I went ahead and got this for him and visualized one sitting right where it is. And this summer, it came to be. So, I took the copper star from one of the walls upstairs and put it out on the workshop.

He is having alot of fun with it, using his imagination and woodworking again. I love it, because I know how much fun stitching is to me and how it allows our creative side to flow. We both need that at the end of work days.

Last week when I was feeling down, he went to Lowe's and bought these flower boxes for the windows. He called me outside to look at them. He said he did it for me because he knows I love flower boxes. Funny, because when he first got the shop, I joked about how cute it would look with flowers at the windows but he was like, this is a workshop, you, I understood that they were'nt the most masculine quality of his shop but when I saw these and knew he did this just for me, I felt so touched and it did lift my spirits.
He is already telling me how he's going to build some decking around it like our house. He loves decks. Is that a man thing? But that's way down the road.

Life here is not a trip to the beach, or busy city shopping, and travel. But it's our little place called home. I take my days to recharge like a battery I guess, so that I can do my job at work a little better.
And there's nothing any better than home.

just ask this fellow over here in the swing.......LOL

Or this one while sunning.
But they enjoy life here too. They really enjoy life..........doing what dogs like to do, rub in anything like dirt or anything that smells bad. Girls!
But in a moment they can be our guard dogs. Ruby is the matriarch of the whole clan. She will even nudge Ren toward the front door when he goes out. She walks by his side and watches over him.

All this picture-taking and Thomas is still napping............

Oh, ok.......he is alive......LOL but barely awake.........looks like me on Monday mornings......LOL
So, this is a day for counting blessings and home is one of them. I like being a country girl.
I wouldn't trade it in the world for anything.


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