Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hallow's Eve

Well, after a very busy day at work, I plopped on the couch again and slept 4 hours, woke up in time to see Forest Gump playing on TV and it was about 2/3 finished so the sad part ensued and I cried and cried. Gosh, that movie is sad. I've seen it a hundred times and I love it so much because it really covers alot of dynamics in relationships and life. I could relate to Jenny when she went back and threw stones at her house where she grew up. Forest loved his Jenny.........I won't go back and try that.....dont' want to get locked up right now.....LOL

Well, then I was awake. I shouldn't have slept after work. Some spooky movie was coming on after that with Dracula and someone ate a person's dripping bloody foot and BodyGuard was in bed so I quickly turned that off so I wouldn't dream about spooks and stuff. LOL

I hope I sleep again until 1pm tomorrow. Maybe I"ll catch up.
Everyone I came across today was going through corn mazes tomorrow and quite frankly that would freak me out, so I'm staying home. I may go stay a bit with a neighbor until BG finishes working the corn maze.
Im not a home alone person. But there are plenty of things to do around here. The ending to October Fest may just entice me to dancing. If I do I'll have a beer just for you!!! LOL

As Forest says, Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know which one you gonna get. How true of a statement is that! So tomorrow for me is a piece of chocolate and I'll let you know what fun I get into.


  1. Wish you were here with Ren. We'd go trick or treating, chihuahuas in hand, and steal chocolate from the kids.

  2. Forrest Gump is such a great movie - I love it, too! I agree about the scary movies - so not my cup of tea! Have fun tonight - I'll be handing out candy and trying not to eat too much of it. For me, it's all or nothing. If I eat one piece, I'm doomed....

  3. Oh Parsley, I wish I lived close to. I thought about dressing Ren up. I still might see what I can do.
    He has a reindeer outfit somewhere.....feet and all with a headband the has hooves. It made lots of people laugh at Christas a few years ago. I'll see what I can find.

    Yep, we would have to eat the chocolate. LOL

    Terri, Forrest, poor Forest makes me cry at the end when Jenny tells him that he has a son. OH HOW SAD that Jenny dies. Then he talks to her at the grave. Oh, I had to get the whole box of tissues then........



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