Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Flashback--Halloween 1999

Back to work and busy. My frugal thought today was to bring my lunch. Thank goodness for Campbell's soup. I love the vegetable beef and on a misty, blowing-rain, gray day, I thought it was a good choice.

Hope everyone else is having a BOOtiful day!

Halloween is tomorrow. This is the time I wish my kids were smaller again, I mean younger.....LOL

I loved giving out candy too but since we moved out to the boonies we don't have any trick or treaters but I always have one bag, just in case. I loved to great them at the door. I was not one to dress up and scare children though. I think I got too much of that growing up. No, I was just plain me, with a smile. When my kids were too old to trick or treat they would help me give out the candy.......well, I think Brandon gave out a whole bag one one person....oops. LOL

Before I moved here, and while Bodyguard and I were dating, he called me on a Halloween night from the police dept. He was Assistant Chief of Police then and he wanted to tell me that my house was causing a traffic jam in the middle of town. He said "what in the heck are you giving out?" He had to send out extra cops to direct the traffic........
I laughed and snickered. I was always giving him some kinda grief! LOL

See, my house was in the middle of town and the trick or treaters were all lining up cause they knew I had good treats. This was a funny moment on this Friday Flashback.

Well, back to work......

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