Saturday, March 27, 2010

And while I'm stitching in my new stand..........this

She only pouted an hour and now she is back to normal but we have changed out laps now and I am enjoying my new stand.   And as it says "This too shall pass......."
I think she grew another inch of hair all over since 1 week ago!  ;)

Homecoming week.......number 2 homecoming....Ren and Abbie!!!!!!

  Welcome home Abbie and Ren!  You have been missed!!!!

Stitches are looking good. They took off her collar now so she is aware of them and we have to keep her from pulling them out till next Thursday when she goes back to the Vet.......wish me luck! LOL

She's not quite herself yet

But an hour in Mama's robe and she was sleeping a little nap.

And then woke and accepted her treat eagerly. When she first came home I think she pouted a little but she's over it !  What a phrase!

Ren lost a little weight. His backbone is really sticking out but he was zinging all over the kitchen , and family room banging his head but he kept going at it. After I put Abbie to her bed then I gave him a part of my breakfast sandwich I saved and gave him a fresh blanket and he is fine.

Ren says Life is Good now!

And Abbie says She's Over it now!

Oh, I hear snoring now from both kennels. They are happy again.

Good Saturday Morning to you!

Gooooooooood Morning!  I'm still a bit achey and tired but oh so happy to tell you that the Brandon's Homecoming Giveaway which goes through April 5th came in the mail yesterday and if you haven't posted for a chance or two or three to win, peek over and share the news!  It's a beautiful piece for any stitcher. The linen in Antique Gold and the Overdye threads are pretty!

Take a peek......

So don't miss out on this one!  It's waiting for April 6th for a name draw and it could be yours.

And for a Southern breakfast, BodyGuard went to one of the locals for a "little biscuit" this morning and this is what I have for breakfast!  Huge Southern, loving it.
Food never tasted so good. I haven't turned on CNN in 4 days now!  WOO HOO!

Yes, now this is what I call a breakfast sandwich!

I'll make sure I don't have to get my lipid profile/cholesterol checked any time soon....LOL


And the next best news is Miss Abigail and Mr. Ren are due for arrival in 1 hour!!!  I can't wait to see them, poo and all!

I've kept in contact with the Vet and we timed this so she would get her surgery this week anyways while we were gone and vet says she is doing well, eating well, keeping her E -collar on so that she won't pull out stitches and that Mr. Ren is fine and turbans to sleep mostly and eats well.

I'm supposed to keep Abbie in her kennel so she won't take off running and splitting stitches until next Thursday.

Well, I'm looking out at a beautiful sunny day here in North Ga. Mountains and hearing the wind blow so hard that the leaves in the forest are making little tornadoes in the air.
This would be a good Kite Day! My wind chimes on the back porch are playing beauiful music while we are sipping our morning coffee. No TV, just relaxing......

Till later,

A Sweet View

Forgot to share this mail goodie I received and opened the day I left for Ft. Stewart.
I love the homespun fabric with it!
A Sweet View by The Sampler Girl
Can't wait to stitch this one!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Need a stitching stand?

Well, if you peek over in my blog shop, I finally decided to sell my wooden stand that I have been using. I think I grew attached to it more than I thought, but now that I have the Needlework 4 system stand, I'm finding this one a new home.

The winner of the LHN Heart of America pattern is~~~~

Kat was selected by the Random number generator!

She wrote:

I would love to be entered in your contest. Both of my brothers served in the Air Force. This would be a wonderful tribute to their years of service. Thanks for the chance.


I just emailed her and just want to let everyone know!!!



A Journey for a Day at Dot's Farmhouse

A new day, a new Spring day and the daffodils along our driveway road looked shining and beautiful with the car lights as we drove to park the car late last night.

I had so much to share from our 24 hour trip that with my best friend's permission, Dot (previously blogged about her before), just wanted to share with you her precious, beautiful farmhouse that is like her second Heaven. It is the home where she grew up, a family home, now preserved.

Dot is definitely not her age. She has the charisma and energy of a 20 year old, the determination of a wise woman, and the best Godmother you would ever, ever want.
We met Dot after we moved here as she lives right down the road and her faith in God, and her life journey wisdom, has constantly been a source of strength for me and BodyGuard.
Dot likes to have fun, she is real, and loves to find humor in anything. She is one of the wisest women I've ever known.

We went by her farmhouse that she has in South Ga on the way back from our trip to Ft. Stewart, Ga.
Several years ago Dot remodeled and restored her family house. It was going to be abandoned but Dot, loved her mother and her family home so much that she restored it.
It was where she grew up and it has alot of character and memories. She tells stories of when she remembers going from the well to the house to draw water, when the yard was sand and not grass. She remembers the old smokehouse for meat hanging.

I thought I would share the pics, as I had her permssion, because I know there are alot of folks who, like me, love, love to see older homes restored and the country life.

She still lives here but has through the past years, traveled many times to her home in South Ga. for a peaceful haven, as she calls it. A house full of memories. A home.

This is the old barn.

This was her mother and father's bedroom, her favorite room of the house.

I love this room too. Love the old iron bed and her touch to restore the clapboard house.

Look how sweet she made the bathroom!  She said growing up this was the only bathroom for the whole family.

Here is Dot giving us the tour.

The second bedroom with repainted clapboard walls and her finishing touches.

There are twin beds in this room.

A closet in this room was remodeled to a half-bath. I love this idea!

Now she is showing us the beautiful dining room, the center of the house.

Here's the farmhouse kitchen which has 2 high windows to watch the cattle and see the beautiful landscape.

The kitchen is in the back of the house and then the dining room. You see opening on the left wall was enclosed but when she grew up, it was an opening to pass the food to the dining room.
The chair on the left was one of the original chairs her mother left her from the dining room table. Her brothers and sisters all got one of the chairs when she died. Dot kept hers here.

In the corner of the dining room is a fireplace which actually also opens to the living room on the other side. The mantel and fireplace are original to the house.

The whole house has sheer curtains in lace which makes the sunshine show the beautiful character of the home.

In the front room/living room here is a pic of the old house as she grew up.

Here is a pic of the house from the front door.
A little tilted but I had been up all night and all day so by this point I was a bit off balance! LOL

This is the fireplace on the reverse side of the dining room, facing the front room.

A picture of her mother and father, both deceased now.
I couldn't believe how much Dot looks like her mother!

The Bible her mother gave her in 1954.

Her name is Dorothy, but we all call her Dot.
She is truly a gift from God.

Her mother's chair, original, but recovered years ago.

On the front porch.

A cool breeze was blowing yesterday through the screened porch.
While sitting on the porch, in the background (hard to see here but not in real life) is a cemetary where her mother and father are buried.

Body Guard holding a pic of her father while plowing the fields.

A pic of the old vaporizer that her mom used to help them get over colds and illnesses.

Ok, here is my husband staring at a bull with a red shirt on!  Hey, babe, the bull is staring at you hard. They stared at each other for a while. I digress......LOL

Here he is at the old well and looking at the old barn.

While the bull was still staring at him.

But I got a closer pic of one of the sweet cows. Her brother lives close by and runs the cow farm.

This is the Smoke house where meat was hung and cured.

The old sausage grinder for the meat

In the Smokehouse the original screen door, old farm tools, pots.

A journey for a day.