Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A rainy Tuesday indeed

It's a Tuesday here (like what did I mean there because it's probably Tuesday every where right now LOL) and rainy, rainy wet day.

I'm so thankful I got those pictures on Sunday when the sun was out because I think by the end of the week all the rain will cause them to fall.
Today alone, I heard we are going to get 2 inches more of rain.
If this is any prediction of wet weather in the winter, we might get alot of snow this year. I LOVE SNOW! But here in the South, 1/2 in of snow, shuts the whole town down. Hey, more stitchy time then...LOL

Taking a quick lunch break before starting the afternoon. Back to the gynecology dilemmas.........oh, by the way......when was your last period? LOL (I'll probably be asking everyone that when I get Alzheimers one day........)

Till later,


  1. uhm....September 25, 2006 :) really, no kidding :)

    Hope your afternoon goes quick so you can get home and relax :)

    PS: raining here too :(

  2. Geez, Jennifer. Don't you think that you all have had more than your share of rain? Great for staying inside and stitching though. I think it's making it's way up this way tonight? Good luck with the gyno dilemnas. I'm sure that they keep you on your toes.

  3. Hi Jennifer , Another Jennifer if following your blog now. I enjoy reading it! hope the rain leaves you soon. I will send our sun your way and 57 degree warmth! I have a lot of sampler girl charts too.
    all the best , from another Jennifer

  4. hey, Jennifer!
    Welcome to my blog! I went to your blog and see your an RN!! Wow, we have alot in common!


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