Saturday, October 31, 2009

Desperate times call for desperate measures

Hubby says, "Here, dear, is the mounting board I was thinking of? I'll put right over there with your stitching!" {{{with a big smile}}}}

Thanks honey. Humm......I'll need your help here cutting from a gun range board here to fit my frame.....zoom, he's out the door to do errands......he'll be back. Hope it works so I show you my LHN finish. I was just glad it was not one that already was used with bullet holes in it.
Now can't you see him at the shooting range telling all his trainees to save their extra boards for his wife's stitching projects? LOL LOL And he wouldn't mind it al all either. hehehe

Yesterday we were rushing to get to work and he goes out the door first. Our typical conversation as he was already in the walkway and I'm concerned the coffee he made was all regular. Didn't want that on a work day so before I made a huge cup -to-go I rushed to the door and said

"Is this decafe?'

Bodyguard, "Yes, I"ll get some cash today and smiling"

me: "No, is this DECAF in the pot?" yelling louder. Thank goodness we live in the country.

Bodyguard, still smiling says "oh, yes, I put gas in the car"

I gave up.........I don't blame him for his hearing impairment but it gets quite comical at times unless we are right next to each other. I wonder what else he just agrees with sometimes! LOL
I love that man!

So, on to breakfast. Woke up hungry with an empty pantry and it's a 7 mile drive to a grocery store so this will have to do. We ran out of milk, bread, creamer, decaf coffee, cereal, everything. So, I popped some oatmeal cookie dough out of the freezer and started slicing. And the pieces are very uneven.

No creamer, so in the country, we can sub Cool Whip.......till the grocery trip

makes it frothy at first

but blends in just like cream or milk. Problem is this is all real caffeine. Well, maybe I"ll be motivated to clean house today.

my breakfast of oatmeal, pecans and then (don't mention the bad stuff) is cooking to go with my coffee......

I know your house never gets this crazy! Not with just 2 adults. Now children in the mix, that can get crazy in the morning.
I remember, "Can you sign this?" "I need some money" or "can so and so stay over tonight?"
They used to wait right up till you would agree with anything in a rush. Anything.
Not fair. But, yes, I miss those days.....sometimes........LOL

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  1. You're not desperate until you begin adding ice cream to your coffee and apple juice to oatmeal :)And I loved the last minute "I gotta print my report for school, it's due today," to which I would reply, "Why didn't you print it last nite?" and all you could hear was the sound of crickets accompanied by a blank stare :)

    Hugs :) your breakfast looked delicious to me....breakfast of champions! Towanda!


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